Like No one Knows

You can hide yourself in a sweater

If it makes you feel better

You can even change

your voice on the phone

not the usual choice

when you’re all alone


Watch the box

 with a spliff

forget about the hard knocks

spacefully, give yourself a lift

best to do nothing

than an aggrevated something


And you can do all this

And hope it never shows, like no one knows


You can say, “I Love You”

But who would ever say it’s true

Sign your name

For wealth and fame

Think it’s all so lame

You see


Drive around in the car

That you need to take you very far

The things you do

Just to stay in touch

If only they really knew

Even saying hello is a bit too much


And you can do all this

In the midst of all their bliss

And hope they never show

 like no one will ever know

Sweet Pain

Cover me up

After you caress me

Nice and slowly

Don’t wake me up

Don’t know if I can be


Right now

though you’re not here

It feels so good

How ‘bout a cheer

And I miss you

Just like I should

I feel the rain

through my sweet pain

Uncover me

after you’re done

Was I much fun

Am I the one?

I don’t think it matters

Gone are the mad hatters

and their ladders

Their faces hang like rain

I smile with my sweet pain

I got so much to gain

with my sweet pain

Let me undress

the only you

Out of that best

true blue

war chest

I do confess

I made a mess

of you

Without a clue

You fell like rain

Because of my sweet pain

Oh, Church is just a Fashion Show

Grand words

Statements are made

As they enter the doors

To hear the Gospel spread

A nod

A glimpse

Even from the preacher

while his wife sits close by

Gawking with jealousy

Orchestrated Amens

Applaud the podium

For attention

He knows

 who he wants next

White bears no sign of purity

just eagerness

to be eager

The sermon is so clear

as to who is to fear

Prepped to lay low

Oh, the Church is just a fashion show

A dress rehearsal for

the horn to blow

So the designer will

have his due fill

for the ears hear his skill

and tilt the till

Come see the Garden of Eden

bend Saville Rowe

while his wife sits by

and dare to show

just how often the blood does flow

It compels them all

To take the fall

Next Sunday is


And boys

rest high in banana hammocks

 and toys

and pretty things like socks

Mommy is the Bitch (that killed Gossip Girl)

Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

Nobody wants to watch her switch

They’d just rather make her head twirl


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Mommy killed Gossip Girl

And that’s no lie

Now her neck is one big old pearl

At night, she goes up to the sky


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl


Daddy found out

What Mommy did

I don’t think she wanted a kid

He gave her another one anyway

Now she has no choice but to play


Mommy is the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

She can’t do it again

‘Cause that would be a sin

She’s buying so many new clothes

Instead of stuff for her big nose


Mommy was the Bitch

That killed Gossip Girl

You better watch your back

Or else she’ll get you in the sack

Fool, Stupid Fool

Fool, Stupid Fool

Where did you go?

Did your mama tell you

Which way to go?


Why didn’t you just do

It all without a clue

They didn’t want

 a smarty pants

or somebody

 to put them

in a trance


Fool, Stupid Fool

Foo Foo, Stupid

Fool, Fool


Why can’t you bite your tongue

before the fat lady has sung

Must you be right

Right before a big fight


Give in sometime

Let the blind lead the blind

Fool, Stupid Fool

Play by the rule

Take them to school


Take a moment

Play with your hair

Fine time for atonement

Give a blank stare


Get what you need

Hold the ace card

New way for greed

Leave ‘em nice Leave ‘em hard


Don’t let ‘em call you a

Fool, Stupid Fool