True Imposter

She sings the Church songs on Sunday
and tries to emulate the feeling the singer had
In its absence, she taps those soon-to-be
manicured nails on the table
and taps those eight years old Shirleys
that even God would question on the floor
She bows her head and damn near speaks
in tongues that even the tongue can’t decipher
She taps the mind to make it believe, like she does, that She is doing all the right things to make it into Heaven’s God’s grace
She can’t wait ’til Church is over
So She can resume how others see her
All along, She was planning her day

When the sun doesn’t shine

Ain’t no way

I can stay away from you

Longer than a day

That just changes my dream come true


Hearing your voice on the phone

You tell me everything’s fine

I miss your daytime kisses at home

I wish you could do that when the sun doesn’t shine


Even though I know where you are

Being apart tears me apart

You take the moon and stars so far

away I can’t feel my heart


Though I know you’ll be back

You’ve still been gone far too long

It’s sheer ecstasy I lack

When you return to me, you’ll right this wrong


Can’t wait for your return

Cause I’m walking a fine line

It’ll be such a cool burn

To kiss you when the sun doesn’t shine


Call that Boy a Rogue


A Heartbreaker

Makes for a fast baby-maker

Hit it and leave

But who was the first to deceive


It’s easy to call him the fool

When you know who took you to school

While you stood there trying to Vogue

Just go ahead, call that boy a rogue


It was the thing to be with him

A Dream-taker, out on a limb

Who tells you wrong from right

When it’s a fight to stay in the spotlight


He may have told you lies

But you’re your eyes were on the prize

Didn’t think you’d ever trip and fall

For all the measures and the jolts

Have to explain it to your folks

For you, it’s just another curtain call


A matter of the heart

Took off, but you had a false start

Gave until you had no more to give

So the time has come

To see a rocking chair and learn to sing and hum

Now you’ve got more than a reason to live