The Man who Grins

Pitted against each other

Sister and a Brother

By a man you took in

Who only sat back and grinned


Said you didn’t know

How my mind it would go

In and out of love

Still, looking up above


Things looked pretty and nice

Though, they came with a price

What made him so mad

When we all should have been glad


Time hasn’t changed a thing

With that voice, you could sing

It hurt me that you kept it in

Because of a man who sat back and grinned


We were supposed to be close

Who took the overdose?

No one did care

Just headed on to the State Fair


Remembering the beatings

You were absent for the greetings

Could a child fight the sins

From your man who sits back and grins?



TTBoy Says

TTBoys Flower

TTBoy Says:  Of all the inner-city schools to speak at, why did President Barack Obama choose Henninger High School in Syracuse, New York?

TTBoy Says:  Did anybody ever bring up Halliburton in the Bradley Manning trial?

TTBoy Says:  Why does the U.S. government blame its people for being poor?

TTBoy Says:  Which state is more racist, Florida or Mississippi?

TTBoy Says:  Do the makers of Blue Bell ice cream know their products are similar to   crack cocaine?

TTBoy Says:  Is Taylor Swift a virgin?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Dick Cheney afraid to look in any mirror?

TTBoy Says:  Is the phrase “Paper or Plastic” like asking, “Condom or Bareback?”

TTBoy Says:  Is Lady Gaga life imitating art or art imitating life?

TTBoy Says:  It’s only sexual harassment if the other person doesn’t like you.

TTBoy Says:  Entertainers are not public figures.  A public figure is elected by the People.

TTBoy Says:  Is a woman obligated to tell a man or woman she has a yeast infection before having sex?

TTBoy Says:  Should anyone divulge they have IBS before having anal sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why are heroic deeds suddenly performed when a celebrity is involved in a scandal?

TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t Natalie Merchant considered one of the world’s greatest singers?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s a harder true-to-life artist, Jay-Z or Eminem?

TTBoy Says:  Did the size of one’s bank account make Janet Jackson a true “Size Queen?”

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it time for Hollywood to have a “Coming Out Party?”

TTBoy Says:  Does anybody remember when Madonna accepted an award stoned out of her mind?

TTBoy Says:  Why were Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey, Jr. so convincing as a gay couple in “Wonder Boys?”

TTBoy Says:  Hollywood scripts really are “stupid…” just like Melanie Griffith said.

TTBoy Says:  Who’s smarter, Sharon Stone or Marilu Henner?

TTBoy Says:  Who’d get naked quicker for a movie role, Anderson Cooper or Shepard Smith?

TTBoy Says:  Is Vladimir Putin the only man allowed to be gay in Russia?

TTBoy Says:  Is Lindsay Lohan the real “Girl, Interrupted?”

TTBoy Says:  Will Tyra Banks ever reveal the greatest orgasm she’s ever had?

TTBoy Says:  Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt decide to get pregnant?

TTBoy Says:  If Google shares the public’s information, why is their stock price so high?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people tell how they really feel about a friend’s terrible engagement?

TTBoy Says:  Shouldn’t more women just admit to men they just want to have sex with them and nothing more?

TTBoy Says:  Am I wrong for wanting to make God jealous by hearing my name called out more than His?

TTBoy Says:  “American Idol” producers have no idea what they are doing.

TTBoy Says:  Have President and Mrs. Obama ever been asked to dance on “Dancing With The Stars?”

TTBoy Says:  There is no such thing as a “Bromance.”  Just call it what it is…dude.

TTBoy Says:  Everyone should remember this quote, “Just because you’re done with the past, doesn’t mean the past is done with you.”

TTBoy Says:  Who uses auto-tune more, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna?

TTBoy Says:  People who suddenly need food stamps are humiliated to apply for them.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Syracuse, New York now one of the deadliest cities in the world?

TTBoy Says:  Why won’t they give Antoinette Tuff, of Florida, a medal for bravery?

TTBoy Says:  Is Rick Perry of Texas smarter than former President George W. Bush?

TTBoy Says:  Would Victoria Beckham upstage her husband David in an underwear TV commercial?

TTBoy Says:  Is Cory Booker a pseudo-opportunist?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s the greatest media whore of all-time, J-Lo, Madonna, or Lady Gaga?

TTBoy Says:  Has Hollywood said, “Bye, Bye,” to all its best actors and actresses?

TTBoy Says:  Did someone of importance call Rush Limbaugh a loser when he was a child?

TTBoy Says:  Would David Letterman ever refuse a sex scene in a Woody Allen movie?

TTBoy Says:  Should all breast-feeding mothers refuse to sit in the back of a restaurant?

