The President is Still a Slave

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With President of the United States of America Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He accepted the nomination and become the first African-American, not Black, President in history.  Many saw this as a giant step forward and a tremendous leap for minorities.  The 2008 President of the United States of America must have known the heartache, devastation, indignance, and shame he was about to inherit.  Still, he made promises because he believed not only the people who elected him supported him, but because he believed his own party would support him.  Sadly to say, one superseded the other; ultimately causing a riff in the scheme of things.  Many of the Presidents’ supporters were led to believe that they were disillusioned because he could not capitalize on his plans and proposed bills.  Never was there a rally to explain the reason for the lack luster performance in Congress.  It appears the real winner was the GOP with a lot of thanks being paid to the voters of November 2010.  Even after the Presidents accolades of seeing his Armed Forces nab and destroy Osama Bin Laden and establishing Universal Health Care, it is not enough for him to be deemed credible to run the country.  Yet, a vice presidential candidate (who was accidentally introduced to the public as the next President of the United States) can take the podium and deliver lie after lie to the American public before saying, “…We will not be dictated by Fact-Checkers…”  What’s worse, a man who tried or a man who lied? 


President Obama was elected because he wanted CHANGE for America and Americans.  The momentum was great but no one even anticipated what lied beneath his Presidency.  He was an inspiration then and he is still an inspiration today.  The American people were swindled once, and they’re about to be swindled again if they don’t stand up and take control of their vote.  Republicans are rubbing their wealth in the faces of the poor.  The poor believe they can become as prosperous as their Republican candidate if only they work really hard and keep reaching for the stars.  That truly is the ignorance of the minority that the RNC is playing to.  And, the minority who believes this is one who is seeking acceptance at the worst cost possible.  A slave can only do as much as his master or his authority figure will allow him to do.  Many want to believe that the President could have taken greater stands to get things done.  But no one knows just what impeachment entails.  Exerting your position, not authority, could have, in other words, been a lynching for the President had he overruled certain causes that speaker John Boehner opposed.  For example, when the GOP rubbed their rules in the Democrats face on the issue of unemployment benefits in 2010, the President was told he needed to “compromise” with the GOP.  This act, ultimately, showed the President extending the Bush tax cuts.  Had the President not done this, millions would have not received their benefits.  President Obama was caught between a rock and a hard place.  He didn’t want to do it, but because of the way the November 2010 vote gave control of the Senate to the Republicans, he looked defeated.  But, the President never blamed the voters.  He kept pressing on and told the public how much harder they had to work.  Again, like working as a slave but with slave wages, the President has taken less vacation time away from his duties than any other President in the nation’s history.  Demeaning as it is, many believe that because of the state of the economy, the President shouldn’t even consider time away with his family.  Bush, however, escaped the nation to avoid the pressures of the 9/11 aftermath.  But much of our nation’s population either don’t know this or won’t admit this.


To call a man articulate who is already in power or in-charge, only adds insult to injury.  With judges directly sending inflammatory racists emails to the President, displaying news articles proving the President being a direct descendant of slaves, and even Mrs. Obama being dressed as a slave in a portrait only proves the contempt and disrespect for the Man and his livelihood.  Then, there are those Black leaders and activists who have obviously read and memorized the Willie Lynch speech.  There is no doubt that the wealthy Blacks are against the poor Blacks, the light-skinned Blacks are against the darker-skinned Blacks, the old Blacks are against the young Blacks, and the educated Blacks are just a nuisance to anyone in real power.  No matter the personal opinion is in America, racism runs rampant even through the halls of congress.  We want to believe that that can’t be the case since Barack Obama was elected as President.  But that may have a lot to do with the fact that a record number of minorities got out and voted before the record number of Voter ID fraud claims took center stage.  It’s so mystifying that so many people still don’t have a valid picture ID after having been in this country for years.  There is no reason to use the excuse of lack of funds because just as the President had to make compromises, so can’t they.  Minorities and women are now on the front-line without a blindfold on looking directly at the ones who are about to execute them with a smile on their faces.  As Todd Akin may put it, they may just be the Strange Fruit the world could do without.  Marco Rubio doesn’t know his place…Sarah Palin knows hers…Condi has been lost in intellectual space…the gay Republicans better hope they never have a rainy day.  President Obama is trying to Pay-it-Forward.  But like John F. Kennedy, we don’t want him to leave us too soon.

When will the Black ancestors speak to their people about selecting their President?



Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Call them humble, gullible, nice, caring, non-threatening, well-educated, articulate, up-and-coming, upwardly mobile, God-fearing…they may still just be stupid or ignorant.




