Can I hate you?

Can I hate you

for loving me too long

Can I hate you

for making us a sweet love song


Can I hate you

for always being right?

Can I hate you

for never putting up a fight?


Why should I hate

when love is what I need

Will I ever relate

when my past only made me bleed

But I love you

Although I should hate you

This much is true

Just that I don’t want to


Can I hate you

for being so good to my friends

What won’t you do

when you don’t have to make amends?


Can I hate you

when I know you love me?

How You’ll never have a clue

 as long as I say, “I Love You”


I don’t want to

I can’t hate you

I can’t hate you

Because I don’t want to

Sweet Pain

Cover me up

After you caress me

Nice and slowly

Don’t wake me up

Don’t know if I can be


Right now

though you’re not here

It feels so good

How ‘bout a cheer

And I miss you

Just like I should

I feel the rain

through my sweet pain

Uncover me

after you’re done

Was I much fun

Am I the one?

I don’t think it matters

Gone are the mad hatters

and their ladders

Their faces hang like rain

I smile with my sweet pain

I got so much to gain

with my sweet pain

Let me undress

the only you

Out of that best

true blue

war chest

I do confess

I made a mess

of you

Without a clue

You fell like rain

Because of my sweet pain

They only re-do things

Thief of the day

Takes and changes a life

They wish they had

Talent lost in the tones

Tones lost in the talent


Tell the thief of the day

That life will catch

Takers of true makers

Though time has a way of

Transferring blame


Thankfully talent has a name


Transparently, they only re-do things

Tragically, they do know

Teasingly, they forget

Thinking they are the truth

Thumping their skulls in the meantime


Thankfully talent has a name


Translucent are the minds of followers

Tempted into oblivion

Tricked into failed stupidity

Thereby the foolish loves misery too

That’s just too bad


Too sad

Thankfully talent has a name

Dance for the Rich White Men

A friend of your parents

helps your career takeoff

The price you have to pay

Unknown to them

They think prayer is getting you through

They think what they believe

But you deceive

Not just a pole but a cute mole

separates you from them

What do you know

that keeps the flow

is what they need to feel

so real

If you make the right deal

you can make the pig squeal

and never long for a sweet meal

What has no taste

Is hunger on your face

Yet who would not trade place

for their share of the human race

Aside from all the name callin’

Is free-ballin’

A raw rag doll

and alcohol

makes it harder for them to crawl

But now a smart Barbie

Is good Barbie

Whose assets will never be a darby

A boy or a girl can make their heads twirl

Give them joy in this mixed up world

 In memorance of your parents friend

Fool, Stupid Fool

Fool, Stupid Fool

Where did you go?

Did your mama tell you

Which way to go?


Why didn’t you just do

It all without a clue

They didn’t want

 a smarty pants

or somebody

 to put them

in a trance


Fool, Stupid Fool

Foo Foo, Stupid

Fool, Fool


Why can’t you bite your tongue

before the fat lady has sung

Must you be right

Right before a big fight


Give in sometime

Let the blind lead the blind

Fool, Stupid Fool

Play by the rule

Take them to school


Take a moment

Play with your hair

Fine time for atonement

Give a blank stare


Get what you need

Hold the ace card

New way for greed

Leave ‘em nice Leave ‘em hard


Don’t let ‘em call you a

Fool, Stupid Fool