TTBoy Says:  Should pre-nuptials include oral sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why do surfers flock to shark-infested waters?

TTBoy Says:  Who hosts the best Swingers parties, Jada and Will or Mo’Nique?

TTBoy Says:  Would Whoopi Goldberg ever tell the second White guy who’s ever gone downtown?

TTBoy Says:  Is comedian Steven Wright still depressed?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people with migraines understand the importance of head-banging sex?

TTBoy Says:  Would a priest admit to being molested if he fell asleep during a confessional and woke up?

TTBoy Says:  Stop saying, “the condom broke,” and just admit that the pull-out method didn’t work.

TTBoy Says:  1950’s sex advice didn’t include movement on the woman’s part.

TTBoy Says:  If a man or woman looks too good to be true, they probably have Chlamydia.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Abercrombie & Fitch still around?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bill Maher ever reveal the best Sex-Pot Party he’s ever attended or hosted?

TTBoy Says:  Why are those adamantly opposed to something usually are the ones who secretly engage In it?

TTBoy Says:  The caged bird sings differently when handcuffed and doused with candle wax.

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to model Veronica Webb?

TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Gerard Butler star in a Hit Movie?

TTBoy Says:  The title of Jamie Foxx’s porn film, “Some like it Foxxy!” starring Samantha Fox.  Vraiment?

TTBoy Says:  Where is Anne Archer?

TTBoy Says:  Was Irene Cara Hollywood’s first diva?

TTBoy Says:  Will the Stock Market crash once employees realize employers refuse to honor Obamacare?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s turning over in his grave, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, or Michael Jackson?

TTBoy Says:  Has had cosmetic surgery kept Renee Zellweger away from the Big Screen?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bradley Cooper be People Magazine’s first and last gay “Sexiest Man Alive?”

TTBoy Says:  Why is Perez Hilton so bitter after such a drastic weight loss?  He must be hungry.

TTBoy Says:  Is Catherine Zeta-Jones depressed because of the lack of cunnilingus?

TTBoy Says:  Will Country Music abandon Kenny Chesney like they did Chely Wright?


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Show, but better to tell

Showing true love

Let me put it in words

As they look from above

Life dares create the melody of birds


Such harmony from one

No choir can relate

When all has been given and done

Eyes closed swaying to fate


Dressed for the occasion

Ready for come what may

Crystal blue is the persuasion

When the moon lets the sun shine everyday



Rattles the earth

Voice of reason is the token

Bringing to life new birth


Though good to show

It’s best to know

A simple gesture can fester

Then placed in a drawer of Chester


If time should stifle me

I pray my deed was done

That I lived in reality

And yet not on the run


The creatures in the sky

Lowers features most high

Cover our pain

For their supper, they sing for rain


So if my voice brings you to tears

I hope they’re from joy

Gone are your fears

To share life with a boy

This Ole House

big ole house and big ole moon (alternate crop...
big ole house and big ole moon (alternate crop/processing) (Photo credit: Brenda Anderson)

This Ole House

May be empty

But there’s still a place

To rest your weary head

When no one else seems to

care about your dreams and desires

it holds memories all too well

And will let you know

that everything’s gonna be allright

This Ole House

may have a chair or two

that needs to go

But there’s no rush

to upset the flow

And there’s still a place

And there’s still time

to find what you’re looking for

In This Ole House

There are no clocks

In This Ole House

You can hear yourself think

and disagree

All the same

When no one seems to care

This Ole House

Is there

It is the childhood you never had

It is the good brother

Or sister gone bad

It is the mother who knew no answers

It is the father

Who sought private dancers

This Ole House

Is the reason

You never committed treason

Filled with blood, sweat, and tears

In remembrance of your golden years

You don’t have to stay

Just revisit

When you want to play

This Ole House

Never gets old,

Too hot or even too cold

This Ole House

takes you by the hand

and helps your future understand

You don’t have to stay

Just revisit

When you need to sway

Never worry

That there won’t be room

Though there is no hurry

Expect to leave behind your Gloom

to This Ole House

Setting Up House


Are the 24 hours of daylight

of which all hope

can be soon found

never again treated

like a doorbuster prize


      the only fanciness

stares back in the shiny

wrapping it possesses

Encompassed hands

never do move

As if frozen

Yet all else is carefree

Even Santa doth winks

at full-fed twinks

And drinks are spilled

as portals are then filled

Within the merriment of glee

Peace be with thee

To get closer

does He then see

the poser can no longer be

Still rules

broken by fools

wade childishly in pools

that laugh and smile

with all invitations on file

No expiration date

And Return to Sender as Fate

No Postage Required

Just your Will desired

Meeting the stamp of approval

Like a squirrel

earns points for accrual


are days that always last

everywhere and

out there

to share

strutting confidently

and oblivious to the past

Life Class 2

What Good is Receiving Praise When It’s All Said and Done?



