Dear President Obama



Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




    I know I don’t have to tell you the history Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech, so I won’t.  At that time, and definitely when you were elected by a landslide in 2008, Americans as well as foreigners alike were hopeful that a change would come in the issue of racial equality.  Dr. King dreamed of a better day for minorities.  Sadly, unfortunately, he was struck down long before he could witness a man he fought so hard for to rise to the mountain top.  Yes sir, you are on the mountain top.  But, it makes one wonder if you truly had the same dream as Dr. King. 




     People still march in front of and around the house that you command.  Jobs are lost, homes lost, lives lost…and still, the hope is there but it seems like it’s fading away.  Though we all know that it’s not just minorities who are in jeopardy of a continuous diminishing livelihood, so much media attention now is comparing Dr. King’s message to your “Yes we can” or even the “Change” messages you promoted.  “Yes we can” is what Blacks and Whites alike chanted back to you, in an effort to get you elected as the first “African-American,” not Black, President of the United States.  I guess in Dr. King’s time, he was considered colored or Negro.  Boy, have the times really changed?  Now, Blacks are considered African-American with thanks to the Reverend Jessie Jackson and his 1988 campaign for your spot.  Yet, the “Change” so many shouted for you has not been felt.  Then again, many minorities feel that it has gotten worse for them since you took over the podium. 




     With jobs being a major focus for Americans, one should wonder how jobs will be created when there is no real demand for products that can’t be afforded.  Education pales due to the fact that once the paper is received and the debt is grieved, it’s all about who you know to get placement in this world.  Then, there are the lucky ones who have the stars lined up for them and feel that the law of prosperity will follow them if they go to the side where money talks.  In other words, once Democrats now become Republicans.  Yes, Republican is synonymous wealth and status.  Democrats are for the hopeless and near-desperate.  As an elected-Democrat, what exactly do you represent?  The podium is yours, the microphone is yours.  Though you stand up straight, it’s actually confusing as to where you stand…for the un-chosen broken.




     I read a poem called, “The Day the Ghetto Died,” and found it to be interesting.




On the day the Ghetto died


Malcolm X bowed his head


While Martin Luther King stood and cried




On the day the Ghetto Died


Some sat and sang a hymn


Others just sat and lied


Lied about what the white man did for them




On the day the Ghetto Died


Little babies ran through streets


While their mothers bowed their heads and cried


To see their children with shoes on their feets




On the day the Ghetto died


The bible was opened even wider


To thank the Lord for a bond to be tied


And to pray for it to be tighter




In front of the steeple


I sat and felt a drop of rain


I looked up despite the people


And saw Jesus rejoicing over his pain




The pain must have been great


For it came down like a herd of angry men


But then it stopped


And I saw the sky smile again




‘Twas the Day the ghetto died


all the great heroes rose from the dead


to spread the knowledge they once had to hide


to the souls whose hearts now bled




They walked in hundreds of thousands


Wearing potato sacks


And chains and ropes


I can say this – for I was there


And in unison they sang the most beautiful hymn




It was one I never got to write


Because I could only listen in solemnity


It was a song that made me frown


 – one that gave me back my dignity




The tone sounded like it came


From the chain gang


But I couldn’t be sure if it was of


Rejoice or of pain




I walked around my beautiful home and cried


I looked and saw that I had everything money could buy


Then realized how little I had


But my ancestors had much pride






     Can you tell if this author is Republican or Democrat?  One would assume that because the author mentioned “ancestors,” he or she is non-white.  One side doesn’t seem to have to yell to get their point across.  Another side is just simply ignored and floored.  Who could deny the impact of one Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, or Quincy Jones?  They have made their mark on the world.  Crossovers?  Maybe.  Still, even the mighty O still has her bouts with abandonment.  And now, Americans are feeling abandoned by another mighty O.  Are you building your cabin the way you want it to be?  There are laws that are nearly favoring the execution of Blacks, let alone Black males – in a state many believe changed the course of history in 2000.  As time advanced, so has favoritism.  Who now represents our nation for the minorities who want a better life?  Just because of the so-called self-help television shows and books, the destination can’t be reached without support, resources. 




