True Imposter

She sings the Church songs on Sunday
and tries to emulate the feeling the singer had
In its absence, she taps those soon-to-be
manicured nails on the table
and taps those eight years old Shirleys
that even God would question on the floor
She bows her head and damn near speaks
in tongues that even the tongue can’t decipher
She taps the mind to make it believe, like she does, that She is doing all the right things to make it into Heaven’s God’s grace
She can’t wait ’til Church is over
So She can resume how others see her
All along, She was planning her day

The Coming Out Party

It’s time

Let the lights shine

Break out the Bacardi

All Hail the coming out party


Might not be a big thing

Why don’t you see what’s underneath

Jump up and down and sing

Why did Eve have to wear a leaf?


Times are changing

Not so much for the world

So the closets are flaming

Even children want to unfurl


Why hide so much

When all love is hearty

So much Sweetness to the touch

Time for a coming out party


Break the taboo

Was it really written in stone?

Powers that be don’t have a clue

They tap more than a telephone


Raise your voices

And take a stand

You have choices

Hold the same hand


What a treasure

Make their hearts see

Pleasure is the measure

Just join the coming out party




Real Meadowlarks

Meadowlarks 2



Fine mark for the closers

Taking and faking

Shaking for the money

They’re not making


Real meadowlarks

Hidden by the question marks

Riddled them with scathing remarks

Carried away by hellos and harks

There are the lights and darks

Masquerading through themes and parks




In need of direction

Truth isn’t what you see

It’s just a ghost

Between reality


The drug that’s green

Makes them so mean

Smiling on paper or a screen

Jealousy pops an artist spring

When they are forced to sing

Passion isn’t always in the feeling


Meadowlarks are so real

Colors of wonder you can feel

Elusive as they love

Tunes perfectly fit like a glove

Melodious treasure field troves

See how the lonely smoke their cloves



I’m waving my flag

I’m waving my flag down below

In hopes you see my surrender

Praying the right direction the wind does flow

Hearing Elvis sing “Love Me Tender”


My flag has seen many countries

Hurt by some, damaged by none

Never burned like heat in trees

Riding the waves while having fun


But I’m waving my flag

Giving to you my heart and soul

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag

Naughty purr for a kitty cat’s hole


Don’t let my flag touch the ground

Welcoming hands might say no

Coming dressed in white to the sound

Of parting waters that deliciously flow


“Love Me Tender” plays

To the banging and chatter

When duty calls for missionary stays

In go the grunts and out when they matter


I’m waving my flag down below

And it’s headed in your direction

The North Pole is as far as it will go

Extending joy of pure affection

The 3 Most Important People in the World

“People.  People who need People.  Are the luckiest People in the World.”  These are words sang by the incomparable Barbra Streisand in the 1964 song, “People.”  I’ve always been fan of Streisand’s , not so much for her songs, but for her voice.  When you hear that powerful voice, you know it’s Barbra.  To see her is a different story, simply because not everybody’s voice matches their face; and not everybody’s talking voice lets off that they are one of the greatest singers on the planet.  Anyway, let’s get back to that song, “People.”  As I got older, I started to pay attention to song lyrics a lot more.  I mean, there were times when I would be out in the club or at a house party or even in the park where everybody was jamming only to realize that we all must really like that thumping beat or we all were just idiots and couldn’t hear the absurdity in the ‘music’ the host was playing.  The lyrics were complete gibberish.  Then again, that was the company I chose to keep.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m any better than anybody else.  It’s just that I, like many others, will do what we can in order to be able to keep company with some-body else:  People.


Over my many years on earth, I have come to terms with the types of people there are that affect us.

  1.  The Person You Have To Know – This is the type of person that is spoken of by everyone.  Whether it’s in a positive light or a negative light, this human being becomes a near bane of your existence.  You can almost say that this male or female is the “Go-To-Person” for everything.   Just being seen in this person’s presence automatically increases your credibility level with anyone doesn’t have the balls to make an effort to show the world you are alive too.  Even the tiniest form of verbal communication like a compliment of one’s dress style not only pumps that person’s ego, but does wonders for yours as well.  After office hour events with this person is recommended.
  2. The Person You Should Know But Can’t Have Anything To Do With – Every office has this type of person.  The Know-it-All that’s bad for everybody’s image.  You must make it a point to make yourself known to this person simply because they have a tendency to make anything (good or bad) fester.  If there is no opportunity for you to ever meet, situations and tensions are less easily handled and makes you more insecure about your role in office affairs.  Even if you had nothing to do with the ordeal, this person’s back always turned to you could turn into an ulceric-affair.
  3. The Person You Should Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With – Poison.  Aside from knowing who this individual is, you should avoid him or her like the plague.  It’s sad to say, there are those who radiate doom and gloom or even just plain bad luck.  To acknowledge this person’s presence with a “Hello,” “Good Morning,” “Have a Nice Day,” is more than enough; You’re not totally shunning this person but you are not making any waves to become bosom buddies either.  And it’s probably to your advantage to “keep it real” and keep moving.


I am no psychologist.  I am only giving my perspective on the types of people I have grown to witness throughout my living days.  It’s been through trial and error that led me to come up with these three types of personalities.  Aside from the typical introvert (human characteristics or behaviors that keeps one from sharing his or her qualities with others) and the extrovert (exuding characteristics and or behaviors in a manner to social acceptance or relevance), there are those who are comfortable at simply adapting to whatever environment or conditional forces subjected to.  For the person who must be a part of any one of these two classes of people, maybe we can all wish them well.  Unless, of course, you yourself find the need to jump on that – therapeutic  bandwagon.  “…People who need people.  Are the luckiest People in the World.”  Really?  Does everybody agree with that?  To need – is to yearn, more than desire.  The lyrics sound good.  They may even have seemed socially relevant at the time Barbra sang them.  But…  I guess the late Marvin Hamlisch couldn’t transpose “need” with “want.”  It definitely would have thrown off the effect and flow of the masterpiece.  Either way, music touches us in ways some conversations do.  Some of us only pretend to be listening to what the other person is saying.  Then again, some of us find it easier to just walk away……….. and not look back.


I still enjoy a good Barbra Streisand melody every now and then.  She’s got fame, fortune.  What’s best is, she’s got World adoration, true fans that will follow her wherever she may go (some not so economy-permitting).  She, on the other hand, doesn’t let them dictate her life.   What a personality!  For 99.9% of the World, she will never fit into any one of our categories of People.

Cut my beauty sleep short

Heaven (Photo credit: irunandshoot)

From where I lay

I can hear the church bells

They let me know

It’s time to sow


The sound never changes

But the tune always does

Who pulls the strings

And makes me want to sing


What problems do I have?

Are they worth anything?

Is my soul a part of the world?

Should I help peace unfurl?


There are times I feel tired

Lo, I am most admired

Life it may not show me

Just where my position will be


But given time

I will be fine

Walk and then dare cross that fine line

Cherish the day I do sleep and

  Swim in fine red wine


Maybe then I will ring the bells

As sweetly as Heaven doth tells

Serving as that bright light

Keeping me on a path so right