The Sell-Out at the Citizens Academy

A really good person thinks that he was a sell-out at a meeting or class he attended at the Citizens Academy, in Syracuse, New York. ,

The Class offered many students the opportunity to learn more about the government and/or how the city of Syracuse and its surrounding counties operated. Each week, a panel is involved as each person who is incharge of their department in Syracuse discusses what they do to make the city of Syracuse a better place to live. Apparently, no one has the courage to challenge its panelists on how non-diverse Syracuse really is. There seems to be monies available for revitalization and getrification in the city but not for much else. The poor in the city stay poor. Crime is rampant and rising as talks about the I-81 infrastructure takes true precedence. The area affected would be the poorest in the city and is the most dire for a makeover. Being that it would be considered a makeover, something or someone would have to go.

Back when Black people were forced out of the 15th Ward to make way for a new highway, those in higher positions turned a deaf ear to the people of that community. Today, with all of the meetings and forums created to supposedly invite voices to be heard about the I-81 viaduct, it seems those souls are being placated and patronized. A decision has already been made to tear down the eyesore known as Pioneer Homes. Although there are those meek souls and gophers who work for Blue Print 15, a company brought in to smooth-over the tempered voices of the soon-to-be decimated area, they steadily expect their check to arrive weekly. The Workers in the House quells those working in the fields. Visions of sugarplums dance in the heads of those truly expecting to move back into their old neighborhoods in a new dwelling alongside the middle and higher income level residents. Does this really seem realistic? Who would or could tolerate such? Why should they tolerate living next to a family that crime follows? Then again, Blue Print 15 was incharge of like communities in Atlanta, GA. Go figure.

But there is also the issue of diversity in Syracuse where it is perceived that persons of color don’t have the proper skill set to hold mid-level positions in companies. As an incentive to bring new companies into the Syracuse area, tax deferments or tax breaks (spread out of years) are offered. Do those companies hold the proper skill set to maintain employees of color. Of course, there are those who would say, “But at least they could have a job making a decent wage.” Is it really a wage that would allow them the luxury of living comfortably without having to secure a second or third job? And, what if the person of color is held to a different set of matrixes, a higher set, that could see them walked out the door of that job before they have met their probationary period?

Aside from and in lieu of all that, the person tried to incorporate Atlanta, GA into a question he asked: What does Syracuse have to offer me? The real question, as the reason he felt he sold-out, should have been, “What does Syracuse have to offer a Black man like myself?” I told him that I’m sure some people understood where he was going with the question, but everybody should have gotten it. Each panelist spoke on the wonderful qualities Syracuse has to offer. It’s just that each panelist, including Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens, knew that there was only one real race, genre, and nationality that mattered. White. A new proposed Aquarium, new downtown loft apartments, all the non-inclusive eateries and clubs that frowned upon the thought of intimidation or fear that accompanied a single or group of persons that did not include at least one white person were just a few joys of one moving to Syracuse.

What does Syracuse have to offer a Black Man? More crime, harassment, discrimination, discouragement, complacency, static. Just how would the panelists have answered that question? Isn’t the Black Man, and even the Black Woman, part of the economy they spoke about? Even the Deputy Mayor wouldn’t be able to answer that question with a stragiht face, since she was trying to save face. Yes, the gentleman could have been a Maverick from seeking an answer to that question. Would it have been worth it? Probably so. Were those waves that should have been ruffled? Yes and No. More Yes.

TTBoy Says

TTBoys Flower

TTBoy Says:  Of all the inner-city schools to speak at, why did President Barack Obama choose Henninger High School in Syracuse, New York?

TTBoy Says:  Did anybody ever bring up Halliburton in the Bradley Manning trial?

TTBoy Says:  Why does the U.S. government blame its people for being poor?

TTBoy Says:  Which state is more racist, Florida or Mississippi?

TTBoy Says:  Do the makers of Blue Bell ice cream know their products are similar to   crack cocaine?

TTBoy Says:  Is Taylor Swift a virgin?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Dick Cheney afraid to look in any mirror?

TTBoy Says:  Is the phrase “Paper or Plastic” like asking, “Condom or Bareback?”

