Call that Boy a Rogue


A Heartbreaker

Makes for a fast baby-maker

Hit it and leave

But who was the first to deceive


It’s easy to call him the fool

When you know who took you to school

While you stood there trying to Vogue

Just go ahead, call that boy a rogue


It was the thing to be with him

A Dream-taker, out on a limb

Who tells you wrong from right

When it’s a fight to stay in the spotlight


He may have told you lies

But you’re your eyes were on the prize

Didn’t think you’d ever trip and fall

For all the measures and the jolts

Have to explain it to your folks

For you, it’s just another curtain call


A matter of the heart

Took off, but you had a false start

Gave until you had no more to give

So the time has come

To see a rocking chair and learn to sing and hum

Now you’ve got more than a reason to live





Madonna, talk is cheap

Madonna at her 'Confessions' Tour at Wembley A...
Madonna at her ‘Confessions’ Tour at Wembley Arena. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took to you like glue

Even made a rival or two

You had just what the world needed

At a time noses were treated


Year after year

You were a force to fear

Not even a prayer shed a layer

Without a hot music player


Who cared If you were not a voice

Definitely you were the choice

A look you made all on your own

Made many a hag and pseudo drag phone home


So then you went materialistic

Critics thought it too simplistic

The world saw Marilyn Monroe

Others said, “Look, I told you so”


Who on earth would want you to die

When all you do is make them cry

They thought “Holiday” was a vow you’d keep

Today Madonna, talk is cheap



The Goddess you sure are


Theft can get you just so far


Borrow or steal

Do you know the real deal

Malcolm knew how to Vogue

Yet you call Caca the real rogue


What you did on the floor

After leaving them wanting more

Known throughout the whole world

Even if your hair isn’t curled

With a colorful child

Why only you can run so wild

A man in charge of all our issues

But you wish the world away with tissues


At a time when you should have said something

You did a nightly jig all for nothing

One hand on one large stack

While someone turned the pages of a book in Black


As the dollar is your witness

I hope you don’t miss this

“Holiday” is a mantra we should keep

It is 2012, Madonna, talk is cheap


Can’t you just rest on your laurels

Instead of inciting fights and quarrels

Still trying to stay relevant

B.O.B. knows you’re in it for the “hell of it!”


You were around when Bush was President

Instead of the Muslim sound, you were hesitant

Haven’t we paid and seen enough?

Hey, Gaga’s got more followers and stuff!


Once upon a time, you sang me to sleep

Now, I pray the Lord your soul does not weep

Just go back to making us dance

Leave the synthesizer on stage and trance


This is not the time to say what you say

The world is in turmoil let judgment lay

History has been made and you were first

Don’t number our days and help us be cursed


The Goddess of reinvention

That you sure are

Can you try to sow what you reap

Because frankly, Madonna, talk is cheap


Tyra Banks will NEVER die!



Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.
Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tyra Banks will NEVER Die!  Okay, that’s a given.  But you just can’t call her a “Green-Eyed Monster” just for the sake of calling her that.  Tyra Banks is a force to be reckoned with. 




Modeling since the young age of 15, Tyra, with her mother beside her every step of the way, has diligently worked to become a Supermodel, Actress, Author, Television Show Host, and most recently a Harvard Business School graduate.  Okay.  I made the word ‘graduate’ in lower case all because it has been reported that Tyra didn’t exactly graduate from Harvard Business School (four-year program).  She participated and completed a weekend entrepreneurial course and received a certificate for her effort.  At least she did grace the halls of Harvard College.  Many of us will never get the chance to say that we had the privilege.  But that’s not the reason Tyra Banks will never die.  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she is a chameleon.  A soul that can change its look more times than it can change its mind is a wonderfully beneficial thing.  With the soul being a thing, we cannot look at Tyra Banks as just a 5 foot 10 inch beauty who dates and eats what she wants at will.  We must view Tyra Banks as a fierce media mogul competitor who is as savvy as she is passionate.  If the Media ever caught Tyra Banks crying over a lost relationship, may the earth part and swallow up every person who kicked and scratched their way to that historic photo.  May Tyra Banks expose her true self in a Medussa-like pose before revealing who she chose to keep safe from destruction in a photo she always carries around with her.




At 39 years of age, Tyra Lynne Banks (it’s a mystery why she won’t use that middle name more often) is already worth more than $45 million.  Establishing her “America’s Next Top Model” show, Tyra Banks became not just an innovator, but a trendsetter.  Her show has sparked many copycats as the show’s title itself (with the exception of the country it is shown in) is seen in more than 25 countries.  While Tyra Banks can be seen week after week crushing and dashing a young girl’s hopes and dreams of becoming America’s Next Top Model, she herself can be seen off-screen making the Social 50 by wearing raccoon-eyed makeup or up-stepping her real, voluptuous breasticles so high until we think she is the one who put the ‘hoo’ in hoochie.  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she has been and probably will be the only African-American (someday they’ll go back to using the word “Black”) woman to continue exposing the glamorous Modeling business for its unattractiveness.  How can someone ever die who gets mocked for a saying a phrase or a word that many think they are but only a true few really are?  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she can back-up what she puts-up.




Tyra Banks may have changed her format for this new cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” for the better this time.  Prior to Cycle 19, the judges selected the winners and losers of the show.  For this season, at least half of the pressure is taken off of Tyra Banks and her panel of judges by the public voting on photos of the show’s contestants.  How creative!  André Leon Talley should have never judged the girls on that show in the first place.  Who would ever agree that his own fashions were fashionable?  This is just another reason why Tyra Banks will NEVER die.  She rejected VOGUE!  When Tyra Banks’ nemesis, Janice Dickinson, tried to start her own failed modeling show, she made men her main focus while putting women on the back burner.  Maybe Tyra Banks can start a show like that but using men only.  You know.  She could start an “America’s Next Top Male Model.”  Another winner, Tyra Banks!  But this time, no males get to judge the men…at all.  I don’t even know why she’s got a male judge on her show now.  Anyway, Tyra Banks will NEVER die because her looks are the hats she wears.  What surprises Tyra Banks?  Insincerity surprises Tyra Banks.  Tyra Banks knows how to make anyone feel sorry for feeling ungrateful for the opportunity to be in her presence.  Just the honor of standing beside another girl about to learn your fate on the show is enough to pee your pants and fall out while having an epileptic seizure.  As the tears flow, the slob will grow.  How more household must she be?




While many models, let alone Supermodels, are considered brainless, Tyra Banks is quite the public speaker.  Having won two Daytime Emmy Awards for her talk show, Tyra Banks has proven that she is a fierce force in the educating of young girls.  And when you get a congratulatory phone call from the Oprah, why not believe you have truly arrived?  With quite a colorful and diverse resume that includes singer/songwriter, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!  Though not even the extremely wealthy, but waif-like, Gisele Bundchen has tried her hand at talk-show host, Tyra Banks would escalate her standing in society by becoming just a mother.  She wouldn’t even need to marry – just have a baby.  Well, what kind of message would that send to young girls?  A great one!  Look girls, I’m rich, I’m famous, and I’m a single-mom!  Not just a talk-show surrogate mom, but a real, honest-to-goodness mother!  But still, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!  When most women of color turn to the OWN Network for assistance, like the first-ever self-professed Supermodel, Beverly Johnson, Tyra Banks took her own lead and won.  And, as long as her mother is alive and by her side, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!