TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Wassup!?


TTBoy Says:  Is God playing a cruel trick on US?


TTBoy Says:  What American Idiot doesn’t know that to win a Reality TV Show you    have to have the Popular Vote?


TTBoy Says:  There must be a great decline in the sale of White Sheets now.


TTBoy Says:  You know the old saying, “What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander”?  It’s not true.


TTBoy Says:  Is somebody able to explain what “Family Values” is without laughing?


TTBoy Says:  What’s the big deal with all the Republicans not seeking re-election?  Have people forgotten all the Democrats who jumped ship when Obama was elected?


TTBoy Says:  Did Elvis die in Graceland or in a Las Vegas Hotel?


TTBoy Says:  Could Robert Deniro take Michael Cohen?


TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Halle Berry get a Good Movie?


TTBoy Says:  of all the Thug-Like activity going on in the Houses, why is Meek Mill behind bars?


TTBoy Says:  She picked up a Trick, and that was the STD she got.


TTBoy Says:  Was there a fat woman in “Black Panther?”


TTBoy Says:  Has there ever been a fat Super Hero?


TTBoy Says:  Can the new Administration re-convict someone who’s been Pardoned?


TTBoy Says:  Why did I stop getting my Plenti Points?


TTBoy Says:  The Kardashians have more K’s than the KKK.


TTBoy Says:  Can people not identify the potential for Roid Rage?


TTBoy Says:  Is there somebody sitting behind a computer watching us play the Lottery?


TTBoy Says:  Jack White is really white.


TTBoy Says:  Why is Investigation Discovery so addictive?


TTBoy Says:  Isn’t “Precision Strikes” the same as “Shock and Awe?”


TTBoy Says:  It appears Mueller is playing his trump card while quite pence-ive.

TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Will Jada and Will Smith ever come out for an Award?

TTBoy Says:  Sarah Silverman is a total genius to be so talented while actually being    demented.

TTBoy Says:  Zoloft is better than Prozac.

TTBoy Says:  Nadine Parker of Clay, NY is unlike any other person on Earth.

TTBoy Says:  Is Lori Grenier really pretty?

TTBoy Says:  Haven’t You ever been screwed by the Church?

TTBoy Says:  Priests wearing robes should prove they’re wearing underwear each service.

TTBoy Says:  Is the NAACP still singling out brighter-skinned Black people for awards?

TTBoy Says:  We’ve had a Black President.  Why not get ready for a Cuban?

TTBoy Says:  The Most Underrated Black Actress is Black.  The Most Overrated White Actress is White.

TTBoy Says:  Hollywood is falling apart and coming together in Santa Monica.

TTBoy Says:  Men were wearing purses long before women were.

TTBoy Says:  “Finding Your Roots” seem to be an honest show.

TTBoy Says:  Voting Polls are just a distraction

TTBoy Says:  Jeb Bush has proven that he’s not his Brother.

TTBoy Says:  Hilary Clinton could be a dominatrix after her meetings and interviews.

TTBoy Says:  Is the Zika Virus the new AIDS?

TTBoy Says:  Celebrities don’t all practice the same religion.  But, their God tells them to do really strange things.

TTBoy Says:  Inter-racial couples hate each other during times of Race Relations.

TTBoy Says:  How do good-looking men with small penises really feel about themselves?

TTBoy Says:  “The Wandering Womb” Women who sleep around don’t get that.

TTBoy Says:  Is it taboo for a boy to see his father’s penis, but girls can see their Mom’s boobs?

TTBoy Says:  Do you wonder if the heroin addicts in New Hampshire have fibromyalgia?

TTBoy Says:  Will somebody please create a show specifically for J-Lo?

TTBoy Says:  Beware of women who pull their checkbooks out at the supermarket just after she is given the total.

TTBoy Says:  Does Katy Perry do kegel exercises?

TTBoy Says:  Models just don’t look like they’re starving anymore.

TTBoy Says:  Did Michael Jackson really own 50 percent of SONY Music?

TTBoy Says:  Do most girls want to be just like their mothers?

TTBoy Says:  Will Blacks exclude Stacey Dash from Black History or will she be forever scorned and cursed to the coldest part of Hell?

TTBoy Says:  Is Bill O’Reilly smarter than Bill Maher?

TTBoy Says:  Why are more White men entering the world of Transgenderism?  Could this be the reason Republicans are so Anti-Abortion?

TTBoy Says:  “Okay,” is the most thrown around word.

TTBoy Says:  Do 74-year old alcoholics know they’re drunk?

TTBoy Says:  You should always know that when a classy, pretty girl or woman excuse themselves to go to the restroom, they’re going to pass gas.

TTBoy Says:  Why do Alisha Tyler and Julie Chen look like they could be a real-life couple?

TTBoy Says:  You can always tell bad lovers with no exes.  They don’t have stalkers.

TTBoy Says:  What does Natasha Trethewey do for a living outside of her own?

TTBoy Says:  Why do some people consider Sylvia Plath to be a hero?

TTBoy Says:  It’s sad that the best thing for pain is sleep.  Or an action that will make you so sedentary till you won’t ever want to move.

TTBoy Says:  Should Senators and Councilmen be drug-tested for their paychecks?

TTBoy Says:  When using someone else’s bathroom, always call somebody into the bathroom after you’ve used it so they can take part of the blame for not lifting the toilet seat.

TTBoy Says:  Martin O’Malley was the only candidate that looked like a real President.

TTBoy Says:  Has Cuba Gooding, Jr. had cosmetic surgery?

TTBoy Says:  The best way to not take yourself too seriously is to wear the cheapest blouse and pant outfit to an event and let your boobs do all the talking.

TTBoy Says:  Is Chelsea Handler still drunk?