It’s been over 30 years since I graduated high school.  I haven’t even returned for a reunion.  Not that I haven’t wanted to attend; it’s just that other things took precedence over my cheek kissing over girlfriends and fist-bumping then boys who still wouldn’t mind showering with me – either alone or in a crowd.  Every now and then, I would spot an old, and I do mean old, teacher I had during my high school years.  Because of either timing or convenience, I couldn’t even yell out a, “Hello,” to them.  Then again, maybe I didn’t want to.  Maybe it was because of shame…shame that they would turn away from me or act like they didn’t know me from all those years.  Some of the things I did in high school, I often wish I didn’t have flashbacks for.  Though the years weren’t all bad; there were the stimulating times like playing on the football team, the basketball team, the wrestling team, Yearbook Committee, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), tennis team.  Then, there was the time I called my Guidance Counselor a loser and I made fun of how large my Accounting instructor’s head was.  And I do mean “HUGE.”  While many students ranted and raved about how smart or intelligent he was, I only saw my Accounting instructor as the one who gave me a “D” in the class I worked so hard in.  But, it was my Guidance Counselor who I had a vendetta against because he didn’t think my SAT scores would get me into Pratt University.  Aside from calling him a loser, I refused acceptance into Pratt as soon as the acceptance letter arrived.  I was determined to show him.  I really did want to go to school in Manhattan.


I don’t know what happened to that high school Guidance Counselor.  I do hope him the best though.  Maybe he’s retired and living in Florida with his wife and seeing his grand kids every chance he gets.  Yep, he must be living the life away from having to crush the hopes and dreams of those college hopefuls and the ones who can only hope and dream that the stars align just for them.  That Accounting Instructor and I finally came face-to-face one day in a grocery store that was just so out of character, I think, for both of us.  And get this, his wife was there in the deli section reading a book!  He noticed me right away.  After all these years, more than 30 of them, he remembered me.  Not only did he remember my name, he remembered all the classes I took as if he was my high school stalker.  Boy, was I about to get the shock of my life.  The instructor told me how a certain Calculus teacher and he discussed me during one of their teacher meetings.  Quickly, I was taken back to that teacher who made me sit up front, every day, in class.  I hated that class.  I hated how I would have to go up to the board and work out problems or play this game he created called, “The Game of NIM.”  “The Game of NIM” was a stick game that named its winner by having the last stick left on the board.  I didn’t master that game until many years after I left high school.  But, I felt it was my responsibility to teach others how to play the game.  Awesome!  My memory or my Calculus instructor.  Aside from that memory, the Accounting Instructor advised me that my Calculus teacher thought that I could be great if only I had committed or dedicated myself.  All while he spoke, I could remember seeing that teacher shaking his head or burying his head in his hands when I would come to class late or act as the class clown…all for no reason.  It was Senior Year!  What did I need to continue caring about Calculus?  I was off to UCLA or Cornell.  Either school I decided on would get my acknowledgement when I gave it to them.  That’s just how special I thought I was.  I had no idea that that was their way of trying to talk to me.  Why couldn’t they just come out and tell me I could be throwing my life away by not staying detail-oriented or maintaining my tunnel vision for excellence that other students so envied about me from grades 9 thru 12.  They all knew I was going places…but I could have gone anywhere and everywhere.  And looking back, I did deserve much less than that “D” I got.  My Accounting Instructor could have really crushed future by not receiving college credit for that course.  Would you believe that when I did get to college, I didn’t even turn in the invoice for the credit?  Ego.


All these years, I harbored resentment for someone who was trying to help me, in his own way.  I now wonder what or where I would be now had that teacher taken me told me of what my life could be like if only…  I was the student.  I was supposed to be made to listen and obey.  Then, I could honor.  What gall did this Accounting Instructor have to approach me with this so many years later!  It was almost as if this conversation was on his Bucket List.  Had the stars aligned for this to happen?  However the case, it makes me more aware that if this one teacher shared this with somebody, who’s to say that someone – anyone else felt I was unapproachable?  I guess all it took was one quick moment or the first few months of a school year to feel that I was above it all.  I had listened for three years.  To me, that was long enough.  I was on my way to doing things my way.  I know the old saying, “Hindsight it 20/20.”  I was young.  I don’t want to feel bad about the ‘what ifs’.  But I will say I wish somebody had held me down instead of held me back.  Or did I do that all to myself?