It’s too late for Love, (When You never even told me You Love me)

It’s too late for Love, (when You never even told me You Love me)


Sitting there

And everywhere

I look for You

But you won’t care


When I want You


I walk alone

On the streets

After leaving home

It just repeats


When I need You


But it’s hard

To put all this

Down like playing cards

I always miss


A better number


Where do I fall

In line of the others

When I risk it all

Under the covers


Selfish Lovers


You should have opened up

And just said, “Ah”

Your love I held in my cup

Like you were on vacation in a spa


It’s about time


From what I see

You’re not ready, Love

‘Cause I know that it’s too late for love

When you never even told me you Love Me


And what I feel

Listen carefully

I wish this thing of ours was real

And you cared for me

But now it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, You love me


I could spend my time

Making dinner

Try to pour the wine

But you look thinner


My, You’re changing


When You go out

I’m never knowing

What that’s all about

You watching me glowing


Now, it’s my turn


So, I clean up nice

I have to say

Loosen that vice

You held at bay


I’m somebody too

Somebody new


Why stop me now

When you always ran

  1. Somehow

I’m using your words, “Yes, I can!”


You Did This



I wish you had rose above

But it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, you Love me

Good Night Glory





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Let me tell you a story

About a young buck South

In his nighttime glory

Getting high off his tunes

To later use one or two spoons

Minding his own business

Short of a neighborhood

Where his own kin lived

But that wasn’t enough

Came a lone-star stranger

Hoping to strut his stuff

Alerting the Po-Po

About his urge to blow

One whose smile was hard to glow

Stay back, they said don’t go

Like jumping from a rooftop

He made the kid stop

The pistol told a different story

For the cop and

Lone-Ranger gunning down

The nighttime glory


Stand Your Ground

Was the law they found

To cover up gagged and bound

And rid themselves of a Bassett Hound

Happens almost everyday

When night takes a walk in the day

The wrong way

Nighttime brings about fear

When things become missing it’s all too clear

That it must have been them

The ones who used to swing from a limb

But what’s past is past

Not in the midst of a law built to last

Maybe it’s just a slap in the face

Getting back at the darkness who won the race

Shame on America

When an unjustified death won’t disparage ya

A stalker is the aggressor

It’s doesn’t take a rock scientist or professor

To see that

It’s still about dollar signs

When a repressed Black man is bombarded with wines

And spirits

Damn near Whip-Its

Keeping his head underwater

He barely feeds his daughter

Let alone his son

Who’ll always be on the run

Because the Judge became executioner

Placing the blame on a juror

Who arrived with furor

After a brief tour of

The decision she would rise above

Six out of twelve

That was all was needed to send the dead to Hell

The Defense made a rinse

Out of the Prosecution probably made to straddle the fence

Jesus died for the Jews

Saved a man with a name who helped hide all the clues

With Justice

Because it just is

Now they all can take a pill

Shoot at will

Aim to kill

Yet and still


A lighter shrill

Gets a fine thrill

From Tonto at the mill

Then nighttime glory

Gets paid for his fatal story

Stand Your Ground Law

Shole does have a fatal flaw

Those who lied

About what they saw

Need only be despised

By their mental claw

We know they saw much more

Women telling untruths so their butts won’t sore


Men of his peers

Who supported a cause like one against steers and queers

Is it still envy toward the young buck

Who has all that hangin’ and still down on his luck

Whoever wrote “The Message”

Needs to come out of hiding and re-write the passage

Of the Black man

Who can’t even stand

When there’s a rule

That calls him a fool

For being a tool

In a tar pool

Even if he has gone to school

Where is Glory?


Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Know

Holding hands

And walking through the park

Each other’s greatest fan

See the back door after dark


A careful ring

With a special tone

Oh, how you make my heart sing

Why must either one of us be alone


I know he got you

But he doesn’t make your love flow

Believe me when I say this much is true

Your husband doesn’t have to know


The way you slip in and out

Of the things you bought with his card

Make me love what this is all about

Can it get any more hard


Break my back

Make me lose my mind

Never treat you like some halftime snack

The deeper I go, I never know what I’ll find


Keep it tight, and keep it right

I can taste the flavor in the air

Don’t let your head put up a fight

I’ll cherish our time with tender loving care


I love to love you, baby

How else can I let my feelings show

I’ll keep it on the sneak tip, if you want me to

And darling, your husband doesn’t have to know


And if you have any doubt

Go ahead and tell him I’m just a friend

He’s the one with all the clout

But we know how this tale will end

They only re-do things

Thief of the day

Takes and changes a life

They wish they had

Talent lost in the tones

Tones lost in the talent


Tell the thief of the day

That life will catch

Takers of true makers

Though time has a way of

Transferring blame


Thankfully talent has a name


Transparently, they only re-do things

Tragically, they do know

Teasingly, they forget

Thinking they are the truth

Thumping their skulls in the meantime


Thankfully talent has a name


Translucent are the minds of followers

Tempted into oblivion

Tricked into failed stupidity

Thereby the foolish loves misery too

That’s just too bad


Too sad

Thankfully talent has a name


Syracuse is

like the life of Riley

There’s no place like show biz

But stay away if you’re smiley


To love one another

Unlike someone’s brother

Is far from a means to an end

If you plan on seeking a friend


What happened to the past

Left so quickly and could not last

The history of a Mayor

Could not save this place with prayer


Scandal and high deceit

Fast forward on repeat

Status quo falls in its rankings

Joyous blacks and whites now tankings


Even the news give clues

Lack of diversity sings blues

The right questions meet denial

Not even a Bobcat can shine the vile


A job if you hobnob

Without a suit as good as slob

So much for the powers-that-be

They weren’t around to make the history


You may as well be thug

So don’t expect a hug

Even keep cash under a rug

But the heart of the matter stays

Dead as off-Broadway plays

Even Jimi would forget Purple Haze


Syracuse is

like the life of Riley

There’s no place like show biz

But stay away from here

 if you’re smiley


Mommy is the Bitch (that killed Gossip Girl)

Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

Nobody wants to watch her switch

They’d just rather make her head twirl


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Mommy killed Gossip Girl

And that’s no lie

Now her neck is one big old pearl

At night, she goes up to the sky


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Daddy found out

What Mommy did

I don’t think she wanted a kid

He gave her another one anyway

Now she has no choice but to play


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

She can’t do it again

‘Cause that would be a sin

She’s buying so many new clothes

Instead of stuff for her big nose


Mommy was the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

You better watch your back

Or else she’ll get you in the sack

What if Tom Cruise came OUT?

English: Tom Cruise at the 61st Academy Awards...
English: Tom Cruise at the 61st Academy Awards 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 So, what if Tom Cruise did come out?  Would it really be so bad?  I mean, from what I hear women say Tom really isn’t considered a heart-throb, though he is a mystery.  Maybe he is a mystery that Hollywood has chosen to protect because of his box office draw.  Unlike the late Rock Hudson, Tom Cruise has led Hollywood into more glory days than even Bruce Willis with his “Die Hard” series.  Even the great Will Smith may hold a record for the most consecutive $100 million films to his credit, but overall cash flow is commanded by Tom.  Now that’s Cruise Control!


Now this isn’t going to be a commentary with any specific timeline of events for Tom Cruise.  I will just state what I know and what I remember about Mr. Cruise’s Hollywood journey.  It was director Harold Becker that first saw the potential in Tom Cruise.  After having his role in his first Boy movie, Taps, upgraded, Tom received a role in “The Outsiders” with Emilio Estevez and Matt Dillon.  Although that film was not well received, somebody saw something in Tom to give him his own feature.  And that feature was “Risky Business.”  Whoever thought to have Mr. Cruise dance around in his underwear to get attention was genius.  It worked.  Soon, Tom Cruise would be a household name.


