So, if I leave

If I leave

I need to know that you

will be cared for

That you’ll never forget

you were my reason for living

And when you take a look in

the mirror

you’ll see a little of me in you


Toss your hair back

Throw yourself a smile

Let the world see what you’re giving

You’re still my reason for living


If I leave

I need to see you being good

to you

That you know how to really smile

Feeling that it’s all worthwhile


And if I have to leave

I hope there’s enough time

for me to live

To introduce tomorrow to today

What a more perfect way

to be able to say

So, if I leave

Will you remember what I did

Though I wish more of the good

than the bad

But will you remember what I did


Make me more than just a name

that carries all the shame

Remember what I did


Don’t make me more than I was

Just remember me because

of love


So, if I leave

I hope you do believe

I gave it my all

When only seasons change

Feelings remain the same

And words sometime break the fall



If You Tell My Story

I have a story

That only I can’t tell

One that stands the test of time

But everyone knows so well


I tried to be everything

And everywhere I could see

I gave even more than I could bring

To all except for me


And when I asked for a hand

Not a hand-out, but a lift up

No one wanted to take a stand

To see what was in my cup


When I turned and looked

 Up at the sky

 I couldn’t help sometimes but cry

I didn’t test their love for me

Though I felt like I was your spy


It wasn’t so much I needed

For I only knew how to give

Never once had they begged or pleaded

It’s how I learned to live


Taking is what they did so well

To me, it didn’t matter

They would never know, if I fell

Or how close was my golden ladder


So if anyone should tell my story

I hope they make it true

Include in it all the pain and glory

I felt when I was with you