Come Dance With Me

The stage is set

The music’s playing

All that’s left

Our bodies swaying


I see you

In all your glory

What’s left to do

(Is for you to) Come dance with me


A song will play for us

And no one else

No need to cause a fuss

You’re my trophy for my shelf


Just wrap your arms around

My neck and baby, let yourself go

Like you were lost now found

Somewhere so low


We’ll go places

We’ve never been before

Somewhere no one knows our faces

No need for secrets anymore


And if the music ends

Hopefully then you’ll see

We can stay more than friends

once you come and dance with me








Let’s Come Together

Let’s come together

The world don’t know

What it’s missing

Even in bad weather

We will still be kissing


When they hear and see us

Love is all they will talk about

We ride a different bus

The kind that makes one scream and shout


Let’s come together

And then change the weather

Let’s come together

But don’t lose the feather


The way we come

The way we go

No matter how it’s from

Who has to know


Just hold on tight

‘cause I might shake too much

I might even lose sight

After the slightest touch


Ever should I call out God’s name

I hope you do it too

We only have ourselves to blame

That’s right, just me and you


Please let the fountain of youth flow

Into the river wide

And set my heart aglow

Forever deep ripped tide


Let’s come together

And spend until we’re done

Let’s come together

As if we’re on the run


Let’s come together