Beautiful Like Coffee

Straight Up

The fix is in

What do I need

Aside from greed

And the worst sin


Tell me again

About my cup

Beautiful like coffee and when

You bare it all without makeup


So smooth

That’s how you hit

Got to be a slow groove

What I need is a perfect fit


Show me again

How I should keep my cup

So my coffee can stay beautiful when

You bare it all without makeup


I want more than one taste

Just trying to keep my order

Every day the trials I must face

Enough to make me a hoarder at the border


But let me go that extra mile

You make it all worth living for

A childish grin, Cheshire cat smile

A jolt to my ego, what’s more


Touch me again

The way the fill line lines my cup

So everyone knows my beauty likes coffee when

She bares it all without makeup

When I Grow Up

English: Newborn baby Română: Nou nascut
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I grow up

I’m gonna take peanut butter to bed

I might bring strawberry jelly too

but it might fall off my bread


When I grow up

Mama’s gonna get a dishwasher

 and a washing machine

I can drive around with my brand new pup

and show everybody I’m not mean


When I grow up

I’ll have good luck

I’d be able to go fishing when I want to

and quack and swim just like a duck


I’ll walk on the water

just like Jesus did

and save the whales from slaughter

Then tell everybody to follow me

 like a little kid


When I grow up

I’ll wear rich, expensive clothes

I’ll even drink grape juice from a gold cup

and everyday buy myself a red rose


When I grow up

I’ll be the talk of the town

Then I’ll be able to take off this makeup

and stop always wearing tears of a clown