Items in the Garden of Health

Winter Squash. 20
Organic Peppers. 2 Trays
Organic Lettuce. 2 Trays
Watermelon. 1 Tray. 4 Cups
Cuccumbers. 9 Cups
White Russian. (Kale) 3
Arrugula. 13

Jubilandka Peppers. 4 Cups
Kale. 16 Cups

Garden Beans. 22
White Seeded Lettuce. 8 Trays
Black Seeded Lettuce. 10 Trays 1 Pot
Garden Tomatoes. 17 Cups
Roma Tomatoes. 4 Trays
Organic Tomatoes. 2 Trays

Parsley. 8 Trays
Basil. 2 Trays
Oregano. 1 Tray
Thyme. 7 Cups
Chives. 10 Cups
Dill. 5 Trays (Not Full)

Love in Yellow

Cover me in Love, Love
Show me your true color
Don’t leave me with bruises
Just so I can make excuses

Cover me well Love, Love
Make me feel like I should feel
Don’t treat me like some ordinary fellow
Paint me in yellow

Cover me happy Love, Love
And kiss me all night long
Don’t mind my bleeding heart
While you try it all apart

I want to wrap myself around you
Holding on and back so tight
Try to have mercy on me
‘ Cause I’m too bright for the light

Cover me Love, Love
Sing to my front and my back
And if I try and get away Love, Love
Just pick up the slack

Cover me in Yellow Love, Love
Red comes on too strong
Cover me in Yellow, Love
A vase of yellow roses so long

You came

You came
without alerting me
Was I to know
that your feet were clean
before you entered?

Now, there isn’t a vacuum
to clean up the mess
You made inside the home
I made comfortable for myself
My self now houses
all that your soul conquered

You came
to get me to say,
“I’m sorry you had to wait”
If only I held out a little longer,
You couldn’t have come
and I couldn’t hate you
like I do now

It would have been
someone else
who cared about what
they brought inside

What Have We Become?

To every darkness,

There is a fright

Some evil doesn’t come out

Even at night

Voices, screams


Memories wished away

by better days dreams

I had a moment

of atonement

when a flash came and left

Not in my eye but on my cleft

I could not have been

like those caves of men

Did they remember acts of sin?

My meditation

was their trepidation

Their need to survive

was unlike my will to thrive

They perfected the slay

Though my parents taught me to pray

Those men took wood and stone

and made fire

If I said I was alone

I am called a liar

How could they make rock

into a wheel

Now, the sound of a glock

kills my urge to feel

I guess it’s true

They did evolve

Still, we don’t have a clue

how to get through a resolve

Everything and everyone

is not what it seems

If we could reach

the burning sun

Do we need anyone to preach

when all we want to do is run?

Maybe we landed

too soon on the moon

Because of all we’ve been handed

a needle is often served with a spoon

Does being present mean

being here and there

Awakening to the scent of green

pretending just to care?



Through the eyes of a child

Here I Am
Looking and noticing
All that is in my path
What does time change?
Even with repair
Things do wither
Yet, they still change
My younger self
Wishes to grow
While wishing to know
That I will see
The happiness and love
That made me laugh
And glow
And may what or who looks
Out at me, someday 
Pick me up like I cried in hunger
Or writhed in my drench
Shelter me with just a smile 
A while 
To remind me

I Retreated

I retreated
Going backwards and cleaning up
what I wanted
to leave behind
All that baggage
for someone else’s door
Those true brave souls
As if God said, “Okay.”
To throw it all away
would have made for a better day
A way to start anew
Amidst the chosen few
So, I still have pity
to wallow through
To see it again now
To see it again then
It reminds me
that I can’t run
I retreated

Kathy Ball

What makes her do
the things she does
All the voices in her head ring true
Maybe, it’s just because

She’s been living in her own world
Playing make believe and hide and seek
But now that her life has unfurled
it’s hard to get the truth to speak

Kathy Ball
has taken a fall
Down the ladder’s silver platter
Up against the wall
She has taken her last bow
Someway, she’ll make (last) her last curtain call

She always knew it wouldn’t last
Going so fast with her past
Playing games
Naming names that caused others more shame
Knowing right from wrong
Acting strong
Lashing out way too long
Handcuffed to the same old song

What caused the riff in her tide
that she couldn’t hide
Was the love of another
A woman even her own husband saw in her mother

100 Metropolitan Parkway

I saw him wait

and say,

“Is he worth it?”

3 o’clock is

witching hour

What a time for

an interview

He watched

as the devil he is

And he got out

of his leased ride

and hid his face

from me

That’s when I knew

how the interview would


How metropolitan

the melting pot

that would welcome

all that is light and tight

with a dark love





How handsome is

as handsome does

to represent

the parking lot

as well as the

company’s name

Sealed with a shake

may the hand fail to break

dispelling myths

teetering on the cliffs

What a good sign

that your car was in line

When even though

he needs your mind

following directions

to perfections

You don’t take the same door

Could there be more?

Maybe the interview

goes long past four

and you exit through the back door

with a pay on the back

and papers in a stack