The Difference Between a Porn Star and a Writer is “Thoughts…over a good cup of coffee”

Just who is TTBoy (The Writer) and TTBoy (The Porn Star)?

There seems to be much confusion as to my many posts here on Word  Being that I tend to write (blog and post poetry), why is it so difficult for readers to distinguish me from the Porn Star?  To some, the Writer TTBoy is considered to have honed in on his writing craft, while TTBoy, the Porn Star, has solidified his place in the Porn Industry.

TTBoy, the Writer, may incite some negativity from his writings, while, TTBoy, the Porn Star, may offer-up the same feelings for his work with “models” on film.  TTBoy, the Writer, has yet to find any articles posted online by the noted Porn Star.

As a more sedate reference, please refer to the book, “Thoughts…over a good cup of coffee,” and make your comments known about any demeaning or inflammatory subjects the book may entail.

Two completely different artists using the ‘same name’ may just be what the literary world needs to separate fact from fantasy.

Tecoy the Boy

Tecoy the Boy

Rose from the floor

It was a joy

How he gave them more

   and made them sore


Tecoy the Boy

Showed everything

Overnight toy

A body that could sing


Tecoy the Boy

Heaven met Hell

Even good ole Rob Roy

Fell privy to his spell


All Hail

 Tecoy the Boy

Even the frail impale

Thoughts of Tecoy the Boy


Tecoy the Boy

Sent from above

Some kind of ploy

All about love


Tecoy the Boy

Iconic forever

Damn that Tecoy

Demonic if you say never


Tecoy the Boy

TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  It never amazes me how fallen celebrities find a way to re-surface.  For example, Stacey

Dash is a Republican who respects Romney’s views.  Stacey is Cluelessly Black.


TTBoy Says:  Fibromyalgia is real.


TTBoy Says:  Big Bird really had no political views until his job was threatened.


TTBoy Says:  President Obama must be planning an ambush at his second debate with Romney.


TTBoy Says:  I wish the wives of the Presidential candidates could debate even them individually.


TTBoy Says:  Has Michelle Bachmann fallen off the face of the planet?


TTBoy Says:  Do the Lohans have more in common with Honey Boo Boo’s family than we think?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people stop saying that their ‘Sex Tape’ was leaked?  It obviously wasn’t.


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more overexposed, J-Lo or Kim Kardashian?


TTBoy Says:  Who actually paid for Nicki Minaj’s butt implants?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyler Perry hoping to become the next Will Smith?


TTBoy Says:  What is happening to Blacks in Hollywood films?


TTBoy Says:  Did Beyonce pull out of the Hollywood remake of “A Star is Born” because she is being



TTBoy Says:  Who votes for Esquire Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive?’


TTBoy Says:  Does Bristol Palin and J-Lo have the same agent and PR rep?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people still have land lines?


TTBoy Says:  Why are the only people who claim to have gone to Heaven after a near death experience




TTBoy Says:  Rich people aren’t really cheap…they are just careful.  Some are just more stupid than



TTBoy Says:  Why does Ann Marie Buerkle call herself ‘qualified’ to be a Member of Congress?


TTBoy Says:  Did Governor Cuomo push hard enough to pass the law approving Medical Marijuana?


TTBoy Says:  My Toyota Yaris has been recalled, but Toyota refuses to give me a new one.  It’s their fault.


TTBoy Says:  Is Angela Lansbury returning to Prime Time TV?


TTBoy Says:  Does Ryan Murphy have an issue with men of color on TV?


TTBoy Says:  How is it that a man can tell when a woman is gay, but a woman can’t identify a man as



TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Times about to launch a site similar to The Huffington Post?


TTBoy Says:  Who did Lance Armstrong piss off to come under fire so harshly with the Anti-Doping



TTBoy Says:  Is Oprah regretting starting her own network?


TTBoy Says:  Where on earth is Corinne Bailey Rae?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Matt Lauer still on television?


TTBoy Says:  Can women be Alpha-Males?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more of a loose cannon:  Ann Romney or Dinah Lohan?


TTBoy Says:  Is Roma Downey still doing Angel work?