     Let’s give kudos to those who can stand back and thank their lucky stars for a blessed life.  It is with faith that those individuals cultivate their gifts and make them grow.  Also, they should remember how they got to be in their cushy position and not be ashamed to admit that they received help along the way.  Has much sight been lost by tending to the grass in other nations backyards?  When you awaken from your night’s sleep, can you honestly tell your dream without making a joke about it?  Laughter is only a temporary fix and dreams of a better way die when they can’t be fulfilled.  And time heals no one or nothing.  It only makes conditions harsher without proper treatment.




     Would Dr. Martin Luther King be pleased with the conditions minorities face today?  Probably not.  Then again, had his dream been kept alive 1988 would have never happened and the 2000 election would never have seen the light of day.   You would still have had your chance to speak for the disadvantage man and woman.  But you more than likely would have been forced to keep your promises of a better day.




     Don’t be that father that went out for milk and never came back.  Or, the one who pops back in from time to time to say, “Hey, remember me?”  Almost two years into our new house and the steps still haven’t been fixed.  You’re the only one who knows where the materials are to fix the steps. 




     The ghetto should have died by now and changed into a neighborhood.  Though it’s like that way for so many, change just can’t happen fast enough.  Some can’t even remember their dreams.




      And, to think, the movie “The Butler” made you cry.










Ms Aerd 






Tissues for your Issues

Like a flattering bathing suit

compliments were hurled at you

With reassurances at hand

I reached out and felt the grandstand

Senryus formed on your behalf

Like nursing a new baby calf

My sweet honey you did suckle

Soon the noose formed a belt buckle

The pity parties given without invitation

Later chastised your bleak indignation

Then I opened the box to dry you off

But a buried boned appeared when you coughed

Did I tickle your fancy

like King Necromancy?

Or did you see me as devil

way below your level?

It didn’t take a sleuth

to find the truth

You did it all yourself

by bringing down the shelf

Tissues for your issues are made just right

Perfectly packed though not air-tight

Better in a one-piece

To not show a tear or a crease

The sharks want you to swim

You should be used to them


What I learned at Bain Capital


English: Icon for recentism
English: Icon for recentism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What I learned at Bain Capital


will be made history


Americans need a scalpel


as my wealth becomes blistery




So what they had to die


I had reason to live


It’s not like I told one big lie


I gave them more than I wanted to give




Leave me alone


See me for what I am


I will never ask for a loan


just use your life when in a jam




Give me all of your love


Let me make your mind up for you


Even the great God up above


can’t tell which of my words are true




You need not know who I follow


nor what’s behind my door


My laws you must swallow


Prove you are woman and not whore




Man will be Man


White will never be a doorman


No matter the level of tan


Believe in me, the all faithful Mormon




Whatever problems there are now


I did not create them


Start to finish, I do know how


I will always point the finger at him




Give me all the credit


It will walk with me to the bank


May you always be in-debted


to me and my think tank




Before my Capital


there has always been Bain


To idiots I am mental


but losers can’t see I’m insane








Can Gays Really All Get Along?

You're The Most Colorful Thing That I've Seen
You’re The Most Colorful Thing That I’ve Seen (Photo credit: Dia™)


I come across headers, every now and then, that sound like a plea for all Gays to Get Along.  The header then gives you just enough to tease you with the direction of the article.   What’s so unfortunate is that you can always tell the type of author who wrote the piece.   Usually, there is never a story trying to unite people of color with other races.  What begins as mainstream ultimately must remain mainstream.


Gossip and fashion are two of the main issues that drive gay unity.  Perez Hilton knows full well the importance of cattiness and the thrill to impress via dress.  For the gay man, at least, appearance is everything along with strong finances.  Otherwise, why exist?  Then again, if you don’t really have it, give the impression that you do.  Everything is about managing the perception of perfection.  In today’s vision, starting a family with a partner is key to success.  By comparison, gays tend to stick with members of their likes.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is typical of heterosexual relationships too.  But gay men and women can take family life to more extreme level of exuberance of showmanship.  By that, I mean flamboyance.  Being gay, for so many of my friends, is another or the best way for them to be extroverted.  Social mobility and that being a social butterfly are aspects that help gays prosper and mature.  This is the mainstream.