TTBoy Says:  Which will fade first, Jenny McCarthy’s mouth or her looks?

TTBoy Says:  Does Melissa McCarthy have a sex tape?

TTBoy Says:  Did Leo say, “No,” to Lady Gaga?

TTBoy Says:  If Black is hated so much, why is it the only accepted color, for men, at award shows?

TTBoy Says:  Did Sarah Palin really believe she would be Trump’s running-mate?

TTBoy Says:  Would you tell a woman she smelled like pee after she hugged you?  Would you hug her again when she got ready to leave?

TTBoy Says:  Is the show, “What Would You Do?” getting corny?

TTBoy Says:  ‘Tis better to Give.  There could be a live snake in the box.

TTBoy Says:  How many “Owws” are permitted when you begin anal sex?

TTBoy Says:  People who sing while sneezing are afraid of the dark.

TTBoy Says:  Most people close their eyes when their doctor stands behind them.

TTBoy Says:  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Child’s Oscars?  No parents allowed.  Only talent.

TTBoy Says:  Even guys who dye their carpet forget to dye their drapes.

TTBoy Says:  Would Whoopi Goldberg ever play the part of a fat, White crackhead?

TTBoy Says:  Six degrees of separation…Ted Cruz could be related to Grandpa from The Munsters.

TTBoy Says:  Richard Dreyfuss will never be on the same acting level as Robert Deniro.

TTBoy Says: Can you imagine a calm World with marijuana legally lit up everywhere?

TTBoy Says:  Fisting comes in all forms.  There are women who like to get fisted.  Somewhere.

TTBoy Says:  Be kind to the Pole Dancers.  It takes a lot of courage to constantly go up and down on something so filthy without using hand-sanitizer afterwards.

TTBoy Says:  Have you ever had an accident in a dream and woke up only to hurt the same body part but in a different way?

TTBoy Says:  Do cat people smell worse than bird people?

TTBoy Says:  Did a Black girl in Albany, NY really throw the first punch on the school bus surround by White students?

TTBoy Says: Should the Governor of Flint, Michigan himself be responsible for the water crisis?  

TTBoy Says:  Why are the last 15 minutes of the News just filler stuff?

TTBoy Says:  Stop accepting people’s excuses and apologies for not having common sense.  Just tell them how stupid they are and walk away.

TTBoy Says:  Is Valerie Harper still alive?

TTBoy Says:  Do you have to be Kenny Leon’s friend first before you get a part?

TTBoy Says:  Is Celine Dion really “The Best Singer in the World?”

TTBoy Says:  Even after it has been determined that Jesus was a Black man, “Gods of Egypt” is still being distributed.

TTBoy Says:  Has Bill Cosby ever had ‘Spanish Fly’?

TTBoy Says:  How did racism start in the northern part of the East coast?

TTBoy Says:  If a boy wants to marry a girl just like his Mom, does that mean he wants to impregnate his mother?

TTBoy Says:  Every boy fantasizes about how he was conceived.

TTBoy Says:  The voices are on the outside trying to get in.  Nothing starts within.

TTBoy Says:  No matter where you put them, take your suppository out before sex.

TTBoy Says:  The best way to tell that a woman hasn’t had sex in a long time, see if she’s eating Weight Watchers.  She might even have stock in the company.

TTBoy Says:  Could the real reason the Obama girls are so well-mannered be because they walked in on their parents having sex?

TTBoy Says:  Will Ke$ha ever recover and make music again?

TTBoy Says:  The majority of single men do have at least one vibrator.

TTBoy Says:  Will we ever stop quoting dead poets and keep the living ones alive?

TTBoy Says:  Is Bernie Sanders ready to throw a tantrum in the White House?

TTBoy Says:  People are angry, scared, and frustrated.  And it’s all because they are constipated.

TTBoy Says:  Are you still considered a Good Parent when your child sneaks out of the house to be with someone who’s completely wrong for them?

TTBoy Says:  Are Dads bigger perverts than Moms? 

TTBoy Says:  Black Churches know they have to accept homosexuality.  And quickly!   



TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Who is Hillary Clinton?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Hilary Swank like Hillary Clinton?

TTBoy Says:  Who is really right and who can’t be wrong?

TTBoy Says:  When will Spanish be the national language?

TTBoy Says:  Why do most Black people smoke Newport cigarettes?

TTBoy Says:  When will Justin Timberlake ever get married?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Gabrielle Union been named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful?

TTBoy Says:  When will Prince make another commercially successful record?

TTBoy Says:  How often do people forget to give a Christmas card to the mate with a gift?

TTBoy Says:  Does Danny Devito know how small he is?

TTBoy Says:  All Hail, Peyton Manning?

TTBoy Says:  The Seattle Seahawks will NOT win the Super Bowl.

TTBoy Says:  Why have Americans forgotten good Poetry?

TTBoy Says:  Is the cartoon “Family Circus” really necessary?

TTBoy Says:  Aren’t there gay men who don’t consider themselves “The Lesser?”

TTBoy Says:  Why did people have to pay to audition for “Selena” when Jennifer Lopez was already the choice?

TTBoy Says:  Everybody knows why The Pope is “Everybody’s Guy.”

TTBoy Says:  How high is High?

TTBoy Says:  How many people are still being killed for Americans to have Diamonds?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Rihanna so underrated?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Rosie O’Donnell?

TTBoy Says:  The song, “Same Love,” should be held as a classic song.

TTBoy Says:  Why do interracial relationships fail because of the dominant one’s friends?

TTBoy Says:  Once a whore, always a whore.  They may just hide their behavior better.

TTBoy Says:  Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex video was hardly amateurish.

TTBoy Says:  Does everybody still wear a suit to a job interview?

TTBoy Says:  Pain is Pain.  People should stop trying to empathize with someone else.