TTBoy Says:  Which four celebrities make up the Good Ole Boys Club for production companies?


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to the Rob Lowe scandal involving the teenage girls?


TTBoy Says:  Is the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes really real?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it so difficult to reload my Starbucks gold card?


TTBoy Says:  Fisher-Price has to have the most adorable commercial jingle:  “Always”  Next, Lowe’s.


TTBoy Says:  Publix has to be the absolute best supermarket chain in the world.


TTBoy Says:  Why does Vanessa Williams play villains so well?  666 Park Avenue is perfect for her.


TTBoy Says:  Why is “The Young and The Restless” so fearful to have a gay character on the show again?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyra Banks losing her modeling edge?


TTBoy Says:  Why is poetry only popular when it comes from Maya Angelou?


TTBoy Says:  Are people really becoming so disillusioned with God that atheist is the only alternative?


TTBoy Says:  Rachel Maddow is smarter than Rush Limbaugh.


TTBoy Says:  Is film director, Jonathan Case, a material thief?


TTBoy Says:  Is Whoopi Goldberg afraid to run for Government Office?


TTBoy Says:  Will Betty White ever receive an Honorary Oscar?


TTBoy Says:  When an incident is caught on tape, why is an investigation necessary?


TTBoy Says:   Shouldn’t J-Lo’s real estate agent have told her that her house wasn’t worth double of the

asking price?


TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t there an iPhone or phone just for bloggers?


TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Police Department crooked?


TTBoy Says:  Why do politicians claim to be able to bring jobs back to the United States when it’s not up

to them?


TTBoy Says:  If you can’t explain a tax plan, it’s obviously not worth having.


TTBoy Says:  With depression on the rise, which drug is worse:  Marijuana or anti-depressants?


TTBoy Says:   People who say that size doesn’t matter, want something else from their partner.


TTBoy Says:  Are children becoming bored with animated movies designed for them?


TTBoy Says:  Is “The View” a better talk show than “The Talk?”

TTBoy Says:


TTBoy Says:  Has Tyra Banks ever not been on top?


TTBoy Says:  Wasn’t Nancy Reagan the most extravagant First Lady ever?


TTBoy Says:  When will Madonna ever truly practice what the Koran preaches?


TTBoy Says:  For a Republican candidate to tell voters to not believe in the polls, shows he’s relying on not only wickedness but robbery.


TTBoy Says:  Does Beyonce feel like a fool now that her wonderkind, Adele, thinks using ‘sex’ to sell music is pathetic?


TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t anybody like Nicki Minaj?


TTBoy Says:  How can the same convenient store in Albany, New York have major New York State Lottery winners three times in a row?


TTBoy Says:  Can Ashlee Simpson sing better than anyone who relies on auto-tune?


TTBoy Says:  Do people really think Tyler Perry is in shape to portray an action hero?


TTBoy Says:  Is Mariah Carey plotting to deflate Nicki Minaj’s behind on camera?


TTBoy Says:  Why has Ellen DeGeneres stopped making movies?


TTBoy Says:  Did Clint Eastwood marry his current wife to prove he wasn’t racist?


TTBoy Says:  Did Gordon Ramsey discriminate against the Black contestant in “Master Chef?”  His Winner wasn’t really blind as they reported.


TTBoy Says:  Why has “60 Minutes” become so boring?


TTBoy Says:  You can always tell a man whose impotent by the way he crosses his legs.


TTBoy Says:  The most popular drinks at nightclubs now are:  Slow Comfortable Screw and the

Alabama Slammer.


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t men ever admit to being drugged at a club and then date raped?


TTBoy Says:  Why are plus-sized women models okay…but you don’t see plus-sized male models?

TTBoy Says:  Everybody should eat more pineapple and peaches for sex purposes.


TTBoy Says:   Did OUT Magazine really do a photo shoot with TTBoy the Writer and TTBoy the XXX Star?


TTBoy Says:  Will 2012 be the last hurrah for “America’s Next Top Model” and the ‘Boy’ on the show who wants to be high fashion girl?


TTBoy Says:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….but so is sexy!


TTBoy Says:  Who wears underwear less, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  When companies fire employees, why aren’t they escorted out the building and off the property? 


