Today May Be Your Last

Man has a thought

About using the gun he bought

Gotta make a plan

Before he goes down in quicksand


The only end in sight

Is for him to say, Goodnight

Prayer is no use

Now the demon’s loose


Everyone reminds him

Of why he’s too damn slim

But that’s not his only hunger

Gone are the days of being a whoremonger


Unable to flash those pearly whites

It’s like he’s lost all his rights

So tired of getting knocked down

Even has no love for the woman in the wedding gown


Only way to be proud of himself

Is to take every bullet from the shelf

Now here’s the feeling of respect

Heads, faces, don’t forget the neck


Life ain’t fair

When everything’s taken with your hair

Do your best and slack a little

Never has a Man felt so brittle


Time heals no one

In the Final Hour

Like angry video-game fun

Get the rush, Feel the power


English: An animation demonstrating the lucky ...
English: An animation demonstrating the lucky number sieve. The numbers in red are lucky numbers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living according to

the path that is set out for you

Fails to support

the free will granted one

And another

There is but One

Who knows and shows

the order of all things

Yet, by the chance

your number falls       

Is it really by chance?

Call it Luck, if you may

However viewed

One pays

Whether it be


Or later

Even if manipulated

Man is not He who really draws


When I Grow Up

English: Newborn baby Română: Nou nascut
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I grow up

I’m gonna take peanut butter to bed

I might bring strawberry jelly too

but it might fall off my bread


When I grow up

Mama’s gonna get a dishwasher

 and a washing machine

I can drive around with my brand new pup

and show everybody I’m not mean


When I grow up

I’ll have good luck

I’d be able to go fishing when I want to

and quack and swim just like a duck


I’ll walk on the water

just like Jesus did

and save the whales from slaughter

Then tell everybody to follow me

 like a little kid


When I grow up

I’ll wear rich, expensive clothes

I’ll even drink grape juice from a gold cup

and everyday buy myself a red rose


When I grow up

I’ll be the talk of the town

Then I’ll be able to take off this makeup

and stop always wearing tears of a clown

I invited Japan inside



English: Byōdō-in Phoenix Hall, Uji Kyoto Japa...
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Another tree of life

Gets to show me my future

With straight limbs

 Curved or twisted

What sprouts shows my care

on the outside


And as each bloom is trimmed

does my tomorrow spell of

Success or of not

Such a bomb to allow to be

 dropped on myself

knowing their past with their enemy

Though it is I who

 formally tries to break bread

with bamboo baked with luck