One. Truth

She wrote
her feelings on her sleeve
before hitting the stage
and gave it to me
for safe keeping
The applause continues
.. much longer than expected
I still have her sleeve
though I dare stretch it out
She is still that person
who trusts
knowing that her guard
is always on point
even if not by her side
She writes
what’s to be read about her
She writes
and directs her audience
But I, I have her sleeve

Stubborn Little Girl

Stubborn little girl
Why are your hands in curls
Did you get into a fight today
Did your mommy take your pain away?

You look so cute
In your navy blue suit
How many times did you cry
Before you told another lie?

Can you wait for church on Sunday
Or can you make today your fun day?
Somebody cleans you up so well
It’s just so hard to tell

You see shadows without darkness
And speak to them through harkness
What joy is make-believe
When they won’t let you grieve
Stubborn little girl

Through the eyes of a child

Here I Am
Looking and noticing
All that is in my path
What does time change?
Even with repair
Things do wither
Yet, they still change
My younger self
Wishes to grow
While wishing to know
That I will see
The happiness and love
That made me laugh
And glow
And may what or who looks
Out at me, someday 
Pick me up like I cried in hunger
Or writhed in my drench
Shelter me with just a smile 
A while 
To remind me

Freedom of expression

A child wants to do

what he sees others do

The joy rides have more meaning

than the father knows

Mommy goes to work

He has been schooled on that

Father sits and moves seldom

Each has a different view on


Upon arrival the car is loaded

for another impression of life


He wants to do what others do


Sunrise to another same day

She needs to leave now

Before he can change positions

He is ready to break the circle

to be with him

for a long time to come

It’s not just memories at such a

young age

He just knows that the walking joy-riders

seemed to have more fun

For Sentimental Reasons

Standing in line

For you to look at me

Nothing could ever be so fine

You are what love was mean to be


For you I would give my all

Every day and precious seasons

You make Summer out of Fall

With love for sentimental reasons


When people do pass me by

With a smile on their face

A simple Hello and gleam in their eye

Let’s me know I’m in the right place


Oh, you make my tunnel vision

While you keep me on the right track

Darling, you bankroll my mission

 And all this is true, that’s a fact


To me you always beautifully sing

Even when you’re just talking

You are that wonderful marvelous thing

That makes me proud to be an able man walking


If I should falter in any way

Forgive me for any treasons

Let me have the courage to say

I love you, for sentimental reasons



Feeling Me Because of a Secret

I was forced to

Tell a secret

I didn’t want

To tell

And it hurt me


Not in the moral sense

But the pain was

Unbearable for a good bear

And friendly soul


I was forced to

Give of myself

For somebody

Else’s pleasure


And they got off


The light for me

Became clearer


When I took it

I gave it back

Until I could

Give nothing else


Delicious pain

It has become

Even my shoulder does

Think so


Yes, it got me

What perfect time

Along with your timing

Gives you applause


Thank you secret

Now I can be