TTBoy Says:  Colorado is going to be the place to be in 2014.

TTBoy Says:  Everybody should be reading “Thoughts…over a good cup of coffee.”

TTBoy Says:  What’s the use of a Journal or Diary when you have the internet?

TTBoy Says:  Children should be able to stay at home until they feel ready to leave.

TTBoy Says:  Where is Nikki Giovanni?

TTBoy Says:   Anybody who has spent any time in jail for a crime they didn’t commit should be as rich as the Kennedys.

TTBoy Says:  What if beer was placed in champagne bottles?

TTBoy Says:  The best way to cure any scent on your fingers is to pour mouthwash on them.

TTBoy Says:  A picture says a thousand words, but what’s so bad in using words?

TTBoy Says:  It is such a good thing to post Report Cards online as long as parents get their own password.

TTBoy Says:  Who has better sex videos:  Yahoo! or

TTBoy Says:  Fibromyalgia is so misunderstood.

TTBoy Says:  Is Kathy Griffin the most-curt person alive?

TTBoy Says:  Fear is fear whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

TTBoy Says:  Is Syracuse New York the old and new Hell?

TTBoy Says:  Will Serena Williams ever get a two-page spread in The New York Times?

TTBoy Says:   Maria Sharapova is not Russian.  Maybe, she claims to be for tax purposes.

TTBoy Says:  Pizza Hut’s Meat Lovers Pizza is very salty.  But it’s better after being micro-waved.

TTBoy Says:  Why are people still claiming Homophobia?  Just admit it!

TTBoy Says:  How much botox has Nigella Lawson had?

TTBoy Says:  Why does malnutrition still exist?

TTBoy Says:  Winona Ryder’s best role to date has to be from “Girl, Interrupted.”

TTBoy Says:  Why are mens chests more important in Hollywood?

TTBoy Says:  Why aren’t there more Black representatives of Movado when the Black-face of their watches are the best-sellers?

TTBoy Says:  Who would believe Andrew Cuomo isn’t a pot smoker?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Dennis Rodman so underrated?

TTBoy Says:  Is Mensa still an important group for introverted intellectuals?

TTBoy Says:  What if they could give Oscars to the greatest actors in TV?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Tony Shalub?

TTBoy Says:  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Eliot Spitzer could make a cameo on “The Good Wife?”

TTBoy Says:  Why is the American media so enthralled with British TV shows when the feelings aren’t very mutual?

TTBoy Says:  It’s time for Idina Menzel to win an Oscar.

TTBoy Says:  Jada Pinkett-Smith is disturbingly beautiful

TTBoy Says:  Charlize Theron is more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen.  Even without makeup.

TTBoy Says:  It’s about time for a “Will and Grace” movie.

TTBoy Says:  Why has no music artist created a House Music song for the radio yet?

TTBoy Says:  Has Taye Diggs become the new Blair Underwood to Black America?

TTBoy Says:  Music group SWV should have never left R&B.

TTBoy Says:  Who downplayed Jennifer Holliday and Irene Cara?

TTBoy Says:  Shame on Letitia James.

TTBoy Says:  Why exactly does Ariel Sharon matter today to Americans?

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it time for actor Brad Davis to receive a posthumous Oscar?

TTBoy Says:  “Midnight Express” is still a very relevant movie.

TTBoy Says:  Sal Mineo is still beautiful.

TTBoy Says:  Is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio the new Robert Dinero?

TTBoy Says:  Who’d you rather, Taylor Swift or Jenny McCarthy?

TTBoy Says:  Would you hire a man with the name “Jaybeon?”

TTBoy Says:  What exactly is “Affordable Housing” when you don’t have a job or bank account?

TTBoy Says:  Will singer Lauryn Hill ever get her mind back?

TTBoy Says:  When will director Lee Daniels produce the first ever all-Black superhero film?

TTBoy Says:  Why do people find it funny when someone tells them they have a relationship with their cigarette?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Bravo’s Andy Cohen appeared in a Hollywood film yet?

TTBoy Says:  “Don Jon” is a porn film.

TTBoy Says:  Scarlett Johansson is the most underrated actress in Hollywood.

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Suzanne Vega?

TTBoy Says:  Will there be copycat deaths like that of the late Paul Walker?

TTBoy Says:  “Sharing The Night Together” is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.

TTBoy Says:  Joe Boxer has the most interesting commercials on TV.

TTBoy Says:  Secretary of State John Kerry doesn’t seem to like his job very much.

TTBoy Says:  “Live and Let Live the Strong and Insured” should be America’s motto.

TTBoy Says:  Is Lady Gaga ready to produce her first major Hollywood film?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Syracuse actor Joseph Edwards?


TTBoy Says:

TTBoys Flower

TTBoy Says:  When you see “1hr. 20 minutes” and “120 minutes,” they’re different.


TTBoy Says:  You can’t give anything to God and you can’t take anything from God.  What He gives you

                        is for you to cultivate and make it grow the best you can.


TTBoy Says:  Life is for the living, but some of the dead would like to be in that position.


TTBoy Says:  “Girl, Interrupted” and “Imitation of Life” are two really great message movies.


TTBoy Says:  If red meat and pork is so bad for you, why do people who have never eaten it still die?


TTBoy Says:  Music is Music and Talent is Talent.  Why did Prince feel the need to stop being

                       commercial just for the sake of religion?


TTBoy Says:  Is it pride that makes people who need Food Stamps not ask for them?


TTBoy Says:  Are Stage Mothers and Fathers considered Pimps even if the child doesn’t win?


TTBoy Says:  People can store memories in boxes but still believe they can run from their past.


TTBoy Says:  Is Kerry Washington the new Halle Berry?