How do gays of color fit into the scheme of mainstream gay life?  They don’t appear to be included in the usual talk that relates other gays.  Whether it is all about the color of their skin or the preconceived notion that no matter what they call themselves, the thought of being violent reigns supreme.  In other words, militant would be a better expression of a person of color who goes against authority.  And by authority, it is intended to mean white.  Although it may be more threatening to see two men of color together as a couple or in a family setting with one or more children (as they are more heavily judged in adoption cases), it is less threatening when one member is of a more acceptable race.  Even then, there is the question of whether true love exists in the relationship.


 So, can everybody get along?  The only way I see it, the ones in charge are the ones who need to let their guard down.  Look at what Augusta National just did – not only did they allow women into their prestigious all-male club, they allowed a woman of color.  Granted, Condi isn’t really a woman of color.  She has stature, clout, respect.  Not all women of color have the honor in mainstream America.  But what would really help a male of color…would it help if he achieved stature before he announced the church he was a member of?  Probably not.  That is unless he had the support of an accepted one.  Then, I guess, some acceptance is better than no acceptance at all, right?     


Life isn’t always what YOU make it



Every day, I try to re-energize myself.  After reading terrible reviews or seeing horrible television commercials about how one man let down the entire economy by not fulfilling the promises he made – I wish that I could do more to help get the message across that he should have drilled home time and time again:  “REAL CHANGE and SUFFICIENT CHANGE ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!”  Yet, we see what we want to see.  We hear what we want to hear.  We saw History in the making.  We saw CHANGE.  We heard someone wanting to make a difference.  We didn’t hear that we were in more trouble than one man could save us from.  The old American dream was life is what you make it and fades into the ‘America is the land of opportunity’ makes all of us who fear writing a check, for fear that our unemployment check won’t come through by the time the check hits the bank, or fear embarrassment of trying to use our credit card in the grocery store because the bank that we have used for more than twelve years chose to reduce our credit card limit because of our new spending habit, or fear hearing a knock at the door before looking out the window and seeing the Sheriff’s car parked out front of the house you know has been in foreclosure for more than ten months, inadequate.  You are the time-bomb that the politicians that you knew were all wrong for your well-being, but voted for anyway, are banking on failing.  Why shouldn’t they bet against you? – You showed your support for their foe.  But, you continue day after day complaining, griping about everything that you really have complete control over…a single vote that you know you should make and fully support.  Most often, we have friends who have the same culture as we do – the way they think, act, and believe become the main reason we allow them to take up residence in our minds and hearts.  Then suddenly, we hear or feel something that doesn’t sit right with our ego, something that really questions our beliefs and we do absolutely nothing.  And as we continue to do absolutely nothing, matters get worse while issues take the back-burner.  What we have done is we settled on an aesthetic instead of the truth.  We jump ship because the appealing can’t be wrong, that being with the in-crowd will make us better too.  And again, our shame won’t let us admit that we messed up.  We try to make a life for ourselves, but life reminds us that it’s not all about us.  And, if life isn’t all about us, how can it possibly be what we make it?  There are powers-that-be that we put up on a pedestal who fail to hold up their end of the bargain.  However, deep down inside we wish we had gone for the universal message that could have resulted in universal appeal.  The person didn’t change, just our mindset did.   Isn’t this what people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Iyanla Vanzant tell all of us who listen every day that we should do?  This made me wonder why these motivational speakers never enter the White House.  Is it that they are banned from doing their ‘good work’ on unholy ground?  Will we ever become one of those powers-that-be?  Do we think we still won’t be under the same scrutiny once we rise from the ashes?  The only way I see us really being relevant to the cause of universal love and fulfillment is that we have to form one solid union that will remain impenetrable to anything unethical, discrimination, and segregation.  We’ve tried to build a life for ourselves and those who depend on us – only to be told our leader failed us.  Well, how can anyone fail us if he or she doesn’t have the ‘adequate’ support they need to lead us?  Again, rhetoric at our most vulnerable point makes us easy prey.  But as the prey is prayed upon, they pray for a better day, a better way, a better say, a better tray to present their list of demands on.  Life isn’t always what you make it…especially if you keep giving your cards to somebody who doesn’t really have your best interest at heart.  If only there was a way to energize everybody…

2012…And the Civil Rights Movement still goes on!

