The Professor

I am a flame
separated from the fire
Still, burning
for ever all   
Did I have to let go
before I opened my eyes?
Or was it their chocolate passion
that made me static?
I was in my eyes
long before you appeared               
And like a loose hair,
I only chose to lower my lash
Leaving it to release at its
own will
I did just that
When they grew longer,
I then squinted
carefully saw you
And looked left
Then right
For loose ideas as like my mind
The many looking in
the same direction
You were amongst great company
The scent of vanilla invaded us
like mold in heat
Apart, I pray you behave
as if no one can watch
Even if it is
for just one day, night, month            
Though I do look forward
to my yearly bonus
How else could I keep account
of my pristine virgin?

Is This Not The Most Fascinating Life Line In The World?

What is going on with this palm?

Who has ever seen a heart-line and life-line joined together like this?

What does it all mean, seriously? Many say that “Life is what You make it.” Seriously?! Do we really have control over our own destinies? I know this seems like just a series of questions. But, can anyone tell anything about this individual just from a palm reading? How fascinating to have a palm that distinguishes You from everyone else.

Maybe Guinness should take a look at what could be “The Most Extraordinary Hand In The World.”


I Retreated

I retreated
Going backwards and cleaning up
what I wanted
to leave behind
All that baggage
for someone else’s door
Those true brave souls
As if God said, “Okay.”
To throw it all away
would have made for a better day
A way to start anew
Amidst the chosen few
So, I still have pity
to wallow through
To see it again now
To see it again then
It reminds me
that I can’t run
I retreated

The Quiet Neighbor

Smile...Smile...Smile ;-)!


They go back and then forth


Not that they come and go


Statement of some status


What do they know


that others don’t


No slamming doors


They do their chores


And they are one the same


Smile when you speak


Gentle wave flies


Their car wreaks of silence


What do they know


that others don’t


A reality show for Freud


If only that man knew
Einstein did know


Theory of relativity they gel


They mesh


Following their own lead


Marching to their own beat


Round and round back and forth


They make you see


What you want to


Yet they don’t change


When you see one


they are still one


More meek than mice


Ah, that’s so nice


What do they know


that they won’t show


Is there an afterglow


in their money honey?


If they ever need a favor


How can you judge


their peace


their love


their devotion


their emotion?


Them two


As one





Take Me Back

When your world

Has since grown colder

As if you’d never know

And when your grip

Grows bolder

Won’t you try and let it show


Take Me Back


For all the times

We were together

I remember them very well

For all the times

Never said Never

We would live to tell the tale


And if you don’t like

Those late night phone calls

Take Me Back


Take Me Back


Do you still bat your eyes

Just to try to get attention

Are you sitting next to

Across from someone else

 and sorting through their lies

Held hostage in detention


Take Me Back

Take Me Back


Before you begin to feel the breeze

From the leaves that fell from the trees

To the ground

Take Me Back

Take Me Back


Was it I who made the mistake

Of letting my heart break

Or was it you who got a clue

From the ones you said who loved you



Take Me Back

Take Me Back

Take Me Back


Even a man can get classified

Into someone he wished had died

But a woman can be scorned

Into back to being born and mourned


But I know you, so

Take Me Back

Take Me Back

Take Me Back


I was there before

And I can stay again

Not we’re settling a score

With a mean and jealous friend


Take Me Back

When I come for You

Thy Will Be Done

I will have you

in whatever way

on whatever day I say

I won’t care if you are ready

or if you are sick or poor

And if you are happy and rich,

shame on you

because I won’t need anything that you have

but You

That soul that you have

 only seems to cry out for

something, someone, some thing


when you are in need

of a fix of clarification that you are not


And you are not Alone

And that is why

I will have you

in whatever way

on whatever day I say

And I thank you for your sometimes-nature

That’s why You are so valuable to Me


When I Come For You

Don’t Be Afraid

You know why I’m coming