She’s Not Going Away

I’ve got Ms. in my corner
And she’s not going away
The more I do for her
the more she makes me want to separate
The sight of her is foggy
The only way to feel her
is to medicate myself beyond myself
And she’s not going away
My Moses staff precedes me
everywhere I go
as I feel as if I am tipping in high-heeled sandals
When I finally touch the sky,
she comes along like an apocalyptic hurricane
Destroying all that is in her path
She does have a sister
who is more than just a pain in the neck
I am coward by her persistence
as like losing my best-friend all over again
And she’s not going away
Have I rented space to a cause
for a lifetime?
It would take my soul to revoke her lease
though the Judge would have the final say
in my case of free will
Her laughter roars with hands behind her back
She makes me want to love her
To accept her as she is
Yet, her volatility renders me powerless
except to keep reaching
to cease with the standardized tests
and the grade school counseling sessions
The pen often runs from my hand
to acknowledge my future
She’s not going away
No energy left to act on my mood
So, tuck my tail I do
until I hear what I want to hear
And all is well again


It’s so damn sad
when You’re in the middle
Seems everybody’s got their motives
Walking poker faces of votives
Dare You continue to play
The nerve of You walking away
It’s so damn sad
when it’s all about a look
Impassioned still gawkers
seem hooked
as to why their
interview wasn’t booked
Those concoctions
they set to keep You just
where You nailed their perception
of reception
And they thought You
were making the first impression
Bid them adieu
before making a confession

Major Mental Crime

bask (Photo credit: Idiolector)


Uneven little boys


and their uneven little toys


battle every day


every night to keep the bad men away


Determined to get their share


While somewhat playing fair


Basking in the sun


are the pure like a Nun


Quenching their cool thirst


‘til the moon rises from the dust


Other toys fascinate the brothers


seeking respect from their lovers


Even with ammunition


still arouses demolition


The playing field is uneven


for the uneven little boys


Though adding machines make some mean


storing wealth unseen but green


On white paper


one becomes the star caper


All Robbing Hoods


for self-fulfilled goods


Lonely at the top befalls the mighty


who has no one left to congratulate him rightly


One shot to make it


If you’re lucky, one shot to take it


All Men Are Created Equal


Whereas documentation warrants a sequel


honoring a cast minus any equally equal


The sun catches the light


and the moon holds hostage


the soul in plight


Patting pockets so heavy and packed


Boastful are those screaming to be jacked


Unevenly unequally little boys


Along with their uneven little toys


can never grow


when their growth counts down below