U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usua...
U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usually called a “standard” in official U.S. government terminology). It is defined in Executive Order 10860. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To many of the world, Barack Obama is the first AfricanAmerican President of the United States of America; to others, the first Black President…the first Negro President…then, the first Colored Man to ever grace the Oval Office and a podium to address the American public of its social concerns.  He was supposed to be the savior of the minority-class while serving as an example of why White America should take its country back.  After eight years of band-aiding a festering economy, Americans voted into office freshness; a breath of different air to fix what had gone wrong in the White House.  This very well could have been deemed a personal demolition of the government as the epitome of all that should have been right, didn’t sound right.  Had only they rehearsed their lines a little better or kept in-sync with one another, they could have been the ones responsible for allowing America to continue treading downward.  In fact, the four years that Barack has occupied the White House could have been performed as a reality TV show known now as “Political Animals.”  When Dennis Haysbert played the President on the hit show “24,” his show’s ratings were higher than the President’s approval rating (at times) – complimentary of his supporting cast.  Where “24” was about fantasy that could be selected at will, President Obama was severely regulated in his power almost immediately upon taking the presidential platform.  Dennis, or President David Palmer, was able to make decisions, commands, exert his authority-at-will in times of national security breaches and such.  President Obama saw much of his own Democrat-based cabinet either leave politics all together upon his arrival, or jump ship to the Republican on newly instituted Tea Party for spite.  It would be quite difficult for the John F. Kennedy of the 21st Century to help his fellow-man.  But his fellow-man would later become brainwashed into abandoning all that he stood for early on in his campaign solely because their passion had an expiration date.  With unemployment on the rise, and foreclosures mounting, tempers were flaring.  And on November 2, 2010, the American public told the Republic Party, “You Were Right!”  Unlike JFK, President Barack Obama was assassinated by the People.  And the GOP would capitalize on this in every way possible.  Then, in an effort to redeem himself to his remaining followers – and even the ones who had now abandoned him, the President would be told he must “compromise” with the group that wanted him to continue to fail miserably.  Compromise he did.  Unemployment Benefits would be saved, continued for those who had been out of work for the allotted 26 weeks.  But that victory was short-lived as continued defeat was inevitable for the President of the United States…though someone had to foresee the effect it would have on the African-American community.  Or was it that no one cared?


Enter the new Richard Nixon, Mitt Romney.  The Mormon, family man Governor of Massachusetts would use as much rhetoric and material brawn that he could muster to appeal to the American public that he would never fail them.  As many continue to speculate with proof and circumstantial evidence of his dismantling lives along with companies that would catapult him into the land of the uber-rich, the mystery of Mitt’s missing tax returns are likened to Nixon’s Watergate Tapes without the wiretaps.  Eventually, though, they are bound to surface; maybe a secret IRS agent will find a few of them in a Florida dumpster:  unaccounted for.  To worsen matters, a healthcare plan initiated by the Governor was somewhat mirrored by the President of the United States, but was mocked as being unconstitutional.  Basically, virtually…the same plan was now being seen by the Governor of Massachusetts as being one that could further cripple America.  It didn’t help that the President’s plan was upheld in the Supreme Court.  This could be seen as the President’s most major accomplishment.  The NAACP has the tendency of endorsing groups and plans that help their budget.  Not always will the group’s plan signify support for the Democratic Party as a whole – but will help the body that make up the Party.  While Mitt can walk into a conference and insult its members with the harshest of language, there are still many who believe in his proposed policies and procedures.  The NAACP, a group that at the start of its heyday received funding and support from Jewish leaders, would even go against the President of the United States of America and his signing same-sex marriage into law.  Of all subjects, the leaders of Black caucuses refuse to stand together in approval of the President on this one issue, claiming this could decide the election.  Not only are African-Americans being discriminated against for life’s basic necessities, like jobs and sex, Americans are facing discrimination for not being above the middle-class.  Suddenly, Whites are being forced into categories that house Blacks or African-Americans:  jobless, homeless, penniless.  Welcome to the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century where there is a battle between the haves and the have-nots. 