TTBoy Says:  What has happened with ethnic film producers and directors?  They are non-existent now.


TTBoy Says:  Who’s smarter, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney?


TTBoy Says:  Why didn’t Ana Ortiz become as popular as Sofia Vergara?


TTBoy Says:  When will Hollywood stop making cops and robbers movies into silly love stories?


TTBoy Says:  When will Will Smith finish “The Sam Cooke Story?”


TTBoy Says:  Is there anybody out there who can portray Dolly Parton in a movie about her life?


TTBoy Says:  Is Miley Cyrus the most underrated artist in Hollywood?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Bill Maher straddling the fence on his political views against Republicans?


TTBoy Says:  Does Rachel Maddow want to slap snot from Ann Coulter’s nose every time she see her?


TTBoy Says:  Does Whoopi Goldberg regret not ever running for political office?


TTBoy Says:  Why do we continue harping on old quotes and poets when there are more relevant and interesting ones around today?


TTBoy Says:  When will Jennifer Aniston finally get pregnant and forget about Brad?


TTBoy Says:  Who denies having dreams most, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  Which parent would most anonymously admit t having a favorite child?


TTBoy Says:  Why didn’t anyone sue the publishing house that published the book about the raid on Osama Bin Laden?


TTBoy Says:  What’s worse, being mad or getting angry?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s taken more seriously when it comes to giving advice, men or women?


TTBoy Says:  Is there any TV news media daring enough to do an expose on the real Male Strippers and their VIP rooms?  It’s more like Looking For Mr. Goodbar.


TTBoy Says:  What’s wrong with this picture:  Jeremy Renner, John Travolta, Ricky Martin, and

Matt Bomer?


TTBoy Says:  Shakira will make a beautiful mom.


TTBoy Says:  Is Joe Biden smarter than George W. Bush?


TTBoy Says:  When will Lindsay Lohan fully self-destruct?


TTBoy Says:  Has Brandy ever been questioned about what was in the note Whitney handed her the night she died?


TTBoy Says:  It’s easier to walk around your home naked in Malibu during the day than at night.


TTBoy Says:  If there isn’t an attorney at every accident, somebody there can refer you to one.


TTBoy Says:  If I said, “Karl Rove needs to be hung for mailing free movies about Obama’s fathers’ life as a boy,” would that get me in trouble before or after I get a new agent?


TTBoy Says:  Did anybody really care that Katie Couric had bulimia in college any more than they cared  that Cyndi Lauper was sexually assaulted by two women and a man at the same time?


TTBoy Says:  Ever since published a story on Syracuse, New York and ex-Mayor

                       Lee Alexander, Syracuse has gone further and further downhill in national rankings.


TTBoy Says:  Will Christine O’Donnell ever learn about witchcraft?


TTBoy Says:  After his affiliation with the Republican Party, 50 Cent should now be call ’50 Dollars.’


TTBoy Says:  Chris Tucker must have made a lot of money to owe the IRS over $11 mil in back taxes.


TTBoy Says:  Was it just his talent that made the world give Robert Downey, Jr. another chance?


TTBoy Says:  Does Mel Gibson have to lose all of his money to find the perfect piece of tail?


TTBoy Says:  Since Lisa Lampanelli lost weight, has she become a nicer person?


TTBoy Says:  Is Serena Williams the best tennis player that ever lived?


TTBoy Says:  Be careful of anyone who tell you his name is ‘Ian Moone.’


TTBoy Says:  Is Kelly Ripa really pleased with her co-Host?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s crazier, Amanda Bynes or Dinah Lohan?


TTBoy Says:  Will Halle Berry ever live freely in France?


TTBoy Says:  What is wrong with Ryan Murphy?


TTBoy Says:  Is it a good time or a great time to have gay-themed shows on TV?


TTBoy Says:  Will Sandra Bernhard ever return to television?


Everyone wants to be TTBoy


Everyone wants to be

TTBoy, can’t you see?

