Do You Have To See, To Know?

Where should I stand
for You to see Me?
How loud do I have to Be
for You to feel my glee?

What designer must I wear
to be taken seriously?
What part of Me must I tear
for You to sense My depth immensely?

Who should I emulate
in order to be compared?
Who’s face should I resemble
to prove I have a real dimple?

When will be the best time
to take Dr. Seuss out of rhyme?
When should I expect
my actions to be of derilect?

Why am I considered racist
just because I’ve never had a facelift?
Why can’t I raise my fist
if I want to make the good list?

How can I make You see
if at first You can’t believe?
How can your senses be covered
when You had nine months to be mothered?

Like me

                          Like Me

I found someone
Who feels just like me
Lying softly under the sun
Face up minus a tree
Whenever the wind sings
That someone turns around
So cold it stings
Changing its beauty brown
Don’t know if it fell gracefully
Or if it was laid there
Admidst all the green tastefully
Yet, alone without care 
For that is my double
I know this to be true
Onward, there is trouble
To be blown away, who knew?
I found someone
Who feels like me
If only I could run
I could be safe under a tree


My window breaks

as I stare out

What I see won’t

look back at me

The air is dry

through all the cracks

What is there left

on the side I can’t see?

Even the clouds

fail to appear

the closer I pull my chair near

No birds do sing

Awakening heart-strings

Yet, while I stand for this

it pains me to see nothingness


There go the lies



Is there someone

something willing

to draw my shade

so I can be

what I can be

though I can’t believe

the color of my sleeve

after I grieve?

My window breaks

when I look out

And I can’t tell

what’s looking back at me


English: An animation demonstrating the lucky ...
English: An animation demonstrating the lucky number sieve. The numbers in red are lucky numbers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living according to

the path that is set out for you

Fails to support

the free will granted one

And another

There is but One

Who knows and shows

the order of all things

Yet, by the chance

your number falls       

Is it really by chance?

Call it Luck, if you may

However viewed

One pays

Whether it be


Or later

Even if manipulated

Man is not He who really draws


I Tried To Be Perfect

You put me here

 for a reason

though it may not have been

the right season

I had no fear


I listen to the sound

Of their voices

And what I found

Were many, different choices


Some found their own way

Others refused to say

Lives floated like a bay

Awakening to fears and pain every day


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

I tried to be perfect


Though it was my mind

That kept me kind

More indifference

Would I find


But I can’t blame them

For another sad church hymn

Souls don’t change with time

They’re just the blind leading the blind


If I ask for rest

After I confess

Will you shed your light

With all your might


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

Father, I tried to be perfect