TTBoy Says:  Doctors are really drug dealers who eventually drive users into addiction.


TTBoy Says:    Is Samuel L. Jackson richer than Denzel Washington?


TTBoy Says:  Is “Dinosaur BBQ” really the best restaurant in Syracuse, New York?


TTBoy Says:  The Best Shopping Mall in the United States has to be Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.


TTBoy Says:  How could anybody believe that somewhere in the world, somebody isn’t so sinister to

                        use chemicals to kill its own people?


TTBoy Says:  “Roar” or “Applause?”  They both are very catchy.


TTBoy Says:  Is it really best to never turn down a job interview…under any circumstances?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it that so many people don’t believe they’re mentally ill?


TTBoy Says:  Eminem has to be the greatest rapper that ever lived.


TTBoy Says:  Have you ever played “Knock-Out” before you grew up?


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Billy Squire?


TTBoy Says:  Long-hair or Short-hair…everyone will always have their opinion.


TTBoy Says:  Why do most Pharmacists look so unhappy?  Could it be that they’re using the wrong



TTBoy Says:  Are doctors not supposed to have model personalities in the examining room?


TTBoy Says:  Zyrtec will always perform better than Clairitin.  And Allegra.  And Sudafed.


TTBoy Says:  When will Kristen Stewart ever stop using makeup?


TTBoy Says:  When a therapist tells you he has his own issues, believe him.


TTBoy Says:  When will Serena Williams really get the respect she deserves?


TTBoy Says:  Dr. Dre or Ice Cube?  Neither.  I’d prefer Queen Latifah.


TTBoy Says:  Khakis should be appropriate for every occasion.


TTBoy Says:  Some people should just not wear clothing.  Under any circumstances.


TTBoy Says:  People would question a man for wearing a tuxedo for no reason.  But they wouldn’t

                       question finding a ten dollar bill on the ground?


TTBoy Says:  John Boehner must be scared of direct confrontation of his competence.


TTBoy Says:  Cat Stevens will always be more controversial than Bob Dylan.


TTBoy Says:  Lana Del Rey is as beautiful as Katy Perry.


TTBoy Says:  People Magazine doesn’t really poll Americans on the “Most Beautiful Person.”


TTBoy Says:  Cancer is Cancer.  What kind is really irrelevant.  You can still die from it.


TTBoy Says:  When will we ever stop using the term “Customer Service?”


TTBoy Says:  How is the Dallas Cowboys America’s Favorite Team?  Does America really Show-Boat?


TTBoy Says:  When will guys stop getting married whenever they sign a contract into Sports?


TTBoy Says:  Is Jack Johnson a better songwriter than John Mayer?


TTBoy Says:  Is John Mayer really depressed?


TTBoy Says:  Can a depressed woman have an orgasm?  Just ask a woman in the porn industry.


TTBoy Says:  In a bar fight, I still think Pink could take Gretchen Wilson.


TTBoy Says:  If you don’t want them looked at, cover them up.


TTBoy Says:  Men, stop buying roses if you don’t know the meaning of the colors.  Women, know

                        their history and stop being so easy.


TTBoy Says:  Women, start sending flowers to men and see how they like it.


TTBoy Says:  There is a price to pay for Ettiquette School.


TTBoy Says:  There’s a price to pay for not going to any school.


TTBoy Says:  Most people don’t know when they’re being taken advantage of.


TTBoy Says:  Billboard Magazine is probably fraudulent and bases results on their likeability.


TTBoy Says:  When will we ever see the flip-flop version of “The Bodyguard?”


TTBoy Says:  Black people can get skin cancer.


TTBoy Says:  If you’re appealing, don’t expect not to be touched at a Nudist Camp event.


TTBoy Says:  An ugly personality is an ugly personality.  It has nothing to do with having sex as long as

                        you can’t speak during it.


TTBoy Says:  “Heids” does have the Best Hot Dogs in the World!


TTBoy Says:  There is a cure for AIDS.  It’s just that enough people haven’t died of it yet.


TTBoy Says:  Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin?  Let’s go with Gucci.


TTBoy Says:  Will Alexis Bittar ever have a SALE?


TTBoy Says:  “Interview” Magazine discriminates against short writers.


TTBoy Says:  “Ebony Magazine” discriminates against writers.


TTBoy Says:  Sandra Bernhard is still gay.


TTBoy Says:  Shepard Smith probably is gay too.  He just can’t spell it.


TTBoy Says:  George Zimmerman’s wife had to know he was racist before his historic event.


TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t it appropriate for men to scream…but it is for women?


TTBoy Says:  The Lohan family is still crazier than Amanda Bynes.  Sorry, Amanda.


TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Shouldn’t Marvin Gaye’s family sue Robin Thicke over similarities to Marvin Gaye’s own sound?

TTBoy Says:  Why would a celebrity go without make-up when they have an endorsement deal with a Cosmetics company?  Shouldn’t the celebrity be sued for violating that agreement?

TTBoy Says:  Why are Black actors so scarce in Hollywood?

TTBoy Says:  Haven’t conditions gotten worse for Blacks since Obama’s second term?

TTBoy Says:  Why are apologies accepted when people first knew their comments would hurt?

TTBoy Says:  Is DIP Publishing a reputable publishing establishment?

TTBoy Says:  Will P Diddy ever direct or produce a film that doesn’t include the typical Hollywood Illuminati?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to “American Idol” winner Candace Glover?

TTBoy Says:  Does “American Idol” really think Jennifer Lopez will revive sinking ratings for the show that she helped tank?

TTBoy Says:  Will there ever be a sequel to “Wonder Boys?”

TTBoy Says:  Who is helping President Obama with his seat nominations?

TTBoy Says:  Is Robert Pattinson whipped or can he just not find anyone other than Kristen Stewart?

