The Decision

When I saw the tree
in the Robert Frost novel,
I knew i had crossed over
Glowing sun not damaging me
any further
No sounds that i
could not agree with
No being with demands
who hurled all that is unholy at me
My touch felt like a hug
No seat was necessary
for i knew i was just visiting
All was explained to me
And that was all
I needed to know
I didn’t belong there
Was my soul still not at rest?
I could not adjust to all that serenity
But i knew what was constant before
I knew my mission
Obtain Peace before i had Peace
It’s called the Tree of Life
It’s just not for me, yet


I wasn’t born by a river,
no crow could say he waited nearby
for me to lay down or stop,
no bird to not welcome me a good morning
with an annoying but sweet song,
no man to ever say he got the best of me without me demanding that I was king,
no pastor, or rabbi, or preacher to not see my light before speaking their sins to me.

I wasn’t born by a river,
but I could get to one
and bottle all my troubles and let them drift away and pick them up on the otherside.

My Derby Hat

See You turn Left
Knowing You would tell me
that You went right
How could You not see me
I was right behind You
I had the look
You know
The walk
The wave
The Yell
All that I wore
wasn’t even
It’s off to the races I go
I anticipate the winner
Without the hype
My brim is Best In Show
And still You would tell me
Show me
That I am not
It’s my horse that’s faltered
The pasture is calling
You jumped the gun
Glad I bet against you
I liked the odds
And I wear it so well

Farewell, my End

I see You there

All skin and bone

Blowing ash as You sit

on nothing

Your squealing makes me weak

for You

I wouldn’t trade places right now

You played

And I stayed so put

‘Til I got to know myself

If only You hadn’t strayed

I wouldn’t have a bony heart

My heart could not follow

You underground

Thick You then were

Cutting through like You were in Class

Lover Bully

Then, You grabbed something else

Or someone else found You

Was the good prize worth it?

But, I promised to see You through

And through you are

I see you there

Still, you are not alone

The memories take over me

Sad, because you have them

All skin and bone

The Sweetness of it All

As the storm set outside

the clouds did form

Darkness followed

And sugar was what she needed

Of all things at the store

She needed some sugar

Could a Hello come first

before kisses were blown

Facing the storm

aside from auto-drive

Milk, sugar, eggs

No abundance but begs

With mind set on another store

Supplies galore

Paying for sugar out of love

Home is where his heart was

until she said

“Happy Anniversary Dear”

And as the mirror cried with her

he opened the sugar

for his sugar

As it dripped down her neck

and settled like an icicle

He said

“Back at Cha, Dear”

Baking a cake without

preheating the oven

They Won’t Leave Her Alone

Alone she lies

Though he is there

She tosses and she turns

They won’t leave her alone


The nightly medicine

She never wants to leave

Straining to keep it in

They won’t leave her alone


Fooling everyone is her game

Her past is them

She is her own trouble

They won’t leave her alone


To disagree with her

Makes them stronger

She can’t help but roll her brown eyes

They won’t leave her alone


She needs to connect but disconnect

Anything but reflect

The medicine wants to reject

And find a more honest project


That’s why they won’t leave her alone