The Beauty of it All

Time means nothing
  when You have no watch
Sight means nothing
  when You fail to see
Power means nothing
  when You have no support
Love means nothing
  when You don’t have a heart
Desire means nothing
  when passion alludes
Dates mean nothing
  when You live care-free
A name means nothing
  if it is not used
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
  when the soul is being abused
A mirror can mean everything
  If You like what You see
It’ll let You know something is off
  If You don’t let it be


Cry yourself to sleep

Little girl

Love can’t find you

Hidden in so much unfurled

you want to keep

What could you benefit this world?


You are not your past

though you make it last

Trouble seems to awaken you

from the misery that keeps you blue

Where is the love

when your head can’t rise above


Go ahead

and cry it out

Why just pout it out

when you don’t know what love’s about?


Can you find your chin

when the winds of change begin?

Are you a chip off the old block

sitting, hearing, and watching the clock?

What’s it gonna take

to stop the heartbreak and tearful lake?


Have faith in yourself

before you put another on your shelf

Say what you need

and stop the reed-bleed

Are you staying in detention

of a rule of you who can’t even mention

your name at attention?


The Girl


Not just a sexiness

But a way that separates those

who try to imitate

No belt necessary

For her waist is commandingly

proportioned to her mind

Watch her as she speaks

Lips curved to deliver

a teleprompter’s speech

Hands that do accentuate life

She wears her garb

as garbage falls to the wayside

Flawless in every way

She is her own jewel

while they all would love to

rest on her skin

Flowing winds cannot contain her

Mountains and all molehills

 crumble to make a way

Rivers plead for birds to

take a cool but passionate dip

to capture their lovely song

Though not a fallen star

the Heavens follow her

With a strategy that

matches her depth

All Hail when she


Even when not alone

Fallen Star From The Sky

Don’t need to cover

All the beauty that’s there

Wanna feel my own smile



What’s the use in being

Someone’s I’m not

I know I’m worth seeing

With everything I got


But if you ask me

I’ll tell you no lie

I’d rather be me

Than any fallen star from the sky


Some stars shine bright

Some lose their shine

Anytime day or night

Some are more just fine

But if you see one

In the corner of your eye

 It’s just no fun, in the long run

with a fallen star from the sky


So, when I step out

I know who I am

Don’t need to beg for a shout out

When I’m my number one fan


And when my time has past

I won’t need to ask why

Cause I’ve got more love to give

And more memories to last

Than any fallen star from the sky


He’s Got The Case Of The Itch

Oh so sexual

But metro-sexual

He can leap big bounds

Even on hallowed grounds


Change it

Then drop a dime

Haters think

It’s all sublime



He’s got the case of the itch

Looking finer than a bitch



Watch him flip the switch


In case you didn’t hear

He’s not like King Lear

He won’t give it all away

He needs something to sway


If there’s a daughter

In the water

He could have taken a drink

With so much ass

In his class

It’s got to make one think


Cause he can drop it

And pop it

And nobody can stop it

He can keep his hand in his hair

While his feet are in the air



But who can blame him

When they all want to shame him

As pretty as a photo

Don’t see him just as some-hoe



…Turn at Bat



At bat

I am

As my eyes close

I feel where I am

Why I am there

What I need to do

And where I want to send


And I will send myself far

 Further outside the stands

Than those standing

      to catch me

   hoping to be the lucky one

    The Lucky one


And I feel where I am

And I grip myself well enough


 When opposition hurls itself at me

I greet it

I meet it

And send it on its way

And as I soar

And as high as I soar

 It is forgotten

Whether how foul

 Or caught down below


At bat

I close my eyes

And I am a hit

Because I am at bat

 And the stands are reaching

For me