TTBoy Says:  Is Lady Gaga life imitating art or art imitating life?

TTBoy Says:  It’s only sexual harassment if the other person doesn’t like you.

TTBoy Says:  Entertainers are not public figures.  A public figure is elected by the People.

TTBoy Says:  Is a woman obligated to tell a man or woman she has a yeast infection before having sex?

TTBoy Says:  Should anyone divulge they have IBS before having anal sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why are heroic deeds suddenly performed when a celebrity is involved in a scandal?

TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t Natalie Merchant considered one of the world’s greatest singers?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s a harder true-to-life artist, Jay-Z or Eminem?

TTBoy Says:  Did the size of one’s bank account make Janet Jackson a true “Size Queen?”

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it time for Hollywood to have a “Coming Out Party?”

TTBoy Says:  Does anybody remember when Madonna accepted an award stoned out of her mind?

TTBoy Says:  Why were Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey, Jr. so convincing as a gay couple in “Wonder Boys?”

TTBoy Says:  Hollywood scripts really are “stupid…” just like Melanie Griffith said.

TTBoy Says:  Who’s smarter, Sharon Stone or Marilu Henner?

TTBoy Says:  Who’d get naked quicker for a movie role, Anderson Cooper or Shepard Smith?

TTBoy Says:  Is Vladimir Putin the only man allowed to be gay in Russia?

TTBoy Says:  Is Lindsay Lohan the real “Girl, Interrupted?”

TTBoy Says:  Will Tyra Banks ever reveal the greatest orgasm she’s ever had?

TTBoy Says:  Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt decide to get pregnant?

TTBoy Says:  If Google shares the public’s information, why is their stock price so high?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people tell how they really feel about a friend’s terrible engagement?

TTBoy Says:  Shouldn’t more women just admit to men they just want to have sex with them and nothing more?

TTBoy Says:  Am I wrong for wanting to make God jealous by hearing my name called out more than His?

TTBoy Says:  “American Idol” producers have no idea what they are doing.

TTBoy Says:  Have President and Mrs. Obama ever been asked to dance on “Dancing With The Stars?”

TTBoy Says:  There is no such thing as a “Bromance.”  Just call it what it is…dude.

TTBoy Says:  Everyone should remember this quote, “Just because you’re done with the past, doesn’t mean the past is done with you.”

TTBoy Says:  Who uses auto-tune more, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna?

TTBoy Says:  People who suddenly need food stamps are humiliated to apply for them.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Syracuse, New York now one of the deadliest cities in the world?

TTBoy Says:  Why won’t they give Antoinette Tuff, of Florida, a medal for bravery?

TTBoy Says:  Is Rick Perry of Texas smarter than former President George W. Bush?

TTBoy Says:  Would Victoria Beckham upstage her husband David in an underwear TV commercial?

TTBoy Says:  Is Cory Booker a pseudo-opportunist?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s the greatest media whore of all-time, J-Lo, Madonna, or Lady Gaga?

TTBoy Says:  Has Hollywood said, “Bye, Bye,” to all its best actors and actresses?

TTBoy Says:  Did someone of importance call Rush Limbaugh a loser when he was a child?

TTBoy Says:  Would David Letterman ever refuse a sex scene in a Woody Allen movie?

TTBoy Says:  Should all breast-feeding mothers refuse to sit in the back of a restaurant?

TTBoy Says:  Should pre-nuptials include oral sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why do surfers flock to shark-infested waters?

TTBoy Says:  Who hosts the best Swingers parties, Jada and Will or Mo’Nique?

TTBoy Says:  Would Whoopi Goldberg ever tell the second White guy who’s ever gone downtown?

TTBoy Says:  Is comedian Steven Wright still depressed?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people with migraines understand the importance of head-banging sex?

TTBoy Says:  Would a priest admit to being molested if he fell asleep during a confessional and woke up?

TTBoy Says:  Stop saying, “the condom broke,” and just admit that the pull-out method didn’t work.

TTBoy Says:  1950’s sex advice didn’t include movement on the woman’s part.