TTBoy Says:  Did Dr. Gupta change his opinion of medical marijuana because someone directly related to him made him see the light?

TTBoy Says:  Does Jennifer Aniston ever read scripts or screenplays by unknown artists?

TTBoy Says:  Why is there such disparity in endorsements in the world of Women’s Tennis?

TTBoy Says:  Is Kim K’s baby more important than Kate Middleton’s and Beyonce’s?

TTBoy Says:  Is Facebook’s “Poke” a subliminal gesture for a Hook-Up?

TTBoy Says:  Why are Black models only shot from the side?

TTBoy Says:  What’s the better screen-couple, Richard Gere and Diane Lane or Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?

TTBoy Says:  Has Joan Cusack been hurt in Hollywood because of her treatment of Gabby Sidibe?

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t Jenny McCarthy more hurtful than Elisabeth Hasselback?

TTBoy Says:  Why does Hollywood not favor the displaying full-frontal nudity of ethnic men?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Grace Jones?

TTBoy Says:  Why do non-Whites try and explain the use of the N-word?

TTBoy Says:  Is Prince really richer than Madonna?

TTBoy Says:  Will Courteney Cox ever revive “Dirt?”

TTBoy Says:  Is NBC failing because of the cancellation of a show like “The Book of Daniel?”

TTBoy Says:  Why does the GOP incite religious values on the public, yet they rally against such TV  shows?

TTBoy Says:  Why won’t George Clooney ever portray a homeless man or sex predator?

TTBoy Says:  Are Speedos thoroughly banned or is it just because most men can’t fill them out properly?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s a better character actor, Robert Downey, Jr. or Daniel-Day Lewis?

TTBoy Says:  Is Sarah Jessica Parker happy every day?

TTBoy Says:  Are there names of dead celebrities that should never be used again on children, like:  GIA?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Keira Knightley?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Aidan Quinn such an underrated actor?

TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t Anthony Mackie get more acting roles?

TTBoy Says:  Is Dwayne Johnson a better actor than Vin Diesel?

TTBoy Says:  Is Cate Blanchett a better actress than Nicole Kidman?

TTBoy Says:  Is there anyone taking the reigns of the fight against AIDS that Elizabeth Taylor once held?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Piers Morgan still on television?

TTBoy Says:  Will David Letterman ever stop wearing suits on set and don regular   casual clothes?

TTBoy Says:  Will Angela Bassett ever win an Academy Award?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Roma Downey or Martha Williamson fought to resurrect “Touched by an Angel?”

TTBoy Says:  Why wasn’t Olivier Martinez recognized in “Before Night Falls?”

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Queen Latifah?

TTBoy Says:  Should “Friends” be kept in syndication or should there really be a revival of the hit show?

TTBoy Says:  Is Robert Dinero ready for a weekly television show?

TTBoy Says:  Is Serena Williams the greatest tennis player alive?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Rolex endorsed a Black athlete?  And, Tiger Woods doesn’t consider himself as Black.

TTBoy Says:  Did Michael Jackson simply adopt Debbie Rowe’s children?

TTBoy Says:  With his commanding stature, why doesn’t John Isner win more tennis matches?

TTBoy Says:  Has everybody forgotten Daniel Craig’s first film, “Love is the Devil?”

TTBoy Says:  Is Kevin M. Richardson done with on-screen acting?

TTBoy Says:  Florida more volatile than Mexico.

TTBoy Says:  Can anyone really trust Lindsay Lohan?


TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  It never amazes me how fallen celebrities find a way to re-surface.  For example, Stacey

Dash is a Republican who respects Romney’s views.  Stacey is Cluelessly Black.


TTBoy Says:  Fibromyalgia is real.


TTBoy Says:  Big Bird really had no political views until his job was threatened.


TTBoy Says:  President Obama must be planning an ambush at his second debate with Romney.


TTBoy Says:  I wish the wives of the Presidential candidates could debate even them individually.


TTBoy Says:  Has Michelle Bachmann fallen off the face of the planet?


TTBoy Says:  Do the Lohans have more in common with Honey Boo Boo’s family than we think?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people stop saying that their ‘Sex Tape’ was leaked?  It obviously wasn’t.


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more overexposed, J-Lo or Kim Kardashian?


TTBoy Says:  Who actually paid for Nicki Minaj’s butt implants?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyler Perry hoping to become the next Will Smith?


TTBoy Says:  What is happening to Blacks in Hollywood films?


TTBoy Says:  Did Beyonce pull out of the Hollywood remake of “A Star is Born” because she is being



TTBoy Says:  Who votes for Esquire Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive?’


TTBoy Says:  Does Bristol Palin and J-Lo have the same agent and PR rep?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people still have land lines?


TTBoy Says:  Why are the only people who claim to have gone to Heaven after a near death experience




TTBoy Says:  Rich people aren’t really cheap…they are just careful.  Some are just more stupid than



TTBoy Says:  Why does Ann Marie Buerkle call herself ‘qualified’ to be a Member of Congress?


TTBoy Says:  Did Governor Cuomo push hard enough to pass the law approving Medical Marijuana?


TTBoy Says:  My Toyota Yaris has been recalled, but Toyota refuses to give me a new one.  It’s their fault.


TTBoy Says:  Is Angela Lansbury returning to Prime Time TV?


TTBoy Says:  Does Ryan Murphy have an issue with men of color on TV?


TTBoy Says:  How is it that a man can tell when a woman is gay, but a woman can’t identify a man as



TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Times about to launch a site similar to The Huffington Post?


TTBoy Says:  Who did Lance Armstrong piss off to come under fire so harshly with the Anti-Doping



TTBoy Says:  Is Oprah regretting starting her own network?


