Where I Must Go

Wake up in the morning

I love to kiss your forehead

Today, tells a new story

It’s good you’re still in bed


Make the coffee

Before I butter some toast

Shouldn’t be so strange for me

When I know you do it most


I made a vow

Because I love you so

To keep you safe and happy somehow

So only you know where I must go


Working a simple nine to five

Is the least I can do

To keep this love alive

You loving me and me loving you


When the work is done

After the calls and deals are made

It’s back home to where I am someone

Making sure my debt is paid


You’ve been right by my side

Having my back in every way

You’ll never know the heavy ride

I must take every day


But that’s the least I can do

To show you I love you so

Someone’s blessed me with you

That’s why there’s somewhere I must go



Sunday Morning Blues in a Hat

She changed everything

About her self

For a man that was

Beneath her


Eclectic this

Once Bohemian that

Who could believe her newfound bliss

(Underneath) And her Sunday morning hat


What a life she has made

That is not her own

Now always seeking shade

Away from the heart and soul she grown


But Sunday morning

Only comes once a week

Six other days worth of scorning

From a carefully twisted tongue that won’t let her speak


Look at her Sunday morning blues


If she wanted to cabaret

All day, twirl and play

Finding the will to say

Is too much, so she chooses to pray for a better day and stay


She wears her Sunday morning hat

So the sky doesn’t see her look up

Unable to clean her feet on her own welcome mat

Horoscope reads like an upside down fortune cup


Everyday, she says hello to her Sunday morning blues

Looking for clues

Hiding from the Who Whos

Before they recognize a new bruise


Such a pretty Sunday morning blue hat

Your Thousand Words

What good are a thousand words

When I can’t say them the way

I want to say them to you?

What meaning could you possibly get

without my voice in front of them?

How many different ways

Could I ever display

Before you get dismayed

Or think you’ve been played?

Tell me,

Have you ever done the same

To somebody you prayed for?


What good are a thousand words

If you can’t understand

That they are my solemn vow to you

Without ever raising or chasing my tone

Causing you to be alone?


A thousand words

Could turn to curds

Even sung by birds

If they are never heard


The thousands of others

Captured and released lovers

Weren’t worthy of your presence

Though I can’t give you presents

This is my confession

Your love has taught me a lesson


A thousand words

Would be too many to sing

But if I cut them into thirds

Still, would it be joy they bring?


But how about I say three of them

Every day

A different way

Even while we play

Before I go away

I still mean I’ll stay

Cause at home is where I want to pray

And lay

After I bring you a tray

Of your favorite foods and ask you if you’re okay

Before I hear you say

Stay by me always



I’ll save some words

For other songs

I want you to hear and not fear

Making more rights instead of wrongs

From sun up to dark

Walking hand in hand in the park


Don’t fault me

If I can’t keep score

I just want to be

Your thousand words and much, much more


This Christmastime

My gift from you

This Christmastime

I pray it comes to past

So I promise to cherish this moment

As if it were our last


Children singing

Bells a ringing

Everywhere just for us

And when you smile

That great smile

With my hand you have my trust


This Christmastime


As God is my witness

With tender, sweet kisses

May we forever be as one

Love for always

In our hearts I hope it stays

Don’t let this feeling come undone


I will get down on one knee

Everyday, with a vow to thee

That I will do you no harm

You are the only gift

That gives me that special lift

When you walk and hold my arm


Especially, this Christmastime

This Love Story


Your hand feels so good in mine

So I was wondering

If we could stop wasting time


I don’t know if I could take you to Heaven

But I sure will try

I’ll be there for you like a 7-11

can you promise to never make me cry?


This Love Song

can’t ever be wrong

Just as long

as you keep me in your heart

And on your mind

this Love Song

can go on

for however long

you want it to

Just as long

as everyday for us is a brand new start


Can we go out on a date?

How about you bring me home late?

After holding on to each other on the roller-coaster

So what if

we burn each other’s toast In the toaster


I wouldn’t trade a minute

of the day

without you in it

How else could I play

out our love story on a piano

or guitar

These words could only go so far

without the melody

of you dancing

so carefree

Knowing you could never fall

as long as I’m your wall


Where you go

how can I not follow

Without your lead

my soul would be so hollow


You are the reason

my life can’t be wrong

I’m prepared for every season

cause you are this love song