The Professor

I am a flame
separated from the fire
Still, burning
for ever all   
Did I have to let go
before I opened my eyes?
Or was it their chocolate passion
that made me static?
I was in my eyes
long before you appeared               
And like a loose hair,
I only chose to lower my lash
Leaving it to release at its
own will
I did just that
When they grew longer,
I then squinted
carefully saw you
And looked left
Then right
For loose ideas as like my mind
The many looking in
the same direction
You were amongst great company
The scent of vanilla invaded us
like mold in heat
Apart, I pray you behave
as if no one can watch
Even if it is
for just one day, night, month            
Though I do look forward
to my yearly bonus
How else could I keep account
of my pristine virgin?

The Difference Between a Porn Star and a Writer is “Thoughts…over a good cup of coffee”

Just who is TTBoy (The Writer) and TTBoy (The Porn Star)?

There seems to be much confusion as to my many posts here on Word  Being that I tend to write (blog and post poetry), why is it so difficult for readers to distinguish me from the Porn Star?  To some, the Writer TTBoy is considered to have honed in on his writing craft, while TTBoy, the Porn Star, has solidified his place in the Porn Industry.

TTBoy, the Writer, may incite some negativity from his writings, while, TTBoy, the Porn Star, may offer-up the same feelings for his work with “models” on film.  TTBoy, the Writer, has yet to find any articles posted online by the noted Porn Star.

As a more sedate reference, please refer to the book, “Thoughts…over a good cup of coffee,” and make your comments known about any demeaning or inflammatory subjects the book may entail.

Two completely different artists using the ‘same name’ may just be what the literary world needs to separate fact from fantasy.


Cars stop

Then go        

Lights changing with a chop

Leading to where the waters flow


Imagining the waves

Crashing without a shore

Searching for their faves

But me I want much more


Here I am

Waiting for them to take me in

Like looking for peace on the lam

Waiting here like committing a sin


Life without hope

Like I’m doing some dope

Waiting for a good day

When I can love my way


Add a touch of greatness

Not so hard when you know

Despite its untimely lateness

Telling the wind which way to blow

The Same Song

Same song

Every night

When I feel like dancing

You just wanna hold me tight


I can dance alone

It’s probably better anyway

This is like keeping me on the phone

But partying lets me say,


I want to be free

To move from here to there

I want to be free

In a world that doesn’t care

  As long as I share

I want to be free

Still closer to thee

I want to be

What freedom has for me


If I twirl too much

Don’t be quick to think I’m dizzy

Just because I move when you try to touch

My hand, and I hear you say, “Is he always this busy?”

“Do you always have to be this busy?”


What if I don’t want to stand or sit still

All the time, it’s just not enough

Maybe it’s not my will with so much time to kill

Making life more rough with lifeless stuff


My dance floor is the earth’s store

And it gives me so much more when I don’t sit still

Like biting into an apple’s core

The seeds inside are like a pill,

     keeping peace at will, seeds that thrill





Change the song

And you’ll see my new clothes

Sure as the day’s gone long

Even the Emperor holds a white rose


Change the tune

I’ll help you learn to step right

I’ve been to the moon and you can soon

If you stop putting up a fight and follow the light


Due Diligence

Garden of Eden 2009
Garden of Eden 2009 (Photo credit: NakedSteve)

What possesses a man to withhold life from another?

As floods rush in and level playing fields

It’s not just time with history to heal

Thunderous displays of shock invade the skies

Upending true wealth through uninsured lies

Animals we were given dominion over rebel from petting zoos

As if there weren’t enough clues

A Reversal of fortune as temperatures disguise the seasons

Excuses given as scientific reasons

Voices beckon acts of treason

Voices act and beckon treason

So many towers

above Babeling brooks

All hail the newest and most masterful of crooks

Fire starters allow the flicker to catch

Proof that earthly bondage has met its match

Years it took to puff up the bloke

Now gone in a flash, like Hades and smoke

Not as forgiven as a toe-curling pleasure act

Rumbling break in the soil engulfs all on track

Why should Zephyr winds just blow on high

when there is a lesson below to be learned through a cry?

He takes a pillage and calls himself the victor

Hunger and displacement rule laws of stricter

For all know that with a flick of the wrist and the pen

Devastation could meet its end

Only one could stretch out his arms and put us to sleep

That is why I pray the Lord my soul to keep

The power we give to our star-struck leader

is our blood-letting that strengthens the breeder

What possesses a man to withhold life from another?

look to the Garden of Eden and how a brother

turned his sister into a mother

What dust has made


English: Windblown hawthorn On top of the heug...
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Windblown windblown

 throw down your breath

and give back the life

that you took in death


Windblown windblown

 why do you stand so straight

it’s not nice to compare yourself

 to something you hate


Windblown windblown

 you disgusting piece of air

just continue knocking things over

 as if you can’t care


Windblown windblown

 what is your color of the day

could it be red in tone

 or just destruction at play