TTBoy Says:  Where on earth is Corinne Bailey Rae?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Matt Lauer still on television?


TTBoy Says:  Can women be Alpha-Males?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more of a loose cannon:  Ann Romney or Dinah Lohan?


TTBoy Says:  Is Roma Downey still doing Angel work?


TTBoy Says:  Which four celebrities make up the Good Ole Boys Club for production companies?


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to the Rob Lowe scandal involving the teenage girls?


TTBoy Says:  Is the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes really real?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it so difficult to reload my Starbucks gold card?


TTBoy Says:  Fisher-Price has to have the most adorable commercial jingle:  “Always”  Next, Lowe’s.


TTBoy Says:  Publix has to be the absolute best supermarket chain in the world.


TTBoy Says:  Why does Vanessa Williams play villains so well?  666 Park Avenue is perfect for her.


TTBoy Says:  Why is “The Young and The Restless” so fearful to have a gay character on the show again?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyra Banks losing her modeling edge?


TTBoy Says:  Why is poetry only popular when it comes from Maya Angelou?


TTBoy Says:  Are people really becoming so disillusioned with God that atheist is the only alternative?


TTBoy Says:  Rachel Maddow is smarter than Rush Limbaugh.


TTBoy Says:  Is film director, Jonathan Case, a material thief?


TTBoy Says:  Is Whoopi Goldberg afraid to run for Government Office?


TTBoy Says:  Will Betty White ever receive an Honorary Oscar?


TTBoy Says:  When an incident is caught on tape, why is an investigation necessary?


TTBoy Says:   Shouldn’t J-Lo’s real estate agent have told her that her house wasn’t worth double of the

asking price?


TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t there an iPhone or phone just for bloggers?


TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Police Department crooked?


TTBoy Says:  Why do politicians claim to be able to bring jobs back to the United States when it’s not up

to them?


TTBoy Says:  If you can’t explain a tax plan, it’s obviously not worth having.


TTBoy Says:  With depression on the rise, which drug is worse:  Marijuana or anti-depressants?


TTBoy Says:   People who say that size doesn’t matter, want something else from their partner.


TTBoy Says:  Are children becoming bored with animated movies designed for them?


TTBoy Says:  Is “The View” a better talk show than “The Talk?”

TTBoy Says:


TTBoy Says:  Has Tyra Banks ever not been on top?


TTBoy Says:  Wasn’t Nancy Reagan the most extravagant First Lady ever?


TTBoy Says:  When will Madonna ever truly practice what the Koran preaches?


TTBoy Says:  For a Republican candidate to tell voters to not believe in the polls, shows he’s relying on not only wickedness but robbery.


TTBoy Says:  Does Beyonce feel like a fool now that her wonderkind, Adele, thinks using ‘sex’ to sell music is pathetic?


TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t anybody like Nicki Minaj?


TTBoy Says:  How can the same convenient store in Albany, New York have major New York State Lottery winners three times in a row?


TTBoy Says:  Can Ashlee Simpson sing better than anyone who relies on auto-tune?


TTBoy Says:  Do people really think Tyler Perry is in shape to portray an action hero?


TTBoy Says:  Is Mariah Carey plotting to deflate Nicki Minaj’s behind on camera?


TTBoy Says:  Why has Ellen DeGeneres stopped making movies?


TTBoy Says:  Did Clint Eastwood marry his current wife to prove he wasn’t racist?


TTBoy Says:  Did Gordon Ramsey discriminate against the Black contestant in “Master Chef?”  His Winner wasn’t really blind as they reported.


TTBoy Says:  Why has “60 Minutes” become so boring?


TTBoy Says:  You can always tell a man whose impotent by the way he crosses his legs.


TTBoy Says:  The most popular drinks at nightclubs now are:  Slow Comfortable Screw and the

Alabama Slammer.


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t men ever admit to being drugged at a club and then date raped?


TTBoy Says:  Why are plus-sized women models okay…but you don’t see plus-sized male models?

TTBoy Says:  Everybody should eat more pineapple and peaches for sex purposes.


TTBoy Says:   Did OUT Magazine really do a photo shoot with TTBoy the Writer and TTBoy the XXX Star?


TTBoy Says:  Will 2012 be the last hurrah for “America’s Next Top Model” and the ‘Boy’ on the show who wants to be high fashion girl?


TTBoy Says:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….but so is sexy!


TTBoy Says:  Who wears underwear less, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  When companies fire employees, why aren’t they escorted out the building and off the property? 


TTBoy Says:  What has happened with ethnic film producers and directors?  They are non-existent now.


TTBoy Says:  Who’s smarter, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney?


TTBoy Says:  Why didn’t Ana Ortiz become as popular as Sofia Vergara?


TTBoy Says:  When will Hollywood stop making cops and robbers movies into silly love stories?


TTBoy Says:  When will Will Smith finish “The Sam Cooke Story?”


TTBoy Says:  Is there anybody out there who can portray Dolly Parton in a movie about her life?


TTBoy Says:  Is Miley Cyrus the most underrated artist in Hollywood?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Bill Maher straddling the fence on his political views against Republicans?


TTBoy Says:  Does Rachel Maddow want to slap snot from Ann Coulter’s nose every time she see her?


TTBoy Says:  Does Whoopi Goldberg regret not ever running for political office?


TTBoy Says:  Why do we continue harping on old quotes and poets when there are more relevant and interesting ones around today?


TTBoy Says:  When will Jennifer Aniston finally get pregnant and forget about Brad?


TTBoy Says:  Who denies having dreams most, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  Which parent would most anonymously admit t having a favorite child?


TTBoy Says:  Why didn’t anyone sue the publishing house that published the book about the raid on Osama Bin Laden?


