The Downside of having an Older Woman: For T.I. and Ashton K.


I am so angry with T. I. until I can’t spit straight. Just five months after his departure from prison for something stupid, he’s about to stay there for a much longer amount of time for something stupid. Had Paris Hilton not been pulled over for her stupid vapor trail oozing from her boyfriend’s ride, I would have said there goes another black man targeted by the man. But, that’s not the case. I like T. I. I can’t say very much about the older woman he married (Lord, please tell me this kid had her sign a pre-nup. Please! Please! Please!) because I never knew who she was outside of the group Xcape. BET will give anybody a reality show if they feel the show will have black people seen in the most ridiculous and pitiful light possible. Ever since BET was sold, there really hasn’t been anything of real substance on the network. Even their talk show hosts still house people with well-sculptured looks (and this is not a compliment – 106 and Park) ask typical questions that the viewing audience already know the answers to. Underneath it all, the look old, they act old…therefore, they are tired. Was Tiny always so tired because of the drugs? If T. I. was subjected to drug tests after his prison departure, is it safe to say that his marriage to the older woman subjected him to the pressures of her addiction? Such bad news! I’m sure she’ll be let go and maybe not even serve probation. The Man wants T. I. There is just too much stupid talent going to waste there. What was the point of getting married anyway? Another setup?
Ashton has money, looks, brains, and balls. Now, let’s talk about him! Sure, Ashton and Demi Moore is all about the obsolete Hollywood power couple, but who’s getting tire of whom? It’s obvious that Ashton needed Demi a lot more than she needed him. Demi only did him because of her ex-hubby Bruce Willis‘s romps with younger women. The best thing about Demi’s and Ashton’s situation is that Ashton is still very potent. All secrets known by everyone. The two couples could even spend the night together, if they want to. They probably do. But when the younger ones want to go clubbing, and don’t tell me they don’t want to, they have to consider their images. Ashton wants to maintain his stamina and Demi is seen as trying to get more. And attention is usually good for everyone except those in Hollywood who needs to stay in the spotlight. Would Ashton ever work a pole to stay on top (maybe a movie idea, Ash)? Demi has…and had there been one when Snoop was on stage, Demi would have claimed it. Bless her heart. It would have been better for her to play Ana Faris’s mom in House Bunny.

These are just two examples of the downside of having an older woman as your spouse. T. I. going to jail again. Ashton is in jail. Older woman Hell.