No matter if they’re queer

Or just a steer

It just makes them so glad

to feel that they’ve been had


To see one in the buff

they pray they can get rough

The smart can read some prose

before they put him up their nose

No matter how it fits

they come back for more hits


It’s not just the shady lady

or the man named Grady

who wants to spread their legs

to give screams and more loud begs

However proudly it gets shoved

justly before something gets rubbed


One might be long

and provokes a different song

The other might be wide

with so much more to hide

All in all there will be a ball

Attempt to rise and you might fall


TTBoy is a Toy

Filled with love always spreading joy

Whatever your true desire

Can you control an epic empire?

Try not to go too slow or move too fast

Because what good is pleasure with just a wet ass?


The real TTBoy is all class

At times walks on water, not broken glass

Try standing firm – judge for yourself

Grab your brains down below or off the shelf

Makes no difference who you are

Or the time of day when you see, read, or swallow a star


What Price for Stimulation – TTBoy (The Writer) and TTBoy (The Porn Star)



Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)








What is the price one pays for visual stimulation?  Whether the stimulation arrives in the form of written verse of video, is there a real difference?  The Writer delivers from his craft a dialogue in commentary-style, albeit essay, rhythmic poetry, or prose.  The Porn Star gives erotic stimulation through touch.  What makes one more desirable than the other depends on the type of gratification sought by the viewer.  However, even the literary genius craves a good romp in the Principal’s Office every now and then.  And, the Janitor enjoys a great essay on the effect racism is having on the Presidential election.  But what is desirable to some is offensive to some.  The Writer can offend without the use of profanity, though alluding to everything and anything of a clandestine nature:




     When I Come For You




        Thy Will Be Done


I will have you


in whatever way


on whatever day I say


I won’t care if you are ready


or if you are sick or poor


And if you are happy and rich,


shame on you


because I won’t need anything that you have


but You


That soul that you have


 only seems to cry out for


something, someone, some thing




when you are in need


of a fix of clarification that you are not




And you are not Alone


And that is why


I will have you


in whatever way


on whatever day I say


And I thank you for your sometimes-nature


That’s why You are so valuable to Me




When I Come For You


Don’t Be Afraid


You know why I’m coming




For the most who attempt to decipher this poem, they get it wrong.  Although the piece appears to possess a sexual tone or erotic tone, it is so far from it.  Yet, there is stimulation into thinking and believing what the reader or viewer wants.  The Writer, a good Writer, is able to designate for his intended audience.




Then, we have the Porn Star (TTBoy).  A male, who has starred or performed in over 1,500 adult films, is definitely considered an artist who is not only well-respected in the Adult Film industry, but one who has perfected his craft so well that any avid fan of adult films owns at least one film that stars this major league player.  There is no need to list his real name here, mainly because he can be found in Wikipedia.  Although both TTBoys can be found in Google, it is the Adult Film star who generates constant buzz because of different form of stimulation:  Nudity.  Nudity, still visual, of course, can reviewed in a couple different ways.  There is erotic visual stimulation (Soft Porn) where there is sensuality without aggression.  TTBoy, the Porn Star, often portrays a rough demeanor in his scenes.  If you’re about to view a TTBoy DVD by renting or purchasing, you already know what to expect.  But nudity in any sense with at least two people, other than a photo of Adam and Eve, the Venus di Milo, or the statue of David, automatically signifies sex:  perversion, demeaning, non-discriminatory, unsafe, unholy, filth, etc.  The negative adjectives could go on forever.  Yet, again, there is a need for this type of stimulation.  Though when a monetary value is placed on the Written versus the Visual (though both are visual), the obvious performance action wins out every time.  And while sites like Triond, Blogger, and promises to distribute the Writer’s work to as many available literary sites as possible, the Adult Film market reigns supreme at marketing and distribution.




