Playing Games

Playing games might be

Your forte

But you’re too easy to see through

Leaving you speechless to say


How the dog

got into your stash

Or how a frog bounced your cash

off the log

And how you almost crashed


But this game

is way too lame

Even for your future walk of shame

Who you gonna blame


Can’t change your face

Too caught up in the race

Gotta pick up the pace

Step back and know your place


Did the cow suddenly jump

over the moon

Be careful ‘cause there’s a hump

When you open your mouth and

speak too soon


I’m that secret piece

between trouble and peace

Can’t wear enough grease

To sign your next lease


Of all the empty frames

you choose to see through

Seems your new match has a clue

about you playing games

Somebody’s Wretched Somebody

What if I

Told you this morning

I was feeling down and out

Just say it sweet enough

So you wouldn’t scream and shout


What if I said

I just couldn’t pull it

All together, today was not the day


What if I wanted

You to just stay with me

 and not go away


What if I needed

To be by your side

‘cause I didn’t want to be alone


What if I

Started saying sweet nothings

To somebody, like you do on the phone


What if I

Pretended to be somebody

that somebody else knew


I wouldn’t mine as long as I was

Somebody’s wretched somebody too


I may not be

What you thought I’d be

I know I’m not brand new

But I did my time

Leaving reason to rhyme

One of the last good few

I may not be anything you see

Except a wretched somebody

What if I

Started to hold my head up high

And smile and say, “Hello”


What if I told somebody

They looked nice and they

made my heart glow


What if I let somebody

Touch my heart like

Somebody they knew


Then I wouldn’t have to be

Somebody’s wretched somebody

Who cared about you