TTBoy Says:  If a man or woman looks too good to be true, they probably have Chlamydia.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Abercrombie & Fitch still around?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bill Maher ever reveal the best Sex-Pot Party he’s ever attended or hosted?

TTBoy Says:  Why are those adamantly opposed to something usually are the ones who secretly engage In it?

TTBoy Says:  The caged bird sings differently when handcuffed and doused with candle wax.

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to model Veronica Webb?

TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Gerard Butler star in a Hit Movie?

TTBoy Says:  The title of Jamie Foxx’s porn film, “Some like it Foxxy!” starring Samantha Fox.  Vraiment?

TTBoy Says:  Where is Anne Archer?

TTBoy Says:  Was Irene Cara Hollywood’s first diva?

TTBoy Says:  Will the Stock Market crash once employees realize employers refuse to honor Obamacare?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s turning over in his grave, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, or Michael Jackson?

TTBoy Says:  Has had cosmetic surgery kept Renee Zellweger away from the Big Screen?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bradley Cooper be People Magazine’s first and last gay “Sexiest Man Alive?”

TTBoy Says:  Why is Perez Hilton so bitter after such a drastic weight loss?  He must be hungry.

TTBoy Says:  Is Catherine Zeta-Jones depressed because of the lack of cunnilingus?

TTBoy Says:  Will Country Music abandon Kenny Chesney like they did Chely Wright?


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Stupid is as Stupid does! Or does Insensitivity breed Insensitivity?

Are NFL football players public figures like a Syracuse Mayor? 


When NFL football players, who are selected by a group of men to serve their teams don’t deliver a return on the powers-that-be investment, they generally leave a sour taste for their fans on and off the playing field.  Take for example cornerback, Chris Culliver, for the San Francisco 49ers.  When Culliver made the ultimate scathing remarks about gay football players not being “welcomed” in their team’s locker room, many believed this young person had definitely crossed the line.  As confident as he assumed his position, the comment held much weight as so-called straight men playing in Super Bowl XLVII were being likened to Goliath and the closeted gay men held hands with David.  Culliver and his band of cronies would even deny taking part in a near “It Gets Better” campaign.  For a moment, gasps could be heard around the world as the 49ers drew closer to triumph.  Ultimately, Culliver and his Goliath brethren lost the match to the lone vocal David, Brendon Ayanbadejo, linebacker for the victorious Baltimore Ravens on February 3, 2013.  While there are surely Christians who believe homosexuality is an abomination, Ayanbadejo’s good over-powered Culliver’s evil.  Where was the leader or leaders who elected the bashing Culliver and his fellow mates at the time of the foul attention they garnered?  No one said that Culliver was wrong for his poor choice of words during his interview with Artie Lang.  It was almost as if the 49ers were sending a message directly to Ayanbadejo that “any sissies on the field are going down…”  Isn’t it time for the media to make Ayanbadejo’s crusade for Gay Rights and his Baltimore Ravens victory an example to all who oppose gay players in the NFL?  Would a 49ers victory at Super Bowl XLVII have been a slap in the face of adversity?  No doubt.  Isn’t it even time for team owners to speak up and say, “We will not and do not tolerate imposing fear on any player who can and wants to play football”?  In no way has it been shared and cared that Ayanbadejo is himself a gay player for the NFL.  However, if he is, has he not already become the “Jackie Robinson of the NFL?”  Not only should the owner or owners of the Baltimore Ravens applaud Ayanbadejo’s behavior on and off the field, the general public should do so as well.  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is obviously running amok in the testosterone-enraged locker rooms that Christians have helped to support.  Are club owners held to a majority view-point?  Maybe so.  For the love of the game, whether a man or woman can play the game should take precedence over one’s lifestyle or “way-of-life.”  Like any public figure, serving for the betterment of good should be the motto.


