The Decision

When I saw the tree
in the Robert Frost novel,
I knew i had crossed over
Glowing sun not damaging me
any further
No sounds that i
could not agree with
No being with demands
who hurled all that is unholy at me
My touch felt like a hug
No seat was necessary
for i knew i was just visiting
All was explained to me
And that was all
I needed to know
I didn’t belong there
Was my soul still not at rest?
I could not adjust to all that serenity
But i knew what was constant before
I knew my mission
Obtain Peace before i had Peace
It’s called the Tree of Life
It’s just not for me, yet

She’s Not Going Away

I’ve got Ms. in my corner
And she’s not going away
The more I do for her
the more she makes me want to separate
The sight of her is foggy
The only way to feel her
is to medicate myself beyond myself
And she’s not going away
My Moses staff precedes me
everywhere I go
as I feel as if I am tipping in high-heeled sandals
When I finally touch the sky,
she comes along like an apocalyptic hurricane
Destroying all that is in her path
She does have a sister
who is more than just a pain in the neck
I am coward by her persistence
as like losing my best-friend all over again
And she’s not going away
Have I rented space to a cause
for a lifetime?
It would take my soul to revoke her lease
though the Judge would have the final say
in my case of free will
Her laughter roars with hands behind her back
She makes me want to love her
To accept her as she is
Yet, her volatility renders me powerless
except to keep reaching
to cease with the standardized tests
and the grade school counseling sessions
The pen often runs from my hand
to acknowledge my future
She’s not going away
No energy left to act on my mood
So, tuck my tail I do
until I hear what I want to hear
And all is well again

The Man who Grins

Pitted against each other

Sister and a Brother

By a man you took in

Who only sat back and grinned


Said you didn’t know

How my mind it would go

In and out of love

Still, looking up above


Things looked pretty and nice

Though, they came with a price

What made him so mad

When we all should have been glad


Time hasn’t changed a thing

With that voice, you could sing

It hurt me that you kept it in

Because of a man who sat back and grinned


We were supposed to be close

Who took the overdose?

No one did care

Just headed on to the State Fair


Remembering the beatings

You were absent for the greetings

Could a child fight the sins

From your man who sits back and grins?




at succeeding
Wondering why
and looking at the sky
You hear voices
because of your choices
telling you things
as if an angel sings
But do they stop
when you’re happy
Or do they wait
’til you’re crappy?
Once they find you
you’re never through
is their dedication
Keep company
with frustration
A life long friend
true to the end
who’s begging to stay in
as you look to the ground again

The Coming Out Party

It’s time

Let the lights shine

Break out the Bacardi

All Hail the coming out party


Might not be a big thing

Why don’t you see what’s underneath

Jump up and down and sing

Why did Eve have to wear a leaf?


Times are changing

Not so much for the world

So the closets are flaming

Even children want to unfurl


Why hide so much

When all love is hearty

So much Sweetness to the touch

Time for a coming out party


Break the taboo

Was it really written in stone?

Powers that be don’t have a clue

They tap more than a telephone


Raise your voices

And take a stand

You have choices

Hold the same hand


What a treasure

Make their hearts see

Pleasure is the measure

Just join the coming out party




The Quiet Neighbor

Smile...Smile...Smile ;-)!


They go back and then forth


Not that they come and go


Statement of some status


What do they know


that others don’t


No slamming doors


They do their chores


And they are one the same


Smile when you speak


Gentle wave flies


Their car wreaks of silence


What do they know


that others don’t


A reality show for Freud


If only that man knew
Einstein did know


Theory of relativity they gel


They mesh


Following their own lead


Marching to their own beat


Round and round back and forth


They make you see


What you want to


Yet they don’t change


When you see one


they are still one


More meek than mice


Ah, that’s so nice


What do they know


that they won’t show


Is there an afterglow


in their money honey?


If they ever need a favor


How can you judge


their peace


their love


their devotion


their emotion?


Them two


As one






Longer are becoming

my days without hearing

your voice

Even longer does the

moon shine

Though seeing you

would mean the end is near

Your image entices my soul

within belief

I pray to you

as if…

Dare I wonder

if you make me better

Only my mind can answer that


As the wind blows

and the leaves move

it’s there you are

If you are change

may the spectrum turn

Saved are the little ones

I am supposed to reign over

Dare I wonder

if you make me better

when better serves

as a verb and not an adjective

Then comes the rain

to its anew

But I take some shelter

because I should

as if beckoning me

to then bow down

Dare I wonder

to find your face

to wash me clean

and make me whole

Beautiful Friend

Let’s go back

to the beginning

Oh, when we both got caught

but it was me who was sinning

With us

it was never about winning

Like who was best

before our hair started thinning


Beautiful Friend

My true friend to the end


Making others believe

was better than any other

Carried me on your sleeve

when I hid from my own mother


Times sure were good

I won’t deny

Did what you could

to keep that fire in my eye


Beautiful Friend

Stay with me to the end

Beautiful Friend

For you I’d give again and again


It seems

now we live a separate life

In our wildest dreams

never thought about a husband or a wife


But it’s so good

being just a phone call away

Still doing what we should

Keeping those memories at bay


An airplane ride

can only spoil the sea’s tide

No river’s too wide

to keep my friend from my side


Beautiful Friend

Over and over again

You’ll always be my best of kin

Beautiful Friend


You helped me

through every storm

What I couldn’t then see

You made me warm without a scorn


Beautiful Friend

Beautiful Friend

I’ll always bend backwards

for my Beautiful Friend


I hope you know

I’m your friend too

Just in case it didn’t show

I hope it’s not too late to say, I Love You

Beautiful Friend

Does Tyler Perry’s cross-dressing as “Madea” affect young Black males?


Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the ...
Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the red carpet at the 82nd Academy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






As far back as slavery, the Black male has been warned to keep his masculinity.  Any type of behavior resembling femininity was deemed an abomination or a curse and even shunned by his family.  If there was a feeling of not being able to live up to the strong Black family value, the Black man displayed his clandestine feelings of sexuality across town.  By using the term, “across town,” it is to mean that the Black male had to be himself somewhere else – not at home.  Fear of being chastised and physically abused in his own environment, the Black male found himself having to live on the “Down Low.”  Creeping, sleeping around, staying in the closet are just a few of the terms placed on men who can’t admit to a sexual pattern or behavior that is deemed abhorrent by many who call themselves Christians.  There is no question, as reports have shown, that switch-hitting or pitching puts the female at risk for testing positive for HIV which could result in AIDS.  And there has been a drastic increase in infection cases of Black women becoming infected with the virus.  Why does this happen?  For the Black male, it’s all about image.




On the outside, the Black male exudes strength and virility.  While the physique could give the impression of complete masculinity, the male’s voice does not often match the body.  But even with that being said, some men are just very soft-spoken.  This really has nothing to do with his masculinity.  But in the Black community, a deep voice and body proves manliness.  Then, there is the old saying, “You can’t keep them from thinking, but you can keep them from knowing.”  Does this mean that you can’t see into the mind of the man?  It makes complete sense.  If the woman doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  So, what is it about Tyler Perry’s character, “Madea,” that makes many Black men cringe?  With cross-dressing being the ultimate no-no sign dispelling any sign of masculinity for the Black man, could this be the reason so many Blacks have jumped off the Tyler Perry bandwagon?  I mean, when a young Black male questions his mother about the Madea character, how does that Black mom explain that she is played by a Black man named Tyler Perry?  With the Black Church voicing harshly against homosexuality, it’s obvious that somebody is not being truthful about God not liking homosexuals.  Not to say that Tyler Perry is a homosexual but a side-by-side photo, unlike the star RuPaul who is openly gay, only proves that acting “gay” is big business for him.  Did Mr. Perry not make the bulk of his fortune exploiting Madea?  Has any pastor of a Black Church ever allowed Mr. Perry to speak to the youth of the church?  Tyler Perry may give his time and money to different youth programs, but does his not being married or having children of his own make him more vulnerable of scrutiny even by the youngsters he helps support?  Another taboo in the Black community is states that by a certain age, a Black male, even a Black woman, should be married…heterosexually married, that is.




Tyler Perry has since broadened his talents to include more mainstream Caucasian actors like Denise Richards and Eugene Levy in his new film:  Madea’s Witness Protection.  Though he has now broken past the $40 million box-office range his films achieve domestically, Mr. Perry has yet to be credited for his achievements.  Sure, he has won BET awards and Image awards, but will he ever be seen as a bona fide Writer, Director, and Producer instead of a narcissist?  We live in a completely different era from the days of Flip Wilson and his character, Geraldine.”  Wilson wasn’t a spokesman for race relations – but he was the first to host his very own television variety show.  Maybe what sets Geraldine apart from Madea is the fact that Wilson was a comedian.  Just maybe, if Madea hit the comedy circuit, much more respect will be given to Mr. Perry.  As he nearly owns the TBS network, Tyler Perry will continue to reign as the most successful African-American male in television.  Having his own network may actually help his notoriety…just as long as little Black boys can see him as a comedian and not just a Black man who puts on a dress and acts like a woman.  Then again, maybe he needs to better appeal to Black women with little Black boys.


What Mother’s Child

English: Black Poplar tree, off Hancocks Lane ...
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What mother’s child could I be

 who spares any love outwardly

  for me

Bastard am I

 Though there was love between


For spite I was given another’s name

  so as to not disgrace

   The Almighty Him

Blame not me for any

  odd behavior

Show me my true line

  And I shall walk it

   with flavor

Sorrow is felt for a man

 who tried

  to be

Dangerous is a carrying woman

  who holds many a secret

   and a lost identity


What mother’s child could I be?


Would one find fault

  If I lie

   and discreetly cry

Or should it be me

 to hang myself as a fruit

   from a poplar tree


What mother’s child could I be?


Even though she can’t look me

  in the eye

Just my mere presence

  makes her want to die

Did I have a choice

  to choose my kind

Who then had my voice

when another whipped me

  and distorted my mind

Does she feel my pain

  when I sweetly say her name

Why am I the one

   who is made to feel the blame

What happens to my legacy

  now that I know the truth

Maybe I’ll run for President

  and leave my fate in the hands of a




  the mother of all creation?


What mother’s child could I be?