Out on a limb…because of “The Solid Rock!”

I am so distressed, right now.

My Jimi Claybrooks piece, “The Solid Rock,” was damaged.  Not only have I tried finding a replacement, I have no been able to connect with the artist.

The framed print is so inspirational and sentimental to me.  In it’s pristine state, I was the envy of all my friends in Atlanta, Georgia.  I purchased #1052 of the limited edition 1800.  It would be okay to have anybody want to ask, “If it was so important to you, why didn’t you protect it better?” I deserve that!  Just like one’s own spirituality, it should be protected…well-grounded.

Things happen.

I am in great hope that I can capture the attention of either the artist, Jimi Claybrooks, or someone who can point me in the direction of a newer print nowhere near the $850 asking price. 

Sometimes, I guess you can put a price on sentimentality.



For Sentimental Reasons

Standing in line

For you to look at me

Nothing could ever be so fine

You are what love was mean to be


For you I would give my all

Every day and precious seasons

You make Summer out of Fall

With love for sentimental reasons


When people do pass me by

With a smile on their face

A simple Hello and gleam in their eye

Let’s me know I’m in the right place


Oh, you make my tunnel vision

While you keep me on the right track

Darling, you bankroll my mission

 And all this is true, that’s a fact


To me you always beautifully sing

Even when you’re just talking

You are that wonderful marvelous thing

That makes me proud to be an able man walking


If I should falter in any way

Forgive me for any treasons

Let me have the courage to say

I love you, for sentimental reasons