Having performed in over 1,500 adult films could mean serious wear and tear on the actors’ bodies.  The viewer is unaware of the many edits, cuts, and retakes in any film.  While some patrons of adult film prefer the bareback-style (no-condom) film, there are still those who find pleasure in watching performers who use condoms.  Fast Forward to the Writer…while the Writer may write several different pieces, over a 1,000 in fact, some may be seen as one-sided – favoring one specific opinion.  Then, there are the patrons who like the Writer but would prefer to read pieces that reveal a softer, more delicate side in a peace-love-and-happiness format.  What a difference when it comes to visual stimulation.  The mind wants what the mind wants.  With the various methods of stimulation, reading a good book, story, or poem, is very similar to watching porn.  Whereas constant reading could result in cultural literacy, the constant viewing of pornography could result in addiction.  Some may say that watching porn helps their sex life.  Others may say that watching porn in the comfort or privacy of their own home keeps them safe from contracting sexually transmitted diseases or attaching themselves to toxic relationships.  Either way, the visual of porn helps the needy.




Sure, there are other Writers out there…just like there are other Porn Stars out there.  It just so happens that the two TTBoys do the same thing, just in different ways.  Whether or not they have met makes no difference.  A mistake could be made if one goes looking for a nice poem or essay on the President of the United States and accidentally selects the link describing the latest installment of oral pleasures.







TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  When did Bill Maher become so passionate in what he does?  Is he really always stoned

                                on his show?


TTBoy Says:   Is the reason why Meg Ryan hasn’t been in a movie recently because of her on-screen

                                 interaction with Black guys?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it easier for a woman to come out of the closet than a man to do so?


TTBoy Says:  Is there a secret operation in the White House titled:  ISCRAM?  Oh wait, that’s really

                                RACISM, isn’t it?


TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t anyone question President Clinton on his Free Trade decision he made

                                when he was in office?                                 


TTBoy Says:  Will Tyler Perry ever have a $100 million opening for any of his movies?


TTBoy Says:  Did Allstate get flack over its commercial where the Black construction worker calls the

                                White construction worker, “One Dumb Dude?”


TTBoy Says:  Virginia Madsen is Hollywood’s most underrated actress?


TTBoy Says:  If the majority of dancer, back-up dancers are not straight, does J-Lo think she’s hit

                                the Jackpot?


TTBoy Says:  Why are there so many Crime and Detective stories on Oprah’s OWN network?


TTBoy Says:  Can you tell which Hollywood celebrities have cheated death too many times?


TTBoy Says:  Do real doctors tell single, unattached men to use vibrators to relax their prostate?


TTBoy Says:  Why are McDonald’s workers so angry?


TTBoy Says:  What would happen to all the employees at FOX NEWS and CNN, if they chose to

                                 cancel programming due to consistent online flubs?


TTBoy Says:  Why produce a show like “Hollywood Exes?”  They are “Exes.”


TTBoy Says:  Wouldn’t it be explosive if Andy Dick met Chris Crocker?


TTBoy Says:  Is there a conspiracy to hide all of the crying photos of John Boehner after the

                                 Healthcare decision was read?


TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Yahoo! find better writers for its website?


TTBoy Says:  Will the Powers-that-Be finally let Lindsay Lohan crash and burn after she finishes the

                                Lifetime Movie?


TTBoy Says:  Rihanna must be All That, since she’s got two artist fighting over her.


TTBoy Says:  A Stripper’s life may be over soon, but his or her work is never done.


TTBoy Says:  Will Lee Daniels ever make a movie about the Evolution of Man?


TTBoy Says:  Will Woody Allen ever make a movie similar to Sidney Poitier’s, “Guess Who’s Coming

                                 to Dinner?”


TTBoy Says:  Can Bette Midler perform the songs she did in the movie “The Rose” today?


TTBoy Says:  Is Leah Remini a bitter person?


TTBoy Says:  For some, the state of Florida is their lucky rabbit’s foot.


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to “It Gets Better?”


TTBoy Says:  Can a battered Stay-at-Home Dad experience PTSD at home?


TTBoy Says:  Since The Huffington Post was bought-out by AOL, who determines its content?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Louie CK being called the Great White Hope of comedy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do divorced people always try to give dating advice?


TTBoy Says:  A McDonald’s coffee cup, A Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup, and a Starbuck’s coffee up…

                                which one will get you a better conversation from a total stranger?


TTBoy Says:  Has Melanie Griffith fallen and she can’t get up?


TTBoy Says:  Is Andy Cohen an easy-going man to work for?


TTBoy Says:  With the three-second delay in place, can’t we do away with lip syncing now?


