The President is Still a Slave

With President of the United States of America...
With President of the United States of America Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He accepted the nomination and become the first African-American, not Black, President in history.  Many saw this as a giant step forward and a tremendous leap for minorities.  The 2008 President of the United States of America must have known the heartache, devastation, indignance, and shame he was about to inherit.  Still, he made promises because he believed not only the people who elected him supported him, but because he believed his own party would support him.  Sadly to say, one superseded the other; ultimately causing a riff in the scheme of things.  Many of the Presidents’ supporters were led to believe that they were disillusioned because he could not capitalize on his plans and proposed bills.  Never was there a rally to explain the reason for the lack luster performance in Congress.  It appears the real winner was the GOP with a lot of thanks being paid to the voters of November 2010.  Even after the Presidents accolades of seeing his Armed Forces nab and destroy Osama Bin Laden and establishing Universal Health Care, it is not enough for him to be deemed credible to run the country.  Yet, a vice presidential candidate (who was accidentally introduced to the public as the next President of the United States) can take the podium and deliver lie after lie to the American public before saying, “…We will not be dictated by Fact-Checkers…”  What’s worse, a man who tried or a man who lied? 


President Obama was elected because he wanted CHANGE for America and Americans.  The momentum was great but no one even anticipated what lied beneath his Presidency.  He was an inspiration then and he is still an inspiration today.  The American people were swindled once, and they’re about to be swindled again if they don’t stand up and take control of their vote.  Republicans are rubbing their wealth in the faces of the poor.  The poor believe they can become as prosperous as their Republican candidate if only they work really hard and keep reaching for the stars.  That truly is the ignorance of the minority that the RNC is playing to.  And, the minority who believes this is one who is seeking acceptance at the worst cost possible.  A slave can only do as much as his master or his authority figure will allow him to do.  Many want to believe that the President could have taken greater stands to get things done.  But no one knows just what impeachment entails.  Exerting your position, not authority, could have, in other words, been a lynching for the President had he overruled certain causes that speaker John Boehner opposed.  For example, when the GOP rubbed their rules in the Democrats face on the issue of unemployment benefits in 2010, the President was told he needed to “compromise” with the GOP.  This act, ultimately, showed the President extending the Bush tax cuts.  Had the President not done this, millions would have not received their benefits.  President Obama was caught between a rock and a hard place.  He didn’t want to do it, but because of the way the November 2010 vote gave control of the Senate to the Republicans, he looked defeated.  But, the President never blamed the voters.  He kept pressing on and told the public how much harder they had to work.  Again, like working as a slave but with slave wages, the President has taken less vacation time away from his duties than any other President in the nation’s history.  Demeaning as it is, many believe that because of the state of the economy, the President shouldn’t even consider time away with his family.  Bush, however, escaped the nation to avoid the pressures of the 9/11 aftermath.  But much of our nation’s population either don’t know this or won’t admit this.


To call a man articulate who is already in power or in-charge, only adds insult to injury.  With judges directly sending inflammatory racists emails to the President, displaying news articles proving the President being a direct descendant of slaves, and even Mrs. Obama being dressed as a slave in a portrait only proves the contempt and disrespect for the Man and his livelihood.  Then, there are those Black leaders and activists who have obviously read and memorized the Willie Lynch speech.  There is no doubt that the wealthy Blacks are against the poor Blacks, the light-skinned Blacks are against the darker-skinned Blacks, the old Blacks are against the young Blacks, and the educated Blacks are just a nuisance to anyone in real power.  No matter the personal opinion is in America, racism runs rampant even through the halls of congress.  We want to believe that that can’t be the case since Barack Obama was elected as President.  But that may have a lot to do with the fact that a record number of minorities got out and voted before the record number of Voter ID fraud claims took center stage.  It’s so mystifying that so many people still don’t have a valid picture ID after having been in this country for years.  There is no reason to use the excuse of lack of funds because just as the President had to make compromises, so can’t they.  Minorities and women are now on the front-line without a blindfold on looking directly at the ones who are about to execute them with a smile on their faces.  As Todd Akin may put it, they may just be the Strange Fruit the world could do without.  Marco Rubio doesn’t know his place…Sarah Palin knows hers…Condi has been lost in intellectual space…the gay Republicans better hope they never have a rainy day.  President Obama is trying to Pay-it-Forward.  But like John F. Kennedy, we don’t want him to leave us too soon.

Paul Ryan uses his Mother for Face-Time and Favors



Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How convenient!  A wealthy congressman has chosen to use his wealthy 78-year old mother to promote a plan that she herself would never benefit from – nor would she ever need to.




“She planned her retirement around this promise,” Ryan said as Betty Ryan Douglas looked on. “That’s a promise we have to keep.”—at a campaign rally in The Villages, Florida on Saturday, August 18, 2012.




This really makes no sense.  Do people really plan their retirement around their Medicare eligibility?  Not really.  If anything, it’s social security that helps one continue after retirement.  However, if one is lucky enough, and that is a strong ‘if,’ to be at a job long enough to receive a pension from a job, medical benefits is the added perk.  Medicare has always been a given for anyone who has reached that specified age.  But for Paul Ryan to use his own mother to promote something that he hopes to fade out is almost blasphemous.  And what’s worse, she has no idea her son has plans to force seniors to eventually pay for their own healthcare once their Paul Ryan ‘voucher’ runs out.  This is so unlike the scene where Brad Pitt’s mother stole face-time by writing an anti-gay letter.  She went against everything Brad and his wife-to-be Angelina stands for.  Betty Ryan may just be ever-so-elated to have her son running for the Presidency, I mean, the vice-Presidency.  Perception may be everything.  So, if senior Floridians see that the mother of He-Who-Acts-As-His-Own-Public-Relations-Manager supports him, then a mother’s love can’t be wrong.  I know it snows in Pennsylvania in the Fall, but I didn’t know it trickled South in August.  What a snow-job that it, huh?