Where one group or race of people may take complete ownership of discrimination, this is not a time for anyone to try and be proud.  Discrimination is just a different form of bullying.  And the bullies are the ones who have what the have-nots don’t.  The bigger problem to that is that those bullies constantly brag about their status.  Even when Chick-Fil-A protesters form a “kiss-in,” they don’t actually kiss inside the store.  It’s done on the outside for fear of retaliation – lock up. 


There was mutiny in 2010 for all the wrong reasons.  If only the People of America can remember this, they will not let history repeat itself.  President Obama hasn’t fully failed us, contrary to GOP belief, but he also hasn’t been our knight in shining armor either.  His articulation and mass appeal has, however, made international race relations better.  Gun laws should not be included in race relations when dealing with issues at home.  In the 60s, there was discrimination and segregation due to hatred resulting in violence and death.  Today, a new Civil Rights Movement is necessary to prevent anything other than clothing and fashion-sense being resurrected.  But like in the 60s, the peaceful leaders were taken away forcefully by bullets.  Give Peace a chance.  Bullets and Ballots have the same amount of letters.

For a Black Man or Woman, the best professions are in Cosmetology


English: Young black woman (cropped version)
Young black woman(Photo credit: Wikipedia)




It is well-known that the job situation for Black Americans is gloomy and there may not be any light at the end of any tunnel any time soon.  But even for those Blacks who have not recently been displaced from the workforce, image or appearance is still key.  Managing the perception is just a way many people hide the fact that they are barely making ends meet.  Yet and still, keeping up appearances enhances one’s self esteem – making one ready when opportunity knocks.




In an effort to fight depression or any type of malaise, there are two areas of the body that are rarely neglected.  For the Black male and Black woman, the hair is a necessity for maintaining mobility.  The Black male finds himself keeping up with the latest fads like images cut into the hair of his favorite basketball team or player, popular logos, or even names.  By maintaining this type of profile in the Black community, the Black male retains a feeling of social relevance or worthiness.  The Black woman, on the other hand, has many options available to her that do come at a hefty price.  From the customary or standard wash and set, there is the wash and perm or relaxer.  The relaxer is usually a product that includes lye which, with a hot comb or straightening comb, makes the Black person’s hair limp and more manageable to comb through.  Many in the Black community see a woman or young lady with a perm as one who cares for her well-being.   While there are those who like being catered to, there are those who like to do the catering.  Dudley’s Hair Care Products is one of the few African-American family owned hair companies remaining in the United States. Over 40 years ago, Joe L. Dudley Sr. and Eunice M. Dudley co-founded this ethnic hair care and cosmetics company. Dudley’s  motto is: “In Partnership with the Professional Cosmetologist.”  Many Blacks, both men and women, though predominately women, have attended the Dudley Cosmetology University in Kernersville, North Carolina to learn the Dudley technique of sustaining life and growth to the Black hair.  A for-profit school, Dudley University educates many students within a two-year timeframe.   Another option for the Black woman or young lady is the use of extensions or hair- weave.  Both extensions and weave add length and volume to the modest or mediocre head of hair.  For many students of cosmetology, participation in hair shows is a way to get their name across to business shop owners and other students.  Dudley’s knows that for the Black professional or even the ones who want to be perceived as upwardly mobile, the hair is a hot commodity.  Cosmetology schools are popping up all over the place.  But most do not study the Black scalp or head of hair the way the Dudley’s school does.




The Dudley Beauty College located in Chicago, Illinois, provides a wider range of courses than the Dudley Cosmetology University.  At the Beauty College, one learns:  hair, nails, skin, and instructing.  The Beauty College’s mission is to:  “develop professional Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians and Instructors for the 21st century. DBS understands the necessity of providing quality training to all of its students.”  Nails is the second area that is most in demand for the Black woman.  Ask just about any Black woman and she will tell you that she would go without eating just to get her hair done or did.  Appearance is everything…and so is image.  In the Black community, when the appearance is right, no one has to know there’s not a dime in one’s pocket.