TTBoy Says:  It’s good to see the first “AT&T Girl” still going strong film today.


TTBoy Says:  Will Halle Berry ever find True Love?


TTBoy Says:  Just how many benefits are there for drinking coffee?  Do you have to always drink it?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Bobby Jindal always look like he’s lost more weight every time he

                                appears in public?


TTBoy Says:  Will Sarah Jessica Parker ever address the issue with the age of her hands?


TTBoy Says:  Was Sofia Vergara ever a struggling actress?


TTBoy Says:  Is Krisy McNichol still on the Hollywood scene?


TTBoy Says:  Where is Alanis Morissette?


TTBoy Says:  Is Lauryn Hill really crazy?


TTBoy Says:  Is Kelsey Grammer experiencing karma because of how he treated his ex Camille?

TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Does Allen West have any idea that he’s fighting on the side that doesn’t want him?


TTBoy Says:  Are Americans that repressed that every year or so they need a new savior like

“Fifty Shades of Grey?”  It’s almost an excuse for them to be anti-social.


TTBoy Says:  Is someone trying to sabotage Oprah’s “OWN” Network?


TTBoy Says:  We’ve heard the term “Supermodel.”  Now, what about “Super-gay?”

Are wealthy gay executives on the rise?


TTBoy Says:  Why is long hair on a Black man viewed differently from long hair on a White man?


TTBoy Says:  Are men secretly fantasizing about the size of other men?


TTBoy Says:  Do women fantasize about the sexcapades of other women?


TTBoy Says:  Has someone decided that there is a certain “shade” of Black for different TV shows?


TTBoy Says:  Would “Single Ladies” survive on regular television?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it so difficult for OUT Magazine to acknowledge that diversity is necessary?


TTBoy Says:  As the economy worsens, less crotches will be self-groped.


TTBoy Says:  What if pregnancies start to rise as the temperatures outside start to rise?


TTBoy Says:  Does Kathie Lee Gifford really think she’s indispensible and irreplaceable?


TTBoy Says:  Why are the older people currently on Social Security against future payments to others?


TTBoy Says:  Why did Ann Curry really want Katie Couric’s job on the “Today” show?


TTBoy Says:  Why are more people dying in their 40’s than any other age group today?


TTBoy Says:  Why is the YMCA and the YWCA associated with being poor?


TTBoy Says:  Has Hollywood lost its edge on being edgy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do the police believe Rodney King’s fiancée about how he died?  His friends didn’t like



TTBoy Says:  What type of person frightens “Ellen?”


TTBoy Says:  What part, or parts, of her body would Oprah say she likes most?


TTBoy Says:  Who is the Judas of the Democratic Party and for the Republican Party?


TTBoy Says:  Are Louis Vuitton’s hurting sales forcing them to advertise on “Let’s Make A Deal?”


TTBoy Says:  In her next attempt for attention, will J-Lopez cut off all of her hair, for real?


TTBoy Says:  Even the smartest man or woman can be brainwashed by the Media.


TTBoy Says:  Will really pale women stop wearing that trashy,deep, bright red lipstick?  Scary.


TTBoy Says:  Why are most stylists not stylish themselves?  Celebrities should take note.


TTBoy Says:  Is Stacy Dash really a loose cannon?


TTBoy Says:  In the remake of “A Star is Born,” why weren’t there auditions?


TTBoy Says:  When will Tyler Perry ever have a monster-hit movie?  Has he lost his Black audience?


TTBoy Says:  What will it take for the Williams Sisters to recapture the tennis scene?


TTBoy Says:  Does Britney Spears have any kind words for Madonna after she caused her breakdown?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Bristol Palin think she’s important?


TTBoy Says:  Do gay GOP members think they’re better than gay Democrats?


TTBoy Says:  In an effort to widen their dislike for their child’s gay lifestyle, why are more parents

choosing to support Romney?


TTBoy Says:  People are really feeling out of touch with the “Today” show.


TTBoy Says:  Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” became more likeable because of her illness.

TTBoy Says:  Can there really be love when the woman knows the man has no money?


TTBoy Says:  Why do women lie about falling in love with a guy because of his smile?