In comes Mimi Rogers, in 1987, to introduce Tom to Scientology (the religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard).  Though the Church of Scientology was said to have cured his childhood dysfunction of dyslexia, Mimi saw her marriage to Tom dissolving.  Sometime later, Mimi had told an on-air radio host that Tom was “impotent.”  Then, after that fiasco, Mimi seemed to had vanished from Hollywood.  It was never explained why Miss Rogers was so blatantly callous in her treatment of Tom after their divorce.  However, there were the powers that be that stood by their moneymaker.  Afterwards, followed an on-screen link to Australian actress Nicole Kidman.  After roughly eleven years of marriage and no blood children, the two filed for divorce.  For Nicole, after marrying country singer, Keith Urban, she did have a baby through natural childbirth.


Tom’s career in Hollywood continued to flourish.  With a few not-so-well-received films, yet themes that would stay on the brain and tips of everyone’s tongues, Tom would win almost every award except for an Academy Award for his efforts.  Between 2001 and 2005, there was somewhat of a messy situation brewing in regards to Tom’s sexuality.  “Vanilla Sky” reported Tom dating actress Penelope Cruz.  No one truly believed this relationship would go anywhere.  In June 2005, after settling a case of a gay porn actor who claimed to have a romantic relationship with Tom Cruise, Tom found himself overdoing it, a lot, by jumping ridiculously on Oprah’s couch expressing his love for Katie Holmes – a woman he had only dated about two months.  Not only did Oprah think Mr. Cruise had lost it, perhaps his fans thought the same as well.  It seems the porn actor had vaporized into thin air.  Was there someone in Hollywood still fixing relationships for their prize cattle?  Where did Katie Holmes come from?  Maybe someone saw the interview she gave where she was seen and heard on-screen saying how she wanted so much to be married and “…have lots of babies.”  How perfect!  Here was a young woman who could be primed to go along with a fallacy.  She would have everything at her disposal – as long as she didn’t deviate from the plan.  Protect Tom Cruise at all costs!  Was there a sexual relationship between Tom and Katie?  To look at their child, Suri, one could argue that there is a resemblance.  Then again, initially it was said that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were romantically inclined.  Paris, Prince, and Blanket all have their own look.  Wasn’t Katie dating Chris Klein right before she married Tom?  For all we know, Chris could be “Suri’s Father.”  Unless…


With Tom Cruise’s history with women, rumors, and brief scandal, and the fact that he wouldn’t have to work another day in his life, how would coming out of the closet hurt him at this point?  It seems the only difficult part of this kind of exposure for Tom would be the type of partner for him.  Would it be an older gentleman, a younger gentleman, an emotionally unattached gentleman, or the stereotypical Latino flame that has vowed to remain faithful to him forever?  No disrespect to Latin gay men.  No Mission is Impossible for Tom Cruise.  With a great Agent, PR, and skill set that can rival Kenneth Branagh, the World is still Tom’s oyster.  If only he would pry it open, take its pearl, or add his own to its soft shell.

The Public



for pleasure

Like an aromatic blend

of beans


jumps to its


Slinging dung

Flung like mud

Deliciously delightful to some

Mainstream fodder to foes

Who knows

from where the cash flow flows

Sometimes delivered in prose

Watch as the Speaker’s nose grows

Longer sentences should warrant

callous Search and Seizure

To know is to boast

Later toast

Whereas to stutter means clutter

More fitfully suitable for the gutter


for pleasure

One Man’s junk

becomes a group’s treasure

Tidy Whities

pressure the All-Mighties

Give or don’t receive

Relieve or be bereaved

Deceive and they believe

Pretty as a picture

The epitome of being the richer

One left standing tall

Though the spook or the kook in

 the corner waits for your fall

Shout out to All

On the screen rhetoric has a ball

Stay in perfect pitch

away from Papa Razzi

 That Bitch

Know everything you should

even if your child visited the Hood

Mask it with a service for the Good

Making the best of the shadiest

seed you ever could

But if ever you do get snapped

reiterate how you got slapped

Should they try and televised it for


May what’s below your belt be what

they want

 to measure

Walk wide and hard

Stay on your guard

Let Your pleasure

be televised

Alas Your aura

 be despised