36 Steps to a Happy Life

So many books

and tips on how

to be fulfilled

What works for most

may not for those

who have less

Pay a fee

for a new emblem

to be placed on

their proud loud breast

One factor from

the benefactor

who is not an actor


Where is the Love

Yet the lonesome white dove

appears with tears

to cast away fears

a sign for the


who should have no choice

but to be kind

in the eye of a sky

that captures lies

and cries

where we despise


In a different brighter sun

What is missing from the

four-letter word

is the ego once often heard

Take care of yourself

by standing on a shelf

and remaining there

in hope and care

Let that be the teacher

though say Hello to the preacher

on Sunday morning

whose sermon may be boring

When all there is to know

is how to make a heart glow

What’s old is now new

But a select few

fills a basket

to escape a casket

All the wrong donations

in the face of pale nations

stimulate the fascinations

prior to castrations


Three Hundred Steps to church

path to meditation gardens

Three hundred steps

were the beats to the park

Alas, Meditation Garden

where I could pray

and ask if I could be

as cool as the new butterfly

that sputters such goodness

until it is completely spent

from giving so

And when I’m done

a copy of me comes along

Picking up where I then left off

But the walk back is much longer

Even though I

take the same route

why did I count

Three hundred steps

when I thought I flew to the chapel?