I am my Mother’s Keeper

I am my mother’s first

Crazy as it may sound

I am her soul image

Despite who helped

she released me

into the world

to walk and talk

and carry on




I represent

everything that she is

What she is not

depends on her

But I

am my mother’s keeper

What I don’t know

is of no need

The past is past

I am the end

the beginning

and the middle

I am written and sealed

and my fate lies

upon her lies

her truths

The few who know

look upon me

as forgotten

when my goodness then shines

She made a path for me

to escape the warm and cold world

And though I may not always be

she does hold me

reminding me

of everything



I have been kept

and keep going



I really was her first


Freedom of expression

A child wants to do

what he sees others do

The joy rides have more meaning

than the father knows

Mommy goes to work

He has been schooled on that

Father sits and moves seldom

Each has a different view on


Upon arrival the car is loaded

for another impression of life


He wants to do what others do


Sunrise to another same day

She needs to leave now

Before he can change positions

He is ready to break the circle

to be with him

for a long time to come

It’s not just memories at such a

young age

He just knows that the walking joy-riders

seemed to have more fun

Beautiful Friend

Let’s go back

to the beginning

Oh, when we both got caught

but it was me who was sinning

With us

it was never about winning

Like who was best

before our hair started thinning


Beautiful Friend

My true friend to the end


Making others believe

was better than any other

Carried me on your sleeve

when I hid from my own mother


Times sure were good

I won’t deny

Did what you could

to keep that fire in my eye


Beautiful Friend

Stay with me to the end

Beautiful Friend

For you I’d give again and again


It seems

now we live a separate life

In our wildest dreams

never thought about a husband or a wife


But it’s so good

being just a phone call away

Still doing what we should

Keeping those memories at bay


An airplane ride

can only spoil the sea’s tide

No river’s too wide

to keep my friend from my side


Beautiful Friend

Over and over again

You’ll always be my best of kin

Beautiful Friend


You helped me

through every storm

What I couldn’t then see

You made me warm without a scorn


Beautiful Friend

Beautiful Friend

I’ll always bend backwards

for my Beautiful Friend


I hope you know

I’m your friend too

Just in case it didn’t show

I hope it’s not too late to say, I Love You

Beautiful Friend

This Mother’s Child

Lord, this mother’s child has run wild

In and out of this job

Turning a different way that knob

Still, I am a mother’s child


I can go home, if I want to

In God’s time, I will

Just knowing she’s there and true

An aching heart she would always fill


Like a vagabond were my shoes

My back so bad, I couldn’t bend

Shuffling along, picking up more blues

Trying to get along so I don’t offend


Days like this

What mother could have a child

Who misses her sweet kiss

However so gently and or mild


Maybe I missed her birthday

Always saying I’m on my way

Maybe showing up three days late

Always a place to sit and a really big plate


She would keep a place for me

Even to just to lay my head

So tired near blind I could barely see

In her eyes I never saw red


Yes, I’ve said it time and time before

Lord, I know I’m my mother’s child

The seed am I she bore

The wild child who wants to be mild


Days like this

What mother could have a child

Who misses her sweet kiss

However so gently and or mild

Ask Mama, but trust Dad

Before your nose gets bloody

And fighting gets you sad

When you can’t find your best buddy

Ask Mama, but trust Dad


Sometimes they need a fist

To go upside that head

I know it’s such a twist

It’s as if you are seeing red


When you’ve tried making peace

But it’s going from worse to bad

Stop making your own elbow grease

Ask Mama, but trust Dad


Mama don’t want no hurt

She tries to make things right

Even tries for a sit down chat

If Daddy sees a bruise

He’s got nothing to lose

They’ll all know where the party’s at


Both sides of good

Keeping grace and love

in the neighborhood

They know how to settle the score

A different way to fight

one dark one light

Hey, that’s what parents are for


When you keep trying to make peace

But things just get too bad

Stop using your own elbow grease

Tell Mama, but trust big bad Dad

When You Play With Fire

Mama’s told me

So many times

To look people

In the eye when talk to them


If you keep your head down

It puts you closer to the ground

The fire in your heart

 goes dim


Mama also did say

If it ain’t nice

Take her advice

Say what you mean

another way


It’s like she sat

On an empire

And you’ll remember that

When you play with fire


Oh, Mama said some things

I just couldn’t concede

Now it’s like Mama sings

Every time I don’t take heed


Mama said

Be careful with all that bliss

Make sure your bed is made

before planting a kiss


Too much of a good thing

 is like a sin

That’s one thing I do admire

Went out and bought a ring

I just didn’t want to listen

That’s what I get for playing with fire


Now that anytime I get butterflies

because something doesn’t seem right

I think of Mama’s cries

So I can see the light


I may not have been a good child

I may have run so wild

Trouble made me retire

I’m so tired of playing with fire



To Emulate Her Mother


What womanly sister chooses

to live her life in the shadow of one

 woman who loathes herself

Knowing full well that woman’s first

 suffered a lie

only death could bow to

What fool is she

 who believes life

  will treat her differently

May pity come upon her soul

 and cover her offspring

Let the shadows play fair

as they stay in the air

Hope should despair

but beware those who occupy her lair

Who is the greater fool?