But like the NFL’s lack of cultural adversity, there are other figures or officials, like Syracuse Mayor, Stephanie Miner, who choose to ignore those who elected her to her position.  Like NFL players are employees to their team, a secretary or personal assistant to the Mayor should not overstep their bounds and become selective in which messages require a higher priority for the Mayor.  It may be a given that the Mayor receives all kinds of phone calls from voters and non-voters alike.  But when a call is made and a message is left with a secretary regarding discrimination or misuse of funds, the Mayor should extend the courtesy of returning the call.  What a scapegoat for the Mayor to say that she was never made aware of the attempt to expose the wrongdoing.  Again, like the abhorrent players in the NFL, a non-customer service oriented Mayor shows her true colors in a way comparable of flipping off endearing voters.  Having become interested in politics at an early age, Miner may have inherited or obviously enveloped a “Fake it till you make it” mentality toward the people of Syracuse, New York.  Although Miner is seeking a second term as Mayor in the Democrat majority-ruled city, her not so glorious performance record may go unnoticed by the people.  While the word “Democrat” or democracy is synonymous with being “for the people,” it is not yet discovered who or what Miner serves or supports.  Not returning phone calls is just one way to explain her ill towards the non-private sector.


A public figure is one whose life and behavior are the main focus of intense scrutiny and public interest.  Whether viewing a game on regular television or paying monies to attend an intense match.  As tensions brew on the football playing field, so do them inside City Hall or during the Mayor’s public and private addresses.  But as serving for the majority is a key issue, bestowing one’s own personal beliefs become more hurtful to those who are blindsided as fans.


Syracuse is

like the life of Riley

There’s no place like show biz

But stay away if you’re smiley


To love one another

Unlike someone’s brother

Is far from a means to an end

If you plan on seeking a friend


What happened to the past

Left so quickly and could not last

The history of a Mayor

Could not save this place with prayer


Scandal and high deceit

Fast forward on repeat

Status quo falls in its rankings

Joyous blacks and whites now tankings


Even the news give clues

Lack of diversity sings blues

The right questions meet denial

Not even a Bobcat can shine the vile


A job if you hobnob

Without a suit as good as slob

So much for the powers-that-be

They weren’t around to make the history


You may as well be thug

So don’t expect a hug

Even keep cash under a rug

But the heart of the matter stays

Dead as off-Broadway plays

Even Jimi would forget Purple Haze


Syracuse is

like the life of Riley

There’s no place like show biz

But stay away from here

 if you’re smiley


Name the Mystery Diagnosis

A patient has been seeing a few doctors since December 2011.  The first time the 50-year-old gentleman saw a Physician’s Assistant was for a physical to get into Nursing School.  Three months later, the nursing student goes back to the PA after a bout with Vertigo.  He said that he had experienced dizziness and a drop in his blood pressure.  All the signs were witnessed by classmates and his instructor.  The gentleman was told that there was nothing they could prescribe for the condition other than ibuprofen 300mg.  Almost immediately, the 50-year-old man started having ice pick jabs in the bottom of his feet (both feet).  And as this progressed, he started having muscle spasms in his right thigh.  Soon, an icicle-like feeling occurred whenever he would try to walk.  This is January 2012.


Around the second week in January, the man noticed dark lines extending or protruding in his fingernails.  The lines were so dark until anyone would think that he had his fingers slammed in doors.  Then, the entire right-side of his body became numb.  He wouldn’t complain of headaches but did say that there would be a feeling that something was just weighing in his head and then move over his right eye.  Double vision would occur – and he would see colors of blue and red, green and yellow.  These were psychedelic movements but more like auras. 


Always bright, intelligent, especially enough to get into Nursing School, he began noticing that he wasn’t reading properly.  He could see the words on the page but when trying to read them, he said that he was skipping every other word.  His grades were slipping.  He would tell the PA of his issues just as he began to experience what some would call sexual dysfunction.  Then only thing about that was his urine streamed thick and sugary.  Aside from trying to bury himself in his studies, there wasn’t the excitement for any sexual stimulation.  So, the PA sent him off to a Urologist, a female who quickly tested his testosterone levels and found the PSA to be high.  The Urologist wrote a prescription for Testim 1% and told the gentleman to see her again in two months.  February would not turn out to be a very good month either.