So, whatever the craving, there are those who teach and those who play.  Just as there is a need to have services rendered, there must be someone to provide the services.  No matter how down-and-out the economy is, the people of the Black community will find a way to keep their spirits high by getting their hair and nails done.  While many manicure and pedicure shops are owned and operated by members of the Asian dissent, for a Black person owning his or her own beauty parlor or barbershop could be big business.


When will the Black ancestors speak to their people about selecting their President?



Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Call them humble, gullible, nice, caring, non-threatening, well-educated, articulate, up-and-coming, upwardly mobile, God-fearing…they may still just be stupid or ignorant.




It should pain anyone when the likes of Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornell West and other so-called Black leaders discuss their disapproval for the only Black President the United States of America may ever have:  Barack Obama.  Surely, the President could speak directly to them when he utters the ‘taken-out-of-context’ phrase “You Didn’t Build That” because they truly didn’t build their empires on their own.  It seems that all the aforementioned used a little brainwashing of their own to attain the following they have achieved over the years.  The Bottom Line:  they needed faithful followers, People to carry out their restricted domination.  Let’s not forget the near-passing Corey Booker of New Jersey who also has denounced his sincerity for President Obama.  Why is this happening?  Have affluent Blacks suddenly seen a different side of themselves they want more accepted of mainstream America?  Would anyone disagree that the greatest payoff is money, not a hand-out, but mere compensation for switching common courtesy for humanity and confusing it with concern in the form of tyranny?  At a time when change has come, many naysayers refuse to let history repeat itself.  Then, in many ways, what is provoking Blacks to attack a leader of their own race is similar to “Black-on-Black” crime that was prevalent or tied to gang warfare.  Yet, instead of these leaders thumping their chest with a gang-sign, they just let the hate run off their tongues and onto the microphones that eagerly await them.




So many Black leaders say that they have marched with Dr. King and stood beside John F. Kennedy as they tried to make the world a better place by demanding equal rights for all men and women.  If this is true, why has the message gotten lost?  So much of the world is all about Big Business.  Breaking the Union, Big Business.  Education, Big Business.  Outsourcing Jobs, Big Business.  Liberal versus Conservative, Big Business.  Democrat versus Republican, Big Business.  Lies versus Little White Lies, Big Business.  Black Unemployment, Big Business.  Pretending to be color-blind, Bigger Business.  What are these Black leaders or pillars of the Black environment thinking?  Are we heading towards a two-year reassessment of the President?  We didn’t do it when Bush was in office.  But if it wasn’t enough that a Black Barack Obama, who stood for CHANGE and fairness, won the Presidency over a lesser qualified male and female, what is it?  Just two years after being elected, the President came under fire because Americans did not get jobs right away.  That seemed to be the main issue that threatened hard-working middle-class Americans who were on the verge of losing their homes and personal wealth really because of issues that preceded Barack Obama.  On that note, November 2010 had citizens of America who once were Democrat now voting Republican.  Basically, the public was tricked into believing they had made a mistake by voting for someone who was not even taken seriously by his own party.  To make matters worse, the President even saw Democratic leaders stepping down – removing themselves or dissociating themselves with him.  Yet, Black leaders still want their followers to believe, again, that the grass is greener on the other side of fantasy land.




Surely, there are many who remember the Flood of 1927 (The Great Mississippi Flood).  There may even be many who are still alive today.  Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce, was in charge of flood relief operations.  The promises Mr. Hoover made to the Blacks who occupied refugee camps helped set the stage for his election to the presidency.  However, as conditions worsened with Whites receiving better treatment with food and shelter, thousands of Blacks lost their lives.  This horrific and inhumane act caused the shift of Blacks from the Republican Party to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Democratic Party.  Promises were broken.  Unlike Hoover, President Obama faced much opposition within his own party.  Maybe had he said emphatically that change was not going to be immediate because of the severity of the conditions he had inherited, Americans would have been more willing and tolerant.  But, they were not.  They were eager, angry, tired, and felt misled.  Fast forward two years, and this time even wealthy Blacks are promoting Big Business, I mean, someone who knows what Big Business means for himself.  The problem many affluent Blacks face is that they are still Black – no matter the size of their wallets, purses, or bank accounts.  No one wants ‘freebies’ especially if there is going to be a limit to them.  To say that all Blacks want nothing but “Free Stuff” is quite derogatory.  What better stigma placed on a culture that has almost no chance of rising like the phoenix from the ashes?  The words in the phrase “Uppity Negro” still resonate with many poor, elderly southern Blacks (partly due to the Willie Lynch Speech) who believe that the Black man should always know his place in society.  But, if that is the case, does a Black man have a place in the Republican Party?  Chances are, many of those elderly types don’t believe their vote count…anyway.  Would their ancestors agree?