It should pain anyone when the likes of Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornell West and other so-called Black leaders discuss their disapproval for the only Black President the United States of America may ever have:  Barack Obama.  Surely, the President could speak directly to them when he utters the ‘taken-out-of-context’ phrase “You Didn’t Build That” because they truly didn’t build their empires on their own.  It seems that all the aforementioned used a little brainwashing of their own to attain the following they have achieved over the years.  The Bottom Line:  they needed faithful followers, People to carry out their restricted domination.  Let’s not forget the near-passing Corey Booker of New Jersey who also has denounced his sincerity for President Obama.  Why is this happening?  Have affluent Blacks suddenly seen a different side of themselves they want more accepted of mainstream America?  Would anyone disagree that the greatest payoff is money, not a hand-out, but mere compensation for switching common courtesy for humanity and confusing it with concern in the form of tyranny?  At a time when change has come, many naysayers refuse to let history repeat itself.  Then, in many ways, what is provoking Blacks to attack a leader of their own race is similar to “Black-on-Black” crime that was prevalent or tied to gang warfare.  Yet, instead of these leaders thumping their chest with a gang-sign, they just let the hate run off their tongues and onto the microphones that eagerly await them.




So many Black leaders say that they have marched with Dr. King and stood beside John F. Kennedy as they tried to make the world a better place by demanding equal rights for all men and women.  If this is true, why has the message gotten lost?  So much of the world is all about Big Business.  Breaking the Union, Big Business.  Education, Big Business.  Outsourcing Jobs, Big Business.  Liberal versus Conservative, Big Business.  Democrat versus Republican, Big Business.  Lies versus Little White Lies, Big Business.  Black Unemployment, Big Business.  Pretending to be color-blind, Bigger Business.  What are these Black leaders or pillars of the Black environment thinking?  Are we heading towards a two-year reassessment of the President?  We didn’t do it when Bush was in office.  But if it wasn’t enough that a Black Barack Obama, who stood for CHANGE and fairness, won the Presidency over a lesser qualified male and female, what is it?  Just two years after being elected, the President came under fire because Americans did not get jobs right away.  That seemed to be the main issue that threatened hard-working middle-class Americans who were on the verge of losing their homes and personal wealth really because of issues that preceded Barack Obama.  On that note, November 2010 had citizens of America who once were Democrat now voting Republican.  Basically, the public was tricked into believing they had made a mistake by voting for someone who was not even taken seriously by his own party.  To make matters worse, the President even saw Democratic leaders stepping down – removing themselves or dissociating themselves with him.  Yet, Black leaders still want their followers to believe, again, that the grass is greener on the other side of fantasy land.




Surely, there are many who remember the Flood of 1927 (The Great Mississippi Flood).  There may even be many who are still alive today.  Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce, was in charge of flood relief operations.  The promises Mr. Hoover made to the Blacks who occupied refugee camps helped set the stage for his election to the presidency.  However, as conditions worsened with Whites receiving better treatment with food and shelter, thousands of Blacks lost their lives.  This horrific and inhumane act caused the shift of Blacks from the Republican Party to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Democratic Party.  Promises were broken.  Unlike Hoover, President Obama faced much opposition within his own party.  Maybe had he said emphatically that change was not going to be immediate because of the severity of the conditions he had inherited, Americans would have been more willing and tolerant.  But, they were not.  They were eager, angry, tired, and felt misled.  Fast forward two years, and this time even wealthy Blacks are promoting Big Business, I mean, someone who knows what Big Business means for himself.  The problem many affluent Blacks face is that they are still Black – no matter the size of their wallets, purses, or bank accounts.  No one wants ‘freebies’ especially if there is going to be a limit to them.  To say that all Blacks want nothing but “Free Stuff” is quite derogatory.  What better stigma placed on a culture that has almost no chance of rising like the phoenix from the ashes?  The words in the phrase “Uppity Negro” still resonate with many poor, elderly southern Blacks (partly due to the Willie Lynch Speech) who believe that the Black man should always know his place in society.  But, if that is the case, does a Black man have a place in the Republican Party?  Chances are, many of those elderly types don’t believe their vote count…anyway.  Would their ancestors agree?