TTBoy Says:  What’s worse, being mad or getting angry?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s taken more seriously when it comes to giving advice, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  Is there any TV news media daring enough to do an expose on the real Male Strippers and their VIP rooms?  It’s more like Looking For Mr. Goodbar.


TTBoy Says:  What’s wrong with this picture:  Jeremy Renner, John Travolta, Ricky Martin, and

Matt Bomer?


TTBoy Says:  Shakira will make a beautiful mom.


TTBoy Says:  Is Joe Biden smarter than George W. Bush?


TTBoy Says:  When will Lindsay Lohan fully self-destruct?


TTBoy Says:  Has Brandy ever been questioned about what was in the note Whitney handed her the night she died?


TTBoy Says:  It’s easier to walk around your home naked in Malibu during the day than at night.


TTBoy Says:  If there isn’t an attorney at every accident, somebody there can refer you to one.


TTBoy Says:  If I said, “Karl Rove needs to be hung for mailing free movies about Obama’s fathers’ life as a boy,” would that get me in trouble before or after I get a new agent?


TTBoy Says:  Did anybody really care that Katie Couric had bulimia in college any more than they cared  that Cyndi Lauper was sexually assaulted by two women and a man at the same time?


TTBoy Says:  Ever since published a story on Syracuse, New York and ex-Mayor

                       Lee Alexander, Syracuse has gone further and further downhill in national rankings.


TTBoy Says:  Will Christine O’Donnell ever learn about witchcraft?


TTBoy Says:  After his affiliation with the Republican Party, 50 Cent should now be call ’50 Dollars.’


TTBoy Says:  Chris Tucker must have made a lot of money to owe the IRS over $11 mil in back taxes.


TTBoy Says:  Was it just his talent that made the world give Robert Downey, Jr. another chance?


TTBoy Says:  Does Mel Gibson have to lose all of his money to find the perfect piece of tail?


TTBoy Says:  Since Lisa Lampanelli lost weight, has she become a nicer person?


TTBoy Says:  Is Serena Williams the best tennis player that ever lived?


TTBoy Says:  Be careful of anyone who tell you his name is ‘Ian Moone.’


TTBoy Says:  Is Kelly Ripa really pleased with her co-Host?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s crazier, Amanda Bynes or Dinah Lohan?


TTBoy Says:  Will Halle Berry ever live freely in France?


TTBoy Says:  What is wrong with Ryan Murphy?


TTBoy Says:  Is it a good time or a great time to have gay-themed shows on TV?


TTBoy Says:  Will Sandra Bernhard ever return to television?


TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Why is Chris Chase still working for Yahoo! Sports?


TTBoy Says:  With so much focus on Michael Phelps winning Gold at the 2012 Olympics, why is

everyone surprised that Ryan Lochte won Gold and Phelps placed 4th?


TTBoy Says:  Is Freedom of Speech dying every time someone speaks and gets accused of Hate?


TTBoy Says:  Image is everything.  Just look at Mariah Carey.


TTBoy Says:  Can Katherine Jackson really remember whether or not she was drugged?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Hollywood incorporate a Love Scene in every action movie?


TTBoy Says:  Maybe opportunists Will Farrell and Ben Stiller should wait for the outcome of current

events before they finish movies like “The Watch” and “The Campaign.”


TTBoy Says:  Is Michael Jackson spinning in his grave right now?


TTBoy Says:  Could the surviving Jackson brothers ever sell-out a concert tour without Michael?


TTBoy Says:  Will TLC ever make another album?  Whatever happened to Ohsocrispy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people want to believe that God hates homosexuals?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people think that Chick-Fil-A is doing God’s work by chasing away Gays?


TTBoy Says:  Didn’t God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of its lust and wickedness?


TTBoy Says:  What class was more at fault:  the male or female prostitute in Sodom and Gomorrah or

the solicitor of their services?


TTBoy Says:  Weren’t Adam and Eve actually Brother and Sister?


TTBoy Says:  Is Wealth and Greed and the use of Off-Shore accounts part of the New and Old



TTBoy Says:  Will we ever know George W. Bush’s fears?


TTBoy Says:  Is the Moral Majority a lot like “12 Angry Men” only in the millions?

TTBoy Says:  In today’s market, should a woman be chastised because her daughter got a job as a Porn



TTBoy Says:  With more than one city in California going bankrupt, is it smart for the state to go after

Medical Marijuana shops?


TTBoy Says:  Since Fred Willard went out to an X-rate cinema and got caught with his pants down, is it

safe to say that there was trouble at home at the time?


TTBoy Says:  Does anyone know how the stars line up for people on earth?


TTBoy Says:  Do children pray better than adults?


TTBoy Says:  Did Joe Paterno really die of natural causes?


TTBoy Says:  Is Jerry Sandusky afraid to leave his jail cell?


TTBoy Says:  How comfortable was Queen Latifah playing the lesbian thug in “Set It Off?”


TTBoy Says:  Will CHANGE be dangerous for 2012?


TTBoy Says:  When will Allen West be quiet?


TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it strange enough having a Black Republican…let alone one with a scandal?


TTBoy Says:  Just because he has lots of money, why do people think Mitt Romney is smart?


TTBoy Says:  Why are people obsessed with reading their horoscopes?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better in bed Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney?


TTBoy Says:  Where is Wendy Ross of the rock group Quarterflash?


TTBoy Says:  Did Suzanne Vega really know “Luka?”


TTBoy Says:  If you don’t like the Paparazzi, why did you wish to be a celebrity?


TTBoy Says:  Eventually, we all look alike.


TTBoy Says:  So many people still believe Log Cabin Republicans put logs in cabins.


TTBoy Says:  Does Dolly Parton squeal like an alley cat in bed or grunt like a teenage girl?

