Show Me

Show me
How much you love me
Just so 
I know what not
To listen to

Show me
How much you hate me
Just so
I know how to
Greet you

Show me
How much you fear God
Just so
I know how much
Of my heart to give

Show me
How much you love yourself
Just so
I know what kind
Of friends we’ll be

Show Me
Show Me
How you pray,
But not what you pray for
Just so, I know

Do You Have To See, To Know?

Where should I stand
for You to see Me?
How loud do I have to Be
for You to feel my glee?

What designer must I wear
to be taken seriously?
What part of Me must I tear
for You to sense My depth immensely?

Who should I emulate
in order to be compared?
Who’s face should I resemble
to prove I have a real dimple?

When will be the best time
to take Dr. Seuss out of rhyme?
When should I expect
my actions to be of derilect?

Why am I considered racist
just because I’ve never had a facelift?
Why can’t I raise my fist
if I want to make the good list?

How can I make You see
if at first You can’t believe?
How can your senses be covered
when You had nine months to be mothered?

Out on a limb…because of “The Solid Rock!”

I am so distressed, right now.

My Jimi Claybrooks piece, “The Solid Rock,” was damaged.  Not only have I tried finding a replacement, I have no been able to connect with the artist.

The framed print is so inspirational and sentimental to me.  In it’s pristine state, I was the envy of all my friends in Atlanta, Georgia.  I purchased #1052 of the limited edition 1800.  It would be okay to have anybody want to ask, “If it was so important to you, why didn’t you protect it better?” I deserve that!  Just like one’s own spirituality, it should be protected…well-grounded.

Things happen.

I am in great hope that I can capture the attention of either the artist, Jimi Claybrooks, or someone who can point me in the direction of a newer print nowhere near the $850 asking price. 

Sometimes, I guess you can put a price on sentimentality.



Make Me Fashion

Who, What
Where, When and Why
Do I have to
look to the sky
for the answers
that make prancers
I know somebody does love me
Looking as good
As I want to

Do I?

Patiently, I’m waiting
Inspite of my hating
It’s so damn degrading
Feeling my life fading

Still, I look to the sky
And ask,
Who, What
Where, When and Why
Do I have to
look to the sky
when it already knows
and sees my cry
(But still, I fly)

I don’t need You
to flip the script
on my already ripped
To know me –
Then see Thee

Turn Me into Fashion

Is This Not The Most Fascinating Life Line In The World?

What is going on with this palm?

Who has ever seen a heart-line and life-line joined together like this?

What does it all mean, seriously? Many say that “Life is what You make it.” Seriously?! Do we really have control over our own destinies? I know this seems like just a series of questions. But, can anyone tell anything about this individual just from a palm reading? How fascinating to have a palm that distinguishes You from everyone else.

Maybe Guinness should take a look at what could be “The Most Extraordinary Hand In The World.”


36 Steps to a Happy Life

So many books

and tips on how

to be fulfilled

What works for most

may not for those

who have less

Pay a fee

for a new emblem

to be placed on

their proud loud breast

One factor from

the benefactor

who is not an actor


Where is the Love

Yet the lonesome white dove

appears with tears

to cast away fears

a sign for the


who should have no choice

but to be kind

in the eye of a sky

that captures lies

and cries

where we despise


In a different brighter sun

What is missing from the

four-letter word

is the ego once often heard

Take care of yourself

by standing on a shelf

and remaining there

in hope and care

Let that be the teacher

though say Hello to the preacher

on Sunday morning

whose sermon may be boring

When all there is to know

is how to make a heart glow

What’s old is now new

But a select few

fills a basket

to escape a casket

All the wrong donations

in the face of pale nations

stimulate the fascinations

prior to castrations



My polling place
My polling place (Photo credit: tychay)

When I entered my very friendly polling station, I was greeted with a, “Just ask yourself one question, are you better off now than you were four years ago?”  Then, a male voice hammered, “…But would you want it to be worse?”  Wow!  I felt like i was raped…and I never want that to happen to me.
So, as I made my selections, I knew in my heart:  “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!”  I even told myself, “Self.  What a wonderfully outstanding money-maker “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!” would be for every election!”  It has so much to do with every election and not just the Presidential Election.  Sure, I would be a fantastic liar if I said that a candidate’s culture had nothing to do with my decision.  One’s culture is just as relevant as the color of one’s skin when they start talking about things I don’t believe in.  Although it perplexes me as to how any decent, loving, and self-confident female could vote for someone who tells her on a daily basis that what she believes do not matter – and that what she does with her body will be decided for her.  Yet, that same woman will make a decision that will ultimately cause her to endure ever more domestic abuse.  Her vote will be her vow, just like his vote will be his vow.

Like many turn and run at the altar, consider your decision each and every election day.  Does it feel right or are you voting as a matter of convenience?  For some, for many, the way they vote has already been decided for them:  family heritage, peer pressure.  Then, how can we justify our feelings that don’t quite mesh with our own friends and family?  Do we tell the truth or do we smile, pound our chest, and pray that we will not be thrown into the lake of fire?  But how many people will actually admit to and state why they voted for a candidate whose views and opinions and beliefs went against every thing they stood for?

What a wonderful slogan to be worn each and every election day to boldly state that they knew they made the right decision.  I plan to make hats and T-Shirts and buttons to be worn proudly.  “I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!” doesn’t overtly say who you voted for.  It just says that after fully weighing the pros and the cons, along with the candidate’s history or track record, you stand with conviction and you matter.

I Tried To Be Perfect

You put me here

 for a reason

though it may not have been

the right season

I had no fear


I listen to the sound

Of their voices

And what I found

Were many, different choices


Some found their own way

Others refused to say

Lives floated like a bay

Awakening to fears and pain every day


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

I tried to be perfect


Though it was my mind

That kept me kind

More indifference

Would I find


But I can’t blame them

For another sad church hymn

Souls don’t change with time

They’re just the blind leading the blind


If I ask for rest

After I confess

Will you shed your light

With all your might


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

Father, I tried to be perfect