The Beauty of it All

Time means nothing
  when You have no watch
Sight means nothing
  when You fail to see
Power means nothing
  when You have no support
Love means nothing
  when You don’t have a heart
Desire means nothing
  when passion alludes
Dates mean nothing
  when You live care-free
A name means nothing
  if it is not used
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
  when the soul is being abused
A mirror can mean everything
  If You like what You see
It’ll let You know something is off
  If You don’t let it be

Out on a limb…because of “The Solid Rock!”

I am so distressed, right now.

My Jimi Claybrooks piece, “The Solid Rock,” was damaged.  Not only have I tried finding a replacement, I have no been able to connect with the artist.

The framed print is so inspirational and sentimental to me.  In it’s pristine state, I was the envy of all my friends in Atlanta, Georgia.  I purchased #1052 of the limited edition 1800.  It would be okay to have anybody want to ask, “If it was so important to you, why didn’t you protect it better?” I deserve that!  Just like one’s own spirituality, it should be protected…well-grounded.

Things happen.

I am in great hope that I can capture the attention of either the artist, Jimi Claybrooks, or someone who can point me in the direction of a newer print nowhere near the $850 asking price. 

Sometimes, I guess you can put a price on sentimentality.



Too funny not to Share!


Could Rod Serling truly be onto something?

Just who are those members of our biased society supporting the act of repeating a more hateful past?

Who are those who are pledging support for a candidate because they feel it’s time to show sexual diversity?

Would those who admit that there is a difference between “racism” and “hate” please raise both hands?  The right one justifies latter.

Can those who voted in 2010 to give total power to one particular party please admit to it, again, on national television?  Hopefully, some knowledge has been gained after they realized things only got progressively worse for themselves.

So, repeated business failures can qualify a candidate as a successful business man?  Apparently, the Better Business Bureau has spoken , but only the taken has listened.

The only thing colorful about any candidate, is the mockery they’ve made of themselves and the supposed country they were born in.

Is it true that “The Twilight Zone” can be bought?


Something is dead
Is it me?
Was I easily read
Or too far from reality?
I sold drugs on Rodeo Drive
Instead of sex
Then gave reasons to stay alive
Until I cashed the checks
Too much flash
Would give me away
Obvious ash
And I turned to clay
Drop-off from the carport
Brooks Brothers tie
In-Demand sport
Until it was time to lie
Oh, the loneliness can be mean
When your best friend
Is painted on treasury green
On an upward trend
Something is dead
Make sure I just check my tie   
And not the mirrored eyes of red

It’s too late for Love, (When You never even told me You Love me)

It’s too late for Love, (when You never even told me You Love me)


Sitting there

And everywhere

I look for You

But you won’t care


When I want You


I walk alone

On the streets

After leaving home

It just repeats


When I need You


But it’s hard

To put all this

Down like playing cards

I always miss


A better number


Where do I fall

In line of the others

When I risk it all

Under the covers


Selfish Lovers


You should have opened up

And just said, “Ah”

Your love I held in my cup

Like you were on vacation in a spa


It’s about time


From what I see

You’re not ready, Love

‘Cause I know that it’s too late for love

When you never even told me you Love Me


And what I feel

Listen carefully

I wish this thing of ours was real

And you cared for me

But now it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, You love me


I could spend my time

Making dinner

Try to pour the wine

But you look thinner


My, You’re changing


When You go out

I’m never knowing

What that’s all about

You watching me glowing


Now, it’s my turn


So, I clean up nice

I have to say

Loosen that vice

You held at bay


I’m somebody too

Somebody new


Why stop me now

When you always ran

  1. Somehow

I’m using your words, “Yes, I can!”


You Did This



I wish you had rose above

But it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, you Love me