I am my Mother’s Keeper

I am my mother’s first

Crazy as it may sound

I am her soul image

Despite who helped

she released me

into the world

to walk and talk

and carry on




I represent

everything that she is

What she is not

depends on her

But I

am my mother’s keeper

What I don’t know

is of no need

The past is past

I am the end

the beginning

and the middle

I am written and sealed

and my fate lies

upon her lies

her truths

The few who know

look upon me

as forgotten

when my goodness then shines

She made a path for me

to escape the warm and cold world

And though I may not always be

she does hold me

reminding me

of everything



I have been kept

and keep going



I really was her first


Beautiful Friend

Let’s go back

to the beginning

Oh, when we both got caught

but it was me who was sinning

With us

it was never about winning

Like who was best

before our hair started thinning


Beautiful Friend

My true friend to the end


Making others believe

was better than any other

Carried me on your sleeve

when I hid from my own mother


Times sure were good

I won’t deny

Did what you could

to keep that fire in my eye


Beautiful Friend

Stay with me to the end

Beautiful Friend

For you I’d give again and again


It seems

now we live a separate life

In our wildest dreams

never thought about a husband or a wife


But it’s so good

being just a phone call away

Still doing what we should

Keeping those memories at bay


An airplane ride

can only spoil the sea’s tide

No river’s too wide

to keep my friend from my side


Beautiful Friend

Over and over again

You’ll always be my best of kin

Beautiful Friend


You helped me

through every storm

What I couldn’t then see

You made me warm without a scorn


Beautiful Friend

Beautiful Friend

I’ll always bend backwards

for my Beautiful Friend


I hope you know

I’m your friend too

Just in case it didn’t show

I hope it’s not too late to say, I Love You

Beautiful Friend

Feel Me Like 16

I’ll always be a child at heart

You could have guessed that from the start

So curious about life and such

Hold me down that’s way too much


You even thought I was a smoker

Talked back to you like a choker

Left my room before the middle of the night

Lost track of time and gave you quite a fright


I should expect you to be mean

Even in public asking you for green

Please keep your emotions lean

But remember to feel me like 16


I know you want me to grow up

Save myself from an empty cup

But I know about my great role models

Who didn’t find love in tall glass bottles


Dreams of my wedding day and diamond rings

Those just weren’t my things

I just want to love and have fun

Not looking back and on the run


Baby dolls and cute ponytails

Playing make believe had you on the rails

My conversations on the telephone

Made you wonder if I was all alone


I expect you to look after me

Even after I’m not a teen

Try and see my reality

And feel me like I’m still 16


Man’s Own Box

Appearances are everything

Along with that

despite one’s name

shaven better than beard

endowed rather than not

Cold is like hot-headed

Shy is worthless

while quiet means nothing

to live without doing

Who wants that recipe?

Mankind wears a button

of those they know and love

and hate

Still, they are in the know



Lest one tries to produce

Failure is a label

worn after grief

Alas, appearances are everything

when we remind ourselves

that we are so worthy

Somebody’s Wretched Somebody

What if I

Told you this morning

I was feeling down and out

Just say it sweet enough

So you wouldn’t scream and shout


What if I said

I just couldn’t pull it

All together, today was not the day


What if I wanted

You to just stay with me

 and not go away


What if I needed

To be by your side

‘cause I didn’t want to be alone


What if I

Started saying sweet nothings

To somebody, like you do on the phone


What if I

Pretended to be somebody

that somebody else knew


I wouldn’t mine as long as I was

Somebody’s wretched somebody too


I may not be

What you thought I’d be

I know I’m not brand new

But I did my time

Leaving reason to rhyme

One of the last good few

I may not be anything you see

Except a wretched somebody

What if I

Started to hold my head up high

And smile and say, “Hello”


What if I told somebody

They looked nice and they

made my heart glow


What if I let somebody

Touch my heart like

Somebody they knew


Then I wouldn’t have to be

Somebody’s wretched somebody

Who cared about you

All I Ever Wanted

I never meant

To let the sun catch me

Before the moon

Showed me the stars

Nor did I mean

To not hear the birds sing

Or feel the rooster crow

Before I somehow know

Whether my eyes would glow

The way yours did

When I saw your beautiful face

I meant

To tell a friend

To use their library voice

Inside the house

Out of respect for you

I forgot about me

I never meant

For you to walk all over me

After I gave my all

But then, all I ever wanted

Was to know who you were


Only suit those

Who hold the keys

To hear Thank You and Please

I am sorry

You brought shame to its knees

Because all I ever wanted

was to get down on one

 see us through the long run

and to know you