While the urinary functions continued to suffer, the man felt a more intense, vibrating sensation in his lower right abdomen.  The pain was so intense at times, the young man said that he would craw up into a ball.  Nothing could relieve the pain.  His entire right-side of his body grew number than usual almost as if it was asleep most of the time.  Whenever he would crouch down, he would have to grab onto something with his left hand to pull himself up.  The pain in his right hand was too severe to even shake hands with anyone.  He couldn’t even do a steady push up.  Around March 15, the man started to feel that the pain started to radiate from his fingertips, into his forearms, and growing closer to his chest.  But, there was no chest pain – and he wasn’t out of breath.  He did notice, however, that he wasn’t able to walk very far without losing breath more easily.  The jabs intensified in the bottom of his feet and the sharpness increased in his calf muscles.  Still, there was no medicine available.


April saw the second spinning or dizziness episode.  The vision problems grew more severe.  He even thought that eyeglasses would help his vision situation.  This only made the words bigger – but there was no steadiness in being able to read.  There was even less of a sensation in his midsection as the female urologist failed to notice a change in the Testim 1% dosages even after having the man increase the dosage to one and a half tubs per day.  He would have to withdraw from Nursing School – with only two months to go.  After being referred to another Urologist, a male, he was advised to stop taking the Testim 1% and he would be administered injections instead.  According to this doctor, the levels lowered and it appeared on paper that all was well.  Physically, the man couldn’t have felt worse.  The right hand started burning and the left hand was very difficult to hold a pen to write. 


In May, a cyst was discovered on the man’s right kidney.  The burning and vibrating increased.  The doctor said that there was no immediate concern.  However, the man did say that he felt a trickling or water flowing or draining on his right side.  The doctor said that he had no idea what that could have been.  Sleep had been a lost cause around January.  Even with the Ambien prescribed to him, he would doze for about two hours only to awaken more exhausted than before.  No one would prescribe anything else.  The Urologist referred the man to a Nephrologist.  After the first visit, no future appointments were made to see this male specialist.  Although there was talk of having an MRI, one was never done.  Now, headaches came and lingered.  Though not painful, the annoying pressure moved over to the right eye again.  Noticeable now was how much pain consumed him all over his body.  Just the slightest touch to his forearm, back of his neck, his lower back, his knees (front and back), had the pain level consistently weighed in at a 10.  With vision worsening, there was very little comfort anywhere.  Even the Neurologist the man saw at the beginning of June thought that time would heal everything and truly believed that the next six-week appointment would bring about some answers.  Even this Upstate, New York doctor failed to help this ailing man.


July was the month of seriousness towards tests.  The Neurologist made an appointment for an EEG.  The administrator of the EEG asked the man after the test if he felt dazed and confused upon awakening in the morning.  She wasn’t at all surprised when her suspicions were confirmed.  And, as usual, the results would be sent over to the doctor and he was told to expect a call from them.  That call never happened.  Retreating back to the PA, the man felt he had no place else to go.  With unbearable discomfort the man basically screamed for help.  How could the EEG reveal nothing?  Maybe that Neurologist wasn’t reading the test correctly.  This time, the PA would make sure an MRI of his brain of done.  Later that day, confirmation of an appointment for the MRI came.  Four days later, the PA called for the man to return to his office to discuss the results of the MRI.  The MRI found that something was pressing on his brain and causing the pain in or to his body.  Feeling that he had finally gotten a diagnosis, he accepted the prescription for the Topomax gladly.  Little did he know, there was no relief in sight.


As Flexeril failed to bring any relief, Topomax had pretty much the same effect.  The man felt that maybe some assistance could be found in the Emergency Room.  With his heart fluttering even more, the burning sensation in his hands and forearms and right-side of his body, he made his way to the ER.  After being admitted solely based on the words heart and pain, even though the CT Scanner found something suspicious, the man was later told that it was a mistake that he was admitted into the Cardiac Unit.  Because his tests were normal, aside from the double-vision and extreme body ache, he needed to be released and was told to return back to his PA.  What’s strange is how the PA would prescribe Topomax even though the man was experiencing problems with his vision and numbness and tingling prior.  This appears that no one had been listening to this 50-year-old man from the get go.


What is wrong with this 50-year-old man?

Another CNN Blunder…




I just had to repost this article.



