My Sister, the NP

Entering with support
I saw You and knew you were in pain
Even through your mass
You saw me as otherwise
And my day was made
And I knew You were in pain
Yet, everything else You said to me
was by text messages
Finding a way to give praise
while saving the pain above your heart
Getting as close as I could
at least my presence was your company
You would not be alone
I would be sure of that
Both knowing the Hippa Law,
You had your own
and made sure I knew when to exit
You would not be alone
I would be back when all was done
looking forward to hear the sound
of you saying, “I have to rest”
I prayed You would
and called me instead to hear my praise
of You
You won’t be alone
I promise

Check, Me Out

Waiting for that day
when I can ride above
and know that I am better
than those who aren’t
Hearing that click
after the rustling of straight-edged
in-voices that thank me
for services rendered
for time served
with accuracy
and benefits I didn’t have
until then
But I can’t let him see me
waiting and praying and prancing
near stalking his mere existence
Knowing that I am waiting for that day
he best leave before he realizes
it won’t be today that I can exit smiling