Intimidation vs. Peer Pressure (Discussion)

A lady told me that her son was going through something in school. It was made apparent that her son was “sweet” on a young girl in his class. And she was “sweet” on him, too!

Well, other young boys, in the class, knew that her son was fond of the young girl as well. Their mission: to turn the young girl against the boy with good grades. “He ain’t all that!,” was what had flowed in the class. The young boy wanted to fit in.

He comes home one day and exclaimed, “I don’t like her anymore!” It didn’t seem like she spent too much time in getting him to explain the sudden change. But yet, she knew of the boys intention to pretty much disown him because of his prestine reputation in the class. She shrugged it off.

So then, I said, “That’s intimidation.” No, it’s not!,” she said. Intimidation is when somebody has an ultimatum to fulfill. He didn’t feel as though he had to do anything.”

I said, “You’re wrong. So wrong. And I don’t even have kids.”

Say it like you mean it

Call me a lezzy

Just like a lesbian calls me

And dust me off

Inhale and cough

like the dust Doritos leave on

the tips of your fingers

by licking them

 and savoring the taste

Man, it lingers

I love the way

you leave me on your sheets

for the next one to see

Let them see the beets

So they think of me

And then, I love the way

I make you say

you see superstar in my eyes

after the marathon

The Champion

The Don

 of defiling box springs

And those oh silly little things

that make hearts sing

by flowing down below

North by South

 by way of the mouth

It’s always warmer South

after you tell me how to

milk the cow

When a tree cries

It is so sweet

Damn good enough to eat

 then after a retreat

Deplete me

never mistreat me

Please make me cry

Reach above me

As high as the sky

And this festival of nations

The best of creations

will make us both

 spend our last dime

on a sticky, drippy

 sweaty good time

What Price for Stimulation – TTBoy (The Writer) and TTBoy (The Porn Star)



Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)








What is the price one pays for visual stimulation?  Whether the stimulation arrives in the form of written verse of video, is there a real difference?  The Writer delivers from his craft a dialogue in commentary-style, albeit essay, rhythmic poetry, or prose.  The Porn Star gives erotic stimulation through touch.  What makes one more desirable than the other depends on the type of gratification sought by the viewer.  However, even the literary genius craves a good romp in the Principal’s Office every now and then.  And, the Janitor enjoys a great essay on the effect racism is having on the Presidential election.  But what is desirable to some is offensive to some.  The Writer can offend without the use of profanity, though alluding to everything and anything of a clandestine nature:




     When I Come For You




        Thy Will Be Done


I will have you


in whatever way


on whatever day I say


I won’t care if you are ready


or if you are sick or poor


And if you are happy and rich,


shame on you


because I won’t need anything that you have


but You


That soul that you have


 only seems to cry out for


something, someone, some thing




when you are in need


of a fix of clarification that you are not




And you are not Alone


And that is why


I will have you


in whatever way


on whatever day I say


And I thank you for your sometimes-nature


That’s why You are so valuable to Me




When I Come For You


Don’t Be Afraid


You know why I’m coming




For the most who attempt to decipher this poem, they get it wrong.  Although the piece appears to possess a sexual tone or erotic tone, it is so far from it.  Yet, there is stimulation into thinking and believing what the reader or viewer wants.  The Writer, a good Writer, is able to designate for his intended audience.




Then, we have the Porn Star (TTBoy).  A male, who has starred or performed in over 1,500 adult films, is definitely considered an artist who is not only well-respected in the Adult Film industry, but one who has perfected his craft so well that any avid fan of adult films owns at least one film that stars this major league player.  There is no need to list his real name here, mainly because he can be found in Wikipedia.  Although both TTBoys can be found in Google, it is the Adult Film star who generates constant buzz because of different form of stimulation:  Nudity.  Nudity, still visual, of course, can reviewed in a couple different ways.  There is erotic visual stimulation (Soft Porn) where there is sensuality without aggression.  TTBoy, the Porn Star, often portrays a rough demeanor in his scenes.  If you’re about to view a TTBoy DVD by renting or purchasing, you already know what to expect.  But nudity in any sense with at least two people, other than a photo of Adam and Eve, the Venus di Milo, or the statue of David, automatically signifies sex:  perversion, demeaning, non-discriminatory, unsafe, unholy, filth, etc.  The negative adjectives could go on forever.  Yet, again, there is a need for this type of stimulation.  Though when a monetary value is placed on the Written versus the Visual (though both are visual), the obvious performance action wins out every time.  And while sites like Triond, Blogger, and promises to distribute the Writer’s work to as many available literary sites as possible, the Adult Film market reigns supreme at marketing and distribution.




Having performed in over 1,500 adult films could mean serious wear and tear on the actors’ bodies.  The viewer is unaware of the many edits, cuts, and retakes in any film.  While some patrons of adult film prefer the bareback-style (no-condom) film, there are still those who find pleasure in watching performers who use condoms.  Fast Forward to the Writer…while the Writer may write several different pieces, over a 1,000 in fact, some may be seen as one-sided – favoring one specific opinion.  Then, there are the patrons who like the Writer but would prefer to read pieces that reveal a softer, more delicate side in a peace-love-and-happiness format.  What a difference when it comes to visual stimulation.  The mind wants what the mind wants.  With the various methods of stimulation, reading a good book, story, or poem, is very similar to watching porn.  Whereas constant reading could result in cultural literacy, the constant viewing of pornography could result in addiction.  Some may say that watching porn helps their sex life.  Others may say that watching porn in the comfort or privacy of their own home keeps them safe from contracting sexually transmitted diseases or attaching themselves to toxic relationships.  Either way, the visual of porn helps the needy.




Sure, there are other Writers out there…just like there are other Porn Stars out there.  It just so happens that the two TTBoys do the same thing, just in different ways.  Whether or not they have met makes no difference.  A mistake could be made if one goes looking for a nice poem or essay on the President of the United States and accidentally selects the link describing the latest installment of oral pleasures.