TTBoy Says:  Is Anna Farris the Lucille Ball of our time?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better respected a Whore or a Prostitute?


TTBoy Says:  Do you feel sorry for the person who was told, “It’s not You, it’s Me?”


TTBoy Says:  Who’s better in bed Shania Twain or Shakira?


TTBoy Says:  What’s really wrong with Marco Rubio?


TTBoy Says:  Is 40 the proper age to create a Bucket List?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s a better drunk Congressman Dick Reid or Justice Scalia?


TTBoy Says:  Could you stay friends with an adult bully who finally got beat up at a baseball game?


TTBoy Says:  Who has the prettier employees, Marketing or Advertising?


TTBoy Says:  Does Dick Cheney ever have nightmares after shooting his friend?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t celebrities know how to treat their fans?


TTBoy Says:  Do people still believe that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide?


TTBoy Says:  Will Oprah ever get decent programming on her OWN Network?


TTBoy Says:  Will Jennifer Aniston ever win an Oscar like Angelina Jolie?


TTBoy Says:  Who made Matt Lauer the leader of the “Today” show?


TTBoy Says:  Is there any reason to doubt “No Doubt?”


TTBoy Says:  What’s worse an extremely small penis or an extremely tight vagina?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Pineapple Juice good for anyone who is sexually active?


TTBoy Says:  What if the viewing public was able to cancel shows like CNN and FOX News?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people learn that “I’m sorry” isn’t always appropriate when somebody loses



TTBoy Says:  Why have Serena and Venus Williams been overlooked as champions for the Olympics?

TTBoy Says:  Why are the commentators for the 2012 Olympics so un-American for NBC?


TTBoy Says:  Is NBC, CNN, and FOX NEWS working together?


TTBoy Says:  Is “The Dark Knight Rises” movie cursed?


TTBoy Says:  How could anyone equate President Obama to the killer in Aurora, Colorado?


TTBoy Says:  Would you buy a Condoleezza Rice and Bill Maher sex tape?

TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Does Allen West have any idea that he’s fighting on the side that doesn’t want him?


TTBoy Says:  Are Americans that repressed that every year or so they need a new savior like

“Fifty Shades of Grey?”  It’s almost an excuse for them to be anti-social.


TTBoy Says:  Is someone trying to sabotage Oprah’s “OWN” Network?


TTBoy Says:  We’ve heard the term “Supermodel.”  Now, what about “Super-gay?”

Are wealthy gay executives on the rise?


TTBoy Says:  Why is long hair on a Black man viewed differently from long hair on a White man?


TTBoy Says:  Are men secretly fantasizing about the size of other men?


TTBoy Says:  Do women fantasize about the sexcapades of other women?


TTBoy Says:  Has someone decided that there is a certain “shade” of Black for different TV shows?


TTBoy Says:  Would “Single Ladies” survive on regular television?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it so difficult for OUT Magazine to acknowledge that diversity is necessary?


TTBoy Says:  As the economy worsens, less crotches will be self-groped.


TTBoy Says:  What if pregnancies start to rise as the temperatures outside start to rise?


TTBoy Says:  Does Kathie Lee Gifford really think she’s indispensible and irreplaceable?


TTBoy Says:  Why are the older people currently on Social Security against future payments to others?


TTBoy Says:  Why did Ann Curry really want Katie Couric’s job on the “Today” show?


TTBoy Says:  Why are more people dying in their 40’s than any other age group today?


TTBoy Says:  Why is the YMCA and the YWCA associated with being poor?


TTBoy Says:  Has Hollywood lost its edge on being edgy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do the police believe Rodney King’s fiancée about how he died?  His friends didn’t like



TTBoy Says:  What type of person frightens “Ellen?”


TTBoy Says:  What part, or parts, of her body would Oprah say she likes most?


TTBoy Says:  Who is the Judas of the Democratic Party and for the Republican Party?


TTBoy Says:  Are Louis Vuitton’s hurting sales forcing them to advertise on “Let’s Make A Deal?”


TTBoy Says:  In her next attempt for attention, will J-Lopez cut off all of her hair, for real?


TTBoy Says:  Even the smartest man or woman can be brainwashed by the Media.


TTBoy Says:  Will really pale women stop wearing that trashy,deep, bright red lipstick?  Scary.


TTBoy Says:  Why are most stylists not stylish themselves?  Celebrities should take note.


TTBoy Says:  Is Stacy Dash really a loose cannon?


TTBoy Says:  In the remake of “A Star is Born,” why weren’t there auditions?


TTBoy Says:  When will Tyler Perry ever have a monster-hit movie?  Has he lost his Black audience?


TTBoy Says:  What will it take for the Williams Sisters to recapture the tennis scene?


TTBoy Says:  Does Britney Spears have any kind words for Madonna after she caused her breakdown?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Bristol Palin think she’s important?


TTBoy Says:  Do gay GOP members think they’re better than gay Democrats?


TTBoy Says:  In an effort to widen their dislike for their child’s gay lifestyle, why are more parents

choosing to support Romney?


TTBoy Says:  People are really feeling out of touch with the “Today” show.


TTBoy Says:  Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” became more likeable because of her illness.

TTBoy Says:  Can there really be love when the woman knows the man has no money?


TTBoy Says:  Why do women lie about falling in love with a guy because of his smile?


TTBoy Says:  Why will you never hear a guy say that he fell in love with a woman because of her smile?


TTBoy Says:  What if Hoda Kotb told the truth that she really couldn’t stand Kathie Lee Gifford?


TTBoy Says:  Why are they claiming jobs are being created when all they’re doing is opening up space?


TTBoy Says:  Why couldn’t then President Clinton void the NAFTA Agreement signed into act?


TTBoy Says:  Is NAFTA the reason there are no jobs in the United States?