The difficulty in registering with “”

Downtown New York
Downtown New York (Photo credit: sreevishnu)

A story was posted about a family of “13” that was burned out due to a grease fire on the North Side of Syracuse,  New York.  The writer, who may even be an intern working his very first job in journalism, used the word “bungalow” to describe the “1 1/2 story” house.  I can only imagine his reason for using the word “bungalow” to describe the detached home solely because of the area the house was located.

No other information was provided about the inhabitants of the home.  Four adults and nine children no older than eighteen years of age were said to dwell in a three bedroom house.  Not that it matters the number of bathrooms the house held, I can only surmise the comfort level of the dwellers were less than stellar.  With thirteen people cohabitating, was or is this not a job for Social Services?  Were they all blood relatives, foster children, illegals…?  As the article was more than vague, I tried posting a comment about the writer of the article describing the house as a “bungalow” only to be directed to register with “”    This is where I began to have severe trouble.  And why?

Using a created screen name and password that was ultimately accepted after several attempts, I was then directed to my e-mail to activate my e-mail address.  But, to no avail, clicking on the link only added to my frustration.  I was “directed” again to register for an account.  Are you kidding me?  Have financial restraints caused the decline of website monitoring everywhere?  I even wonder if there is a Story Editor or Type Editor to verify or even confirm details their journalists produce.  Otherwise, it seems that everyone has been given the authority to “Create and Post at Will.”

The Post-Standard and the Syracuse Herald Journal used to be prime news sources not only for the Syracuse area but for the downstate area as well.  But, as the next generation has firmly made its mark, true customer service has left the building.  Where is the sense of responsibility to being true to your craft?  Is it that obvious that new cast of Occupy Syracuse are not natives of Syracuse at all?  Maybe the parents left them behind.  Maybe everybody has just thrown their hands up and opted to just collect their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly “pay” check.  In any fashion possible, they want a title behind their name and below their tiny, little picture.

TTBoy Says:


TTBoy Says:  If Tebow is so religious and spiritual, why didn’t he read Matthew 6:6 to realize pray needs not be on a Football field but behind closed doors that is your personal time with Jesus?  And now, his team is losing.  Maybe God is pissed.

TTBoy Says:  Why is it an atheist can irritate the hell out of a Christian only to have that Christian want to witness him burning in the lake of sin and fire?

TTBoy Says:  Since South Park thinks Black people don’t go to Heaven and Bill Maher has no Black prospects in his life before believing in God, it seems like a perfect match in Hell.

TTBoy Says:  What’s the worst that can happen if the GOP were all stoned on trees?  They already failed in trying to budget America.

TTBoy Says:  Do the Bidens think about and try and out-do the President and Mrs. Obama sexually?  Mr. Obama has said that he is doing all he can to take his mind off smoking.  Mrs. Obama must be an athlete.

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t Ron Paul and Rick Santorum the same person…just a little Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

TTBoy Says:  Why does Mitt Romney always look like someone is about to ask him where the body is?

TTBoy Says:  A truly successful person attends to three things:  1.  Appearance     2.  Growing a larger nest for their eggs     3.  Their convenient fling.  This would truly stop the divorce rate, especially if everybody’s tubes were tied.

TTBoy Says:  With such a bad economy, women rapists are on the rise.

TTBoy Says:  Why does Chelsea Handler look like she just wants to go cheetah on somebody?  Really intense.

