Black as a Cowboy

Ride ’em!
Until they call You, “Cowboy.”
Take hold of the reins
and raise your arm and fist
up high to show you mean business.
And, when that one tires,
raise the other one
Steady and balance yourself
to avoid being knocked off
the merry-go-round.
There’s no need to raise your voice
to be taken seriously.
Remember, you don’t have to lower
your head to know where you’re going

What I Care About

What’s better than sibling rivalry

When it provokes pride

Even a follow-up telephone call

Keeps the connection alive

Remembering that you started

This crusade when you went off

To garner knowledge to share

Whoever left

It’s as if they didn’t

And here we are

Still functioning

Secretly the pride is still there

Caring for our own

Our own-selves

As they should

As we should

Then again the

Tone supports the next generation

Into our round circle

Even one of them has to be

The center

And that’s okay

For there is still someone

To look forward to

Mommy is the Bitch (that killed Gossip Girl)

Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

Nobody wants to watch her switch

They’d just rather make her head twirl


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Mommy killed Gossip Girl

And that’s no lie

Now her neck is one big old pearl

At night, she goes up to the sky


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Daddy found out

What Mommy did

I don’t think she wanted a kid

He gave her another one anyway

Now she has no choice but to play


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

She can’t do it again

‘Cause that would be a sin

She’s buying so many new clothes

Instead of stuff for her big nose


Mommy was the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

You better watch your back

Or else she’ll get you in the sack