Truth and Fairness of The Huffington Post

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Some time ago, I post a blog entitled, “How does one get their own blog space on The Huffington Post.”  Apparently, it has hit a nerve with the staff at The Huffington Post because instead of reaching my inquiring mind, they have resorted to seek putting “average” people on a LIVE webcast.  “Average” people?  What is and who are average these days?  Are they the now lower-middle-class who once turned their nose up at people who played the lottery or chose to shop at the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army in an effort to save for a rainy day?  Or maybe The Huffington Post thinks that the “average” person is one who can’t write out his or her concerns in a decent enough fashion.  Shame on them!  Have you seen some of the celebrity posts housed by The Huffington Post?  Why some of those women offer other women makeup tips…I have no idea.


Then again, maybe The Huffington Post is displaying a creative talent.  Whoever came up with the thought is either going to fail miserably or rise solemnly.  To put a face on ignorance is probably what they’re going after.  I mean, if they attempted to question people on the mean streets of the World (not just America) could be harmful.  There would definitely have to be quite a bit of editing done because anything LIVE nowadays isn’t.  Just too much at stake…unless, of course, The HuffPost makes their issues one-sided and only lively question particular candidates.  Alas, the orchestrated, well-rehearsed, scripted LIVE guest who when asked a question answers it to perfection (knowing full well that their image doesn’t match their voice – it takes me back to at least one episode of “House Hunters).  But, The Huffington Post is part of that powers-that-be sector in America and the World-at-Large who determines who gets their 15 minutes of fame.  Just look at what they did for Brad Pitt’s mother for posting that anti-gay letter.  I guess I can say I sometimes like feeling wishy-washy by reading some of their editorials depicting their like or dislike for the Democrats and Republicans.  How many times are they going to give Paul Krugman space to teeter-totter on his feelings towards President Obama?  And, for goodness sake, to know that Tim Geithner was a part of the banking scandal in 2007, under President Bush’s reign of terror, just say so and be done with it. LIBOR has been going on for years and the American public should know it.  Take a stand, HuffPost, and stick to it!  I just had a silly thought.  What if it is AOL that is dictating what kind of posts are allowed on The Huffington Post?  Didn’t Arianna Huffington sell it to them?  Sorry, I may be wrong.  It sounds so similar to the situation with ex-BET owner, Bob Johnson.  He used to be a billionaire – but word has it he may be going broke.  That’ll never happen to Arianna.


I have always said that I like The Huffington Post.  Sometimes I think their content is quite laughable.  Many of the comments posted below featured stories serve as proof.  But The Huffington Post has garnered more attention than USA Today.  And even though USA Today is a hell of a lot more colorful than The Huffington Post, it is easier to read and navigate.  Navigate.  That seems exactly what The Huffington Post’s attempt is on the World.  By going LIVE, is just another attempt for control and brainwashing current and potential patrons to their site.  May wish for The Huffington Post is that they always have a copy editor on-hand/on-call.  We don’t want another CNN or FOX News catastrophe.  Another thing is to do away with the 3-second delay, if this is going to be a true LIVE segment.  They’ll just have to take the chance of something going wrong.  If they release the fear of something going wrong on air, it’ll only increase their credibility.  And, for goodness sake, if you’re going use only one commentator, make sure this person isn’t afraid to go into every area.  So often, reporters seem to gravitate to one particular area that they know a certain demographic can be found.  This becomes so boring, quickly.   


The Huffington Post says they “Need You” LIVE.  I just wonder to what extent of content.  Will they be filled with J-Los of the World who won’t do an interview unless its pre-scripted or will they allow the down-trodden ex-king and queen of the World to speak candidly?  If this is a ratings scheme, who are they competing with?  Why are they competing?  People are hurting…so must be The Huffington Post.  All this give-and-take.  They need YOU!   But do you need them?  Maybe they’ll make you famous, if it’s your turn, I mean.  It all depends on whether they want it kept real or Memorex. 

Repeal The Way You Feel

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Repeal The Way You Feel

A Poem by TTBoy

Come one, Come All

And welcome to Hell

Let’s have a ball

with the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Now there’s no reason, day after day

to keep it a secret that your partner is gay

You knew it from the start

so did many others

that deep in your heart

those soldiers were closer than brothers

What’s the big deal

it’s kill or be killed

A shot in the head is real

no matter if you’re skilled

Protection not neglection

a different set of eyes can act as deflection

When it’s time to relax

down they’ll go on their backs

And just like you

almost on que

But to wait

and be called an ingrate

out of fear and loathing to hate

Say, “Hello” at the golden gate

because you woke up too late

You took on a mission

inspite of your condition

remember that oath you took?

So when you’re down below

sheltered from the other side’s feelings you know

Who in their right mind would give you a second look?

© 2010 TTBoy28