TTBoy Says:  What will it take for Kelly Clarkson to drop that extra baggage?  I mean, I wouldn’t want to always feel so guilty…

TTBoy Says:  Where on earth is Perez Hilton?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s really got the bigger sack, Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner?  She is worth more.

TTBoy Says:  How does Beyonce now feel about having Jay-Z get his name removed from his first child’s birth certificate?  Now, she can truly say that her husband is not a statistic.

TTBoy Says:  Will David Beckham ever have a seriously masculine voice?

TTBoy Says:  If Priests only look at pictures of little boys, why wouldn’t someone mistake them for being gay?

TTBoy Says:  More conventional marriages are ending with the female choosing a female partner.

TTBoy Says:  What books has Oprah’s staff read lately?

TTBoy Says:  Why is a man wearing hospital scrubs seen as a doctor when women wearing scrubs just work for the hospital?

TTBoy Says:  Hollywood is just Swingin’!  But nobody wanted to let Marc Anthony in.

TTBoy Says:  A picture is no longer just worth a thousand words.  Manipulated, it can be worth at least three thousand.

TTBoy Says:  The new Jennifer Hudson is in a great new body with a terrible insignificant theme song that is not a Negro spiritual.  Way to Go, Jennifer!

TTBoy Says:  Maybe if Jennifer Lopez dates enough young boys, she truly will be Jenny From The Block…Jenny From Around The Block.

TTBoy Says:  Since women fake pregnancies all the time, why can’t a celebrity fake a full-term pregnancy – knowing her “children” look nothing like her or the supposed father?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Jenny McCarthy not in more movies?

TTBoy Says:  What makes 69 year old Aretha Franklin want to work the pole again?

TTBoy Says:  At this moment, either yourself or someone in your circle of friends is considering hosting an orgy.

TTBoy Says:  The next time you see a couple together that looks like they don’t match, one of them is an escort.  Yes.  There is someone for everybody.

TTBoy Says:  You may be spending too much time with your child, if your child can talk back to you in a way that forces you to choose a therapist.

TTBoy Says:  Do you remember the first person you ever wanted to see naked?

TTBoy Says:  If all men got their prostates massaged regularly, there would be less prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and erectile dysfunction.

TTBoy Says:  All straight men and women, especially couples, should have at least one gay man among their circle of friends.

TTBoy Says:  Be careful performing fellatio on a Black woman.  Doing it right will get you the worst headache ever.

TTBoy Says:  Be careful performing fellatio on a Black man.  Just doing it will get you out on the corner.

TTBoy Says:  Looks like someone associated with the AT&T/T-Mobile deal pissed off the judge bad enough to halt the deal.

TTBoy Says:  Why is it that male and female strippers are even less respected than hookers?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Janet Jackson ballooned to 200 pounds yet?

TTBoy Says:  How long after Mick Jagger told P-Diddy to get his teeth fixed, did P-Diddy get his teeth fixed?

TTBoy Says:  Why is it people who live near or on the water much nicer than people who don’t?

TTBoy Says:  Are people paying to have their Credit Bureau files altered?

TTBoy Says:  Why do men like going “Commando?”

TTBoy Says:  Why can’t pets have Social Security numbers?  They are our children.  Family Members.

TTBoy Says:  67 year old man and 65 year old woman, married, physically fit and very attractive.  Which one do you really think about?

TTBoy Says:  Were Russell Brand and Katy Perry really a match for each other?  Somebody got turned off.  Book deal in five years?

TTBoy Says:  Why are they making a movie about Amanda Knox’s story?  Who wants to see it?

TTBoy Says:  Why do Bath Houses still exist in the United States?

TTBoy Says:  Hasn’t the gel that forms as a condom once it touches the penis been distributed yet?

TTBoy Says:  Meryl Streep is quite underrated.

TTBoy Says:  So Gay Marriage isn’t all about Hollywood Musicals and Judy Garland?

TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t Wendy Williams ask celebrities if they are gay when they come on her show?

TTBoy Says:  They say that it’s about 18 inches that separate Kanye West and L’il Wayne from each other.

TTBoy Says:  Has Deion Sanders lost his mind?

TTBoy Says:  Did someone in the NFL get offended by the show “PLAYERS?”