What force takes her to school?

Fame or Fortune…Which would YOU choose?


When I was young, which wasn’t too long ago, I always dreamed of having more money than my parents.  I wanted to be able to drop whatever I was doing and head off to the mall like my Mom or even leave my office like my Dad and go fishing or even hit the tennis court.  They would always give me the option to do what I wanted to do.  Sometimes, they would just assume I would choose to spend time with one over the other.  Sure, we did things together.  It’s just that when we couldn’t do everything together.  Love had nothing to do with it.  Going to the mall wasn’t my Dad’s favorite thing to do and breaking a nail on the tennis court didn’t win any love points for my Dad.  And, when something didn’t go right with a family outing, somebody blamed it on the fact that they never liked doing that sort of thing in the first place.  But, aside from all that, I remember that wherever my parents went everybody knew them and liked them.  Even to this day, when I enter an establishment that my parents frequented, I am always referred to as “Mr. and Mrs. So-n-Sos-kid.”  Just who gets the respect here, me or my parents?


I can never recall a time when my parents had a falling out over money or anything ever went lacking in the household.  As a child, I had things when other kids in my neighborhood said they wished they had them.  If I asked something of my parents, they saw to it that I got it just as long as I could give a good enough reason other than “…because” for having it.  I must have been a pretty bright and morally correct child because I seemed to know what being spoiled was.  My just knowing that my parents could obviously afford the world for me made me feel privileged.  How forever grateful I am to them.  That’s when I realized the greatest gift they had given me:  their name.  Strangely enough, though I never directly asked them about it, I think my parents knew about the Law of Prosperity and could have written the book, “The Secret,” long before it was conceived by Rhonda Byrne.  My Mom was Oprah and Martha Stewart before they were and my Dad was a nicer mental form of Donald Trump and a more appealing and agile Warren Buffett.  I said all that to so this, I loved it when I heard people wanting to give my parents things.  When I go to the mall with my Mom, quite often a different sales agent each time would offer my Mom his or her discount or would say to her, “I knew I would see you sometime this week, so I put something on hold for you.”  The expression on my Mom’s face was always priceless.  What’s more is I could tell she was genuinely sincere in her response to the sales people.  My Dad wasn’t too different.  People actually wanted to spend time with him and asked if he could bring his family over for dinner.  He was never without a tennis match or a round of golf playmate.  They even asked his advice on certain business opportunities.  I guess what touched my heart more was how other men actually treated him like he was their brother.  My parents were like celebrities who both had underwear tossed at them wherever they went.  The wallet only served as a tip holder.  But when they gave, they gave.


Talk about values…family values.  I learned from my parents that it was necessary to have money – however much money you needed fully depended on the habits you develop also known as needs, addictions, and desires.  If you set yourself up for failure, you have to work harder to stay away from it.  I adored that about my Mom and Dad.  They were so wise.  Now, I won’t say that I didn’t go off the deep end at least once in my rise to adulthood.  It was ever-so-comforting knowing that my parents were there to pull me back to earth reminding me to fully understand my purpose for doing a certain thing.  How on earth could I ever try and hurt the image that they had so effortlessly built for me?  Aside from feeling loved by my parents, I heard them tell me that often.  That really made a difference as well.  It would be such a shame for me to tell someone how my parents were so chummy with the outside world but were complete jerks when it came to me.  What isn’t a shame is that my parents treatment of the outside world made them see me and love me in their absence.  Though my looks may have changed slightly over the years, the mere glance at the name on my driver’s license brought me into being for myself.  It is my wish that in time I will be remembered for the good I have done to and for others.   I don’t know if I will ever be exactly like my parents, though being them isn’t a bad thing, but I must make sure I continue using the Law of Prosperity every day:  Give freely and it will come back to you. 


Do I want Fame or do I want Fortune?  By having a fortune, it would take so much out of you by looking over your shoulder, becoming paranoid, at thinking of ways you have to maintain it.  There may well be a price to pay for fame, but with fame people remember your name.  And what you do with your name could mean the difference between eating and starving to death.  Treat your fame well and respect will be your best friend.  It wouldn’t hurt to have a little of both Fame and Fortune.  Since you can’t take your fortune with you, your name can live on even after you’re gone.   



You took my breath away

Weddings at The Falcondale
Photo credit: The Falcondale

  Secrets you kept from me

Covered words all I could see

Polished smile

All the while

My mind was in denial


A hurtful touch

Laughed and hid so much

The mirror became my best friend

And showed me the beginning to the end

As the cracks began to mend


Always knew the right things to say

Always knew there’d be a better day

Always tried to dance right through the pain

Even after all the fire and the rain

Always knew how to pray

Like my mom did as she would lay

Gave you my life on a silver tray

But you just took my breath away


How could I bargain for this

All for a ring and a lonely kiss

Oh the life that I do miss

If only I could have one wish


I would know how to take my time

Stop, feel and listen

And not be so blind

Know just what I need

At the risk of my heart to bleed


Even the main people tell lies

And turn away with tears in their eyes

Pain never sees the light of day

When someone takes their breath away