Show Me

Show me
How much you love me
Just so 
I know what not
To listen to

Show me
How much you hate me
Just so
I know how to
Greet you

Show me
How much you fear God
Just so
I know how much
Of my heart to give

Show me
How much you love yourself
Just so
I know what kind
Of friends we’ll be

Show Me
Show Me
How you pray,
But not what you pray for
Just so, I know

I died Again

I died Again.

I died again
Last night
And then, Again
Every time I close my eyes
I can’t see
until I open them
And then
I don’t want to
I don’t want to have to
imagine what life would be
could be
without the use of my hands,
Legs, feet, tongue, ears
minus the butterflies inside my head
Minus what they call a brain
I don’t want to be insane
But, I can’t keep my eyes

My Derby Hat

See You turn Left
Knowing You would tell me
that You went right
How could You not see me
I was right behind You
I had the look
You know
The walk
The wave
The Yell
All that I wore
wasn’t even
It’s off to the races I go
I anticipate the winner
Without the hype
My brim is Best In Show
And still You would tell me
Show me
That I am not
It’s my horse that’s faltered
The pasture is calling
You jumped the gun
Glad I bet against you
I liked the odds
And I wear it so well

See Me

I hear voices

But no one’s home

All these choices

Yet still, I’m all alone


Tell Me

Am I bothering You?

I can still see

Why You can’t tell the truth


Do You want me to go

Or let You shout it out?

Feeling so low

Why should I do without?


Can’t You touch me

Like You used to?

Still Your Baby

Looking to be Your shoe

Will You ever whisper

Sweet things like You used to?

Whisper Baby, Whisper

In this room built for two


I know You don’t know it

But, I was leaving anyway

Couldn’t make it fit

So I convinced myself to stay


Now, I see You got something on Your mind

No need to fight with yourself

You’re about to run out of precious time

‘Cause I’m about to start seeing somebody else


See Me


See Me

Feel Me


See Me

Real Meadowlarks

Meadowlarks 2



Fine mark for the closers

Taking and faking

Shaking for the money

They’re not making


Real meadowlarks

Hidden by the question marks

Riddled them with scathing remarks

Carried away by hellos and harks

There are the lights and darks

Masquerading through themes and parks




In need of direction

Truth isn’t what you see

It’s just a ghost

Between reality


The drug that’s green

Makes them so mean

Smiling on paper or a screen

Jealousy pops an artist spring

When they are forced to sing

Passion isn’t always in the feeling


Meadowlarks are so real

Colors of wonder you can feel

Elusive as they love

Tunes perfectly fit like a glove

Melodious treasure field troves

See how the lonely smoke their cloves



To Say That

I want to say that

Everyone’s a winner

But that wouldn’t be true

At least

The way I want to tell you

And show you

How much truth there is

Would you even care?

I don’t really care

Because I can honestly say

I want to say that

Everyone’s a winner

But that wouldn’t be true

At least

The way I want you to hear it

From the mouths of babes

Virginal to delicate handling

Of something so delicate

But then you’d break something


And again

Until any love left would be numb

To have succumbed

To the fact that

You can have worthless lessons

In life

And that

One experience can cost a life

And a life can cost


And in the end

It is the one who was loved the most

That wins

For to have wanted to love

wins second place


I just wanted to say that