The Wisdom Keepers

Be quick
Be nimble
Don’t get so sick
Where You can’t use a thimble

Pray often
But keep it moving
Don’t let your brainwaves soften
‘Cause there’s a lot to be proving

You’re expected to sit still
Stay in your place
Just take your blue, pink or white pill
And put a smile on your face

Why should You wear your heart on your sleeve?
You paid a lot for those achy bones and laugh lines
Old Age tries its best to deceive
With hefty penalties and fines

So, let’s call out those who say, “You Can’t”
and those who say, “No”
Your body, mind, and soul is like a Plant
It also needs a little nourishment to grow, and grow, and go


Ashes to ashes

I am still a Buddhist

Loving to Love

The love that knows love

The way Love should be loved

Dust to dust

I am still a Buddhist

Chanting to chant

Chanting for Love

Loving to chant

Like smoke I spread

Disappearing I am still all

And everywhere, I rise

And Fall

I am still a Buddhist

The colorless exhale

Once the wind blows

From ashes to dust

Burning yet yearning to exist

Still, I am Buddhist

 born, created from ashes

Love in Yellow

Cover me in Love, Love
Show me your true color
Don’t leave me with bruises
Just so I can make excuses

Cover me well Love, Love
Make me feel like I should feel
Don’t treat me like some ordinary fellow
Paint me in yellow

Cover me happy Love, Love
And kiss me all night long
Don’t mind my bleeding heart
While you try it all apart

I want to wrap myself around you
Holding on and back so tight
Try to have mercy on me
‘ Cause I’m too bright for the light

Cover me Love, Love
Sing to my front and my back
And if I try and get away Love, Love
Just pick up the slack

Cover me in Yellow Love, Love
Red comes on too strong
Cover me in Yellow, Love
A vase of yellow roses so long


Another toke

and I am off

Taking myself places

Not changing any faces

Traces of how I want

To be

It is no to failure

And I hit every time

Blowing a wad over

my hit

And bang

As I lower myself

I watch as I come down

Glistening in pure ecstasy

Wiping my brow

I ask somehow

why I am not really there

Still the feeling lingers

from my head to my first finger

That scent I spent

Every last dime

was right on time

for the joy of my life

Then I exhale

and the bells of St. Jude

call me back to hit it again

til I hear the voices



Damning me for leaving

with bloodshot eyes aglow


Keep on loving the World

What you may once have had

 May well return

A steady beat

Warms the soul and body


Do be careful to not

Rustle the trees and air

You are the vibration

That they feed from


What is seen through the eyes

Can wickedly defile the heart with lies

Sex is just sex placed with a hex

Minus the “o” becomes the ex


Doctor Feel Good

Takes over the whole neighborhood

Able to do so much

Without even a single touch


May your voice be the choice

Causing the bodice to be moist

Cut and savor that pie

Long enough stars fall from the sky