Beautiful Friend

Let’s go back

to the beginning

Oh, when we both got caught

but it was me who was sinning

With us

it was never about winning

Like who was best

before our hair started thinning


Beautiful Friend

My true friend to the end


Making others believe

was better than any other

Carried me on your sleeve

when I hid from my own mother


Times sure were good

I won’t deny

Did what you could

to keep that fire in my eye


Beautiful Friend

Stay with me to the end

Beautiful Friend

For you I’d give again and again


It seems

now we live a separate life

In our wildest dreams

never thought about a husband or a wife


But it’s so good

being just a phone call away

Still doing what we should

Keeping those memories at bay


An airplane ride

can only spoil the sea’s tide

No river’s too wide

to keep my friend from my side


Beautiful Friend

Over and over again

You’ll always be my best of kin

Beautiful Friend


You helped me

through every storm

What I couldn’t then see

You made me warm without a scorn


Beautiful Friend

Beautiful Friend

I’ll always bend backwards

for my Beautiful Friend


I hope you know

I’m your friend too

Just in case it didn’t show

I hope it’s not too late to say, I Love You

Beautiful Friend

So, if I leave

If I leave

I need to know that you

will be cared for

That you’ll never forget

you were my reason for living

And when you take a look in

the mirror

you’ll see a little of me in you


Toss your hair back

Throw yourself a smile

Let the world see what you’re giving

You’re still my reason for living


If I leave

I need to see you being good

to you

That you know how to really smile

Feeling that it’s all worthwhile


And if I have to leave

I hope there’s enough time

for me to live

To introduce tomorrow to today

What a more perfect way

to be able to say

So, if I leave

Will you remember what I did

Though I wish more of the good

than the bad

But will you remember what I did


Make me more than just a name

that carries all the shame

Remember what I did


Don’t make me more than I was

Just remember me because

of love


So, if I leave

I hope you do believe

I gave it my all

When only seasons change

Feelings remain the same

And words sometime break the fall



Hello, History


Hello, History

I hope you remember my name

although some things may have been left out

the facts should remain the same


I guess there may have been a calling

to do just what I did

The further I delved, the more I felt like falling

and wondering if ever I was a kid


Things have been written

more has been said

At times the world was smitten

after hearing that I was dead


Many have done what I have done

some even considered better

I’d like to believe that I had nothing but fun

exuding my love without a fetter


I never sought fortune or fame

I never wanted to feel the lights

There was only something about my name

that helped me through the nights


To see a smile

or hear the joy

Made whatever I did worthwhile

for some little girl or little boy


There was never any claim to pain

although it was not all about glee

I am so grateful my living brought the rain

in a way that could only be done by me


So, dear History

I really hope that you remember my name

Whatever you choose to leave out

Please make sure the facts remain the same


© 2010 TTBoy