She’s 78-years old, wealthy, and really doesn’t need Medicare.  To have this body beside him up on that platform would be an obvious ploy for Ryan to avoid taking questions.  Again, perception means so much.  With the right makeup, clothing, the right-arm around the person as if she is on the left, is a picture-perfect moment that all is in working order.  Now, it has become a bit clearer as to why Marco Rubio wasn’t selected as Mitt Romney’s sidekick.  Hispanics, Latinos on Medicare?  Now, if only that tax return issue could resurface along with Ryan’s union intervention…life might really become a Shakespearean play for the Democrats.  It’s surprising that Sarah Palin hasn’t spoken out on Paul Ryan’s choice of advocacy for his plan.  Quickly ask a rich person what a coupon or voucher is and their immediate response would be, “What?”  But be sure to hurry up and walk away after they respond.  They might get confused and get a headache.  Somebody else knows what I mean.




What a “Political Animal” Paul Ryan is!  At what other lengths will he go to just to brainwash the elderly into adopting his plan of assisted suicide?  If the right senior were to appear on the scene, why not hammer home the Ryan-Kevorkian similarity?  Maybe no one’s gotten to that measure of true health just yet.  If you’re currently on Medicare, it seems you’re grandfathered for any changes.  But, those future Medicare recipients either need to adopt New York Lottery’s old motto of “A Dollar and A Dream” or stow away an adequate amount of true blood.  Life would have to imitate Art.


Again, Law Officials drop the ball. This time in Arizona!

This is something we’re hearing a lot of.  The suspect being stopped or pulled over by law officials prior to a fatal accident.  Remember the Tiffany Hartley case…the woman we haven’t heard very much from since she went on a crusade for better border patrol in Mexico?  Prior to David Hartley going missing, after Tiffany Hartley claimed that he was shot in the head by Mexican pirates, the Hartley’s vehicle was pulled over by Mexican police.  What was so disturbing about the Hartley case was the fact that they had expired tags in a place that was not their native land.  For people to not be able to see a problem with this, why not?  Was this not a red flag to the police officer who pulled them over?  To prevent Tiffany Hartley’s claim, the couple should have been forced to return to the US and not allowed to proceed to Falcon Lake where Tiffany Hartley claimed her husband was shot in the head as they tried to flee supposed apprehension by the Mexican pirates.  A body has yet to be found.  Tiffany Hartley has since left Mexico after being questioned by Mexican officials.

Then we have Jared Loughner, the young man who shot, at point-blank range, Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head – as well as killing others in the middle of all the mayhem.  How is it that this young man, who was stopped for running a stop sign, was not recognized as being agitated and possibly “disturbed” at that time?  According to ABC and an Arizona Game and Fish Department officer:  “The do not routinely make traffic stops, except when public safety is at risk, such as running a red light.  The officer took Mr. Loughner’s driver’s license and vehicle registration information and ran it through dispatch.  The check came back with no wants nor any outstanding warrants on either the subject or his vehicle.”  Question:  Was the individual allowed to proceed because of his race?  It’s pretty obvious to me that had this person been detained – even forced to submit to a coherency test, that this catastrophe would have been prevented.  In fact, this situation may have just ended with the police who pulled him over.

I think it is part of the decree as a best friend to defend one’s honor in a time of being blasted by others.  The best friend of Jared Loughner states very calmly that the picture the media shows of a sinister looking Jared Loughner is not the Jared Loughner he knows.  This is very hard to believe.  We hear this time and time again how in a time when a friend commits a heinous crime (such as, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei of Rutgers University – in the suicide of Tyler Clementi), they are the epitome of grace and all that is pure.  But someone knows something about what these people were doing or about to do.  They told someone.  Not only did the students at Pima Community College warn of Jared Loughner’s behavior, school officials knew of his suspicious nature.  And they did nothing.  Again, the signs were there loud and clear.  What was it that stopped them from reporting the explosive student?  Clearly, it has been said that Jared Loughner was very disruptive in class.  Could he have been forced to visit the school psychiatrist, if there was in fact one on the campus?  Why not?  Isn’t it the school’s responsibility to govern the welfare of each of its students?  As in the case of Tyler Clementi, the school has a responsibility to protect each student not only from the harm of others but from hurting themselves.

There appears to be one person at the center of all the attention that should be strictly focused on the shooting in Arizona, Sarah Palin.  It seems that each time she opens her mouth to speak, she becomes more and more an enabler and igniter of fury.  Though visible with the premise that she is present to set the record straight, she still has the ability to twist words better than T-Pain and Eminem.  For those who believe La Palin to be of the ill-equipped nature to govern any domain, think again.  There are still those out there who are waiting to hear just the right words, phrases that will catapult them into greatness.  When you look at the rise of Sarah Palin, you remember a person who rose from total criticism, and mockery to a now formidable force in politics.  And it’s all about politics and being heard.  Now that she has the floor, she has the podium that controls television stations along with radio and print ads.  But if there is a force that can stop her, why won’t they?  What else is needed to happen to see just where the problem lies?  Is Arizona not even the tip of the iceberg?  There are many out there who are on medication – and even more who can’t afford it.  I guess what can’t be swallowed orally can be ingested audibly.

As the ball continues to be passed around, how much weight does it take for it to be dropped?