The Decision

When I saw the tree
in the Robert Frost novel,
I knew i had crossed over
Glowing sun not damaging me
any further
No sounds that i
could not agree with
No being with demands
who hurled all that is unholy at me
My touch felt like a hug
No seat was necessary
for i knew i was just visiting
All was explained to me
And that was all
I needed to know
I didn’t belong there
Was my soul still not at rest?
I could not adjust to all that serenity
But i knew what was constant before
I knew my mission
Obtain Peace before i had Peace
It’s called the Tree of Life
It’s just not for me, yet

Like me

                          Like Me

I found someone
Who feels just like me
Lying softly under the sun
Face up minus a tree
Whenever the wind sings
That someone turns around
So cold it stings
Changing its beauty brown
Don’t know if it fell gracefully
Or if it was laid there
Admidst all the green tastefully
Yet, alone without care 
For that is my double
I know this to be true
Onward, there is trouble
To be blown away, who knew?
I found someone
Who feels like me
If only I could run
I could be safe under a tree