TTBoy Says:  Why will you never hear a guy say that he fell in love with a woman because of her smile?


TTBoy Says:  What if Hoda Kotb told the truth that she really couldn’t stand Kathie Lee Gifford?


TTBoy Says:  Why are they claiming jobs are being created when all they’re doing is opening up space?


TTBoy Says:  Why couldn’t then President Clinton void the NAFTA Agreement signed into act?


TTBoy Says:  Is NAFTA the reason there are no jobs in the United States?



TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  How can people who say they’re shy really be shy?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t they do credit checks on people before they take out life insurance policies on themselves and their family members?

TTBoy Says:  Does Alec Baldwin really believe he is a Bear?

TTBoy Says:  Why is there somebodyelse out there writing under the handle “Ttboy says?”

TTBoy Says:  Saturday Night Live has been its best in the last two years.

TTBoy Says:  Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever win an Academy Award?

TTBoy Says:  Since Halle Berry won her Oscar by having sex with a white man in a movie, maybe a Black man will win by having sex with a White woman.

TTBoy Says:  Is Blair Underwood the savior of Black men in film?

TTBoy Says:  Are people really brainwashed into thinking that Rick Perry is joking about being completely jaded on Foreign Affairs?

TTBoy Says:  Because timing is everything, has J-Lo overstayed her welcome in Hollywood?

TTBoy Says:  Is Usher really a drug addict?

TTBoy Says:  Does Herman Cain‘s wife think White women envy her?

TTBoy Says:  Who cancelled “Mad TV?”

TTBoy Says:  2011 was a billion dollar Break-Up Year.  Equal cheating between men and women.

TTBoy Says:  Does Lady Gaga know who Robyn is?

TTBoy Says:  Do women size each other up the same way men size each other up?

TTBoy Says:  If lesser-endowed men compensate by owning large dogs, how do women compensate for not having any vaginal muscles?

TTBoy Says:  Every man and woman, named Adam and Eve, getting married, should do so in the nude and in a garden by a voice.

TTBoy Says:  Anybody who signs a waiver to enter a reality show and later gets hurt should be immediately go before a Judge and laughed at.

TTBoy Says:  Have you ever seen an attractive woman with COPD carrying an oxygen tank and smoking a cigarette?

TTBoy Says:  Is Mitt Romney smarter than Michelle Bachmann?

TTBoy Says:  Did Jon Corzine really think he could get away with hiding over a billion dollars from the Government?

TTBoy Says:  With the world in such an economic mess, why is the show “Cheaters” still so popular?

TTBoy Says:  Who has more urinary tract infections, Men or Women?

TTBoy Says:   Why do women say “the condom broke” before admitting that the guy said he is “…allergic to condoms?”

TTBoy Says:  Why do people congratulate Service Men for re-enlisting for another six years?

TTBoy Says:  Why are Black Medical Colleges ranked higher than predominately White Medical Colleges?

TTBoy Says:  If couples could have a stripper pole in their bedroom, who would be the first one to use it in their sex act?

TTBoy Says:  Is Sarah Silverman funnier than Kathy Griffin?

TTBoy Says:  Will Eddie Murphy ever join Arsenio Hall in another movie?

TTBoy Says:  Will Jennifer Hudson have her fiance sign a prenup before they get married?

TTBoy Says:  Why is it that a woman needs a man to tell her he’s gay even though everything about him is gay?

TTBoy Says:  Why is HLN a much better news reporting organization than CNN?

TTBoy Says:  Why is it really important to see attractive people naked before ruling out the unattractive people?

TTBoy Says:  Because of his Chevron Challenge win, will Tiger Woods resume his title as Extreme Womanizer?

TTBoy Says:  Who put an end to the typical blonde, blue-eyed male and female commercial actor?

TTBoy Says:  How do Male Athletes get broke making nine million dollars a year?

TTBoy Says:  Has Trent Reznor stopped performing his song “Closer” because it is too orgasmic?

TTBoy Says:  Why are there fat nurses?

TTBoy Says:  Why are they still making Adult Movies that use condoms when they don’t sell as well as the bareback ones?