Lately, I Care

Lately, I care
You only frequent a place
When only a certain 
Someone is there
Lately, I care
That that blessed friend
Doesn’t make an appearance
Like he used to
Lately, I care
That your lingerie arouses you
As much as it does me
Lately, I care
That you can make your hands
And lips
Feel the way mine does to you
Lately, I care
That I cared to notice
That I have been living all along
Lately, I care
That I wasn’t the one 
To teach you how to love me
Lately, I care
That it took an outlet
For me 
Lately, I care
About our adventures
Lately, I care
About when it’ll all end

I want to know why You wanted to go


Beside my bed

Is a brown-eyed dresser

These voices in my head

Should make me the Professor


It would take so much more

Just to find the right door

I guess I’m going through a phase

Of Jungle Boogie or School Days


Did I read the wrong signs?

Are there thorns in my eyes?

I’m just a lover of all kinds

Helping others see different skies


I need to know

Why you wanted to go

Tell Me

Don’t show me

I may not want to join the cast of your show

I need to know

Why you wanted to go



There were times I felt like slippin’


There were times I couldn’t stop drippin’


Only you can stop me from trippin’, slippin’, dippin’,


Almost got me crippin’ and hippin’


So, I need to know

Did you find a brighter light

That makes you want to go

In a new direction of right?


I need to know


Strawberries and cream

Passion fruit made of tears at your seam

If you couldn’t shame hang

Why come in for the bang?


I need to know

Why you wanted to go

‘Cause if you need to leave

Give me time to grieve



It’s so damn sad
when You’re in the middle
Seems everybody’s got their motives
Walking poker faces of votives
Dare You continue to play
The nerve of You walking away
It’s so damn sad
when it’s all about a look
Impassioned still gawkers
seem hooked
as to why their
interview wasn’t booked
Those concoctions
they set to keep You just
where You nailed their perception
of reception
And they thought You
were making the first impression
Bid them adieu
before making a confession

The Meaning of the Wedding Ring

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...
English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Though intended to profit two


only one is the truest Victor,


guess who


Should it be decided that


muscles reign


then the other knows their plain


Rose-colored lenses


bear the bulk of offenses


Always in defense


giving more than six pence


untll every egg is cracked


and stacked against loneliness


Allowing this charade


any good times begin to fade


The ire stands behind the fire


of a proposed Empire meant for fidelity


What a pity


The picture is clear


while as there is fear


The voice of cheer applauds


and lauds


slaying the pretty


Itty-bitty kitty


Only one pole


has stolen the hole


of the forlorned soul


away from


the next thumb


that comes along


and delivers a wind-song


But, the prettier the ring


one is bound to accept anything


Expect to be a reject


with a defect


Unless a thick skull


finds you in a lull


Placing all of one’s heart


in a revolving glass mart


sets for destruction


minus the input of the other’s construction