I’m sorry, I didnt’ know

Did I make you a promise

I didn’t keep

Or did I break your heart

And made you weep?


Would you forgive me

If I did any of this

‘Cause if I did

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I see you and I’m amazed

Often I’m dazed

Because I don’t know it all

Would it be too much to ask you

 When I

 To touch me, smile at me, and

Correct me before I fall


Please don’t just do it for show

It’ll be alright

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I didn’t know

Is the one thing that will

Keep you close

When I’m not sure

 just what to say

in times I’m needing you most

I didn’t know

Doesn’t make me doubt myself

When I know something that’s true

I didn’t know

I didn’t know

There was anything else, but you


I may not be the smartest man

And claim to know it all

Beat my chest, and take a stand

Like every day is a ball


So, if you have to remind me

Of something I didn’t see

Do me a favor and let it go

But if you cannot forgive

What I failed to give

Just remember, I’m sorry, I didn’t know