Victor Blackwell: CNN’s Newest Weekend Anchor, Correspondent

Posted: 07/25/2012 4:53 pm Updated: 07/25/2012 4:53 pm


CNN, CNN Newsroom, CNN Ratings, CNN Weekends, TJ Holmes, Cnn Weekend Ratings, Victor Blackwell, Victor Blackwell Cnn, Victor Blackwell Palm Beach, Wpbf, Media News


CNN announced on Wednesday that a new face will join its weekend coverage.

Victor Blitz will join the network as the co-host of CNN Newsroom on Saturday mornings, alongside Randi Kaye. Victor will be based in Atlanta. He previously served as an anchor at WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach, Fla.

The CNN Newsroom post was previously held by T.J. Holmes, who left the network in December 2011 for BET. Holmes’ new show, which is expected to be a comedic news show, debuts later this year.



It’s hard to believe that one of the nation’s biggest and “brightest” news stations does not have someone on-site to confirm/verify captions and details they dish out to the public.  Remember how they misinterpreted the Healthcare mandate?  In reading the heading of this article, one thinks that the story is about a news anchor, “Victor Blackwell.”  However, it then appears that some funny person at CNN wanted to have his 15 minutes of fame by merging Wolf Blitzer’s name with Victor Blackwell.  For all we know, Blackwell could actually be a slur.  “He’s Black.  Oh Well.”  Or maybe, “He’s well-Black for our cause.”  I truly hope I’m wrong about this and that this has been an “honest mistake”…again.  With there being so many Victor Blackwells on the scene, CNN could have done him a little justice by adding his “real” photo on their website or adding his middle initial.  It’s bad when you search a name and a plethora of difference pops up.  Is it really news to have Mr. Blackwell or Mr. Blitz join the cast of characters on their Saturday morning show only?  Apparently, CNN has a great track record for housing anchormen of color only for weekend gigs.  Don Lemon is seen so rarely, it’s not hard to assume that he is on sabbatical promoting his book, “Transparent,” about his sexuality.  For what it’s worth, Florida has lost another man of color.  Maybe Atlanta will do them some good like Al Roker’s move from Syracuse, New York to New York, New York and Mike Tirico from Syracuse to ESPN.  Hopefully, Mr. Blackwell will take some establish some longevity with CNN.  So far, it’s not looking too good.


The difficulty in registering with “”

Downtown New York
Downtown New York (Photo credit: sreevishnu)

A story was posted about a family of “13” that was burned out due to a grease fire on the North Side of Syracuse,  New York.  The writer, who may even be an intern working his very first job in journalism, used the word “bungalow” to describe the “1 1/2 story” house.  I can only imagine his reason for using the word “bungalow” to describe the detached home solely because of the area the house was located.

No other information was provided about the inhabitants of the home.  Four adults and nine children no older than eighteen years of age were said to dwell in a three bedroom house.  Not that it matters the number of bathrooms the house held, I can only surmise the comfort level of the dwellers were less than stellar.  With thirteen people cohabitating, was or is this not a job for Social Services?  Were they all blood relatives, foster children, illegals…?  As the article was more than vague, I tried posting a comment about the writer of the article describing the house as a “bungalow” only to be directed to register with “”    This is where I began to have severe trouble.  And why?

Using a created screen name and password that was ultimately accepted after several attempts, I was then directed to my e-mail to activate my e-mail address.  But, to no avail, clicking on the link only added to my frustration.  I was “directed” again to register for an account.  Are you kidding me?  Have financial restraints caused the decline of website monitoring everywhere?  I even wonder if there is a Story Editor or Type Editor to verify or even confirm details their journalists produce.  Otherwise, it seems that everyone has been given the authority to “Create and Post at Will.”

The Post-Standard and the Syracuse Herald Journal used to be prime news sources not only for the Syracuse area but for the downstate area as well.  But, as the next generation has firmly made its mark, true customer service has left the building.  Where is the sense of responsibility to being true to your craft?  Is it that obvious that new cast of Occupy Syracuse are not natives of Syracuse at all?  Maybe the parents left them behind.  Maybe everybody has just thrown their hands up and opted to just collect their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly “pay” check.  In any fashion possible, they want a title behind their name and below their tiny, little picture.