If I could bring God back today

If I could bring God back today,
I would say,
“What took You so long
to make me call out your name?”
Nothing has happened to Me
that You couldn’t see
But others wondered,
Where can He be?

If I could bring God back today,
would anything really change?
Without His Father raising Him up,
just how far could He extend His range?

If I could bring God back today,
would I praise Him like they did
back in the day?
I see signs in the World
that only He could cause
Heads bowed, people speaking in tongues
Everyone looking side-to-side
giving reason to pause

If I could bring God back today,
would He even want to stay?
While they have folded hands and arms,
He could stretch His out
and create a brand new Day

Where would I be,
If I could bring God back today?

Would the Devil make me see

that there is only One way?

Love in Yellow

Cover me in Love, Love
Show me your true color
Don’t leave me with bruises
Just so I can make excuses

Cover me well Love, Love
Make me feel like I should feel
Don’t treat me like some ordinary fellow
Paint me in yellow

Cover me happy Love, Love
And kiss me all night long
Don’t mind my bleeding heart
While you try it all apart

I want to wrap myself around you
Holding on and back so tight
Try to have mercy on me
‘ Cause I’m too bright for the light

Cover me Love, Love
Sing to my front and my back
And if I try and get away Love, Love
Just pick up the slack

Cover me in Yellow Love, Love
Red comes on too strong
Cover me in Yellow, Love
A vase of yellow roses so long

How could I Love?

How could I love
When I never
Knew what it was?
I held their hands
And made demands
All just because

How could I love
When I never
Knew what it was?

Eyes and a smile
Made living all worthwhile
I gave and gave
What was it to behave?
Mama told me to save
Like voices from the grave
Now, it’s too hard to shave
Where was the rave?

What can I give
Without a will to live?

See Me

I hear voices

But no one’s home

All these choices

Yet still, I’m all alone


Tell Me

Am I bothering You?

I can still see

Why You can’t tell the truth


Do You want me to go

Or let You shout it out?

Feeling so low

Why should I do without?


Can’t You touch me

Like You used to?

Still Your Baby

Looking to be Your shoe

Will You ever whisper

Sweet things like You used to?

Whisper Baby, Whisper

In this room built for two


I know You don’t know it

But, I was leaving anyway

Couldn’t make it fit

So I convinced myself to stay


Now, I see You got something on Your mind

No need to fight with yourself

You’re about to run out of precious time

‘Cause I’m about to start seeing somebody else


See Me


See Me

Feel Me


See Me

Farewell, my End

I see You there

All skin and bone

Blowing ash as You sit

on nothing

Your squealing makes me weak

for You

I wouldn’t trade places right now

You played

And I stayed so put

‘Til I got to know myself

If only You hadn’t strayed

I wouldn’t have a bony heart

My heart could not follow

You underground

Thick You then were

Cutting through like You were in Class

Lover Bully

Then, You grabbed something else

Or someone else found You

Was the good prize worth it?

But, I promised to see You through

And through you are

I see you there

Still, you are not alone

The memories take over me

Sad, because you have them

All skin and bone

All I ever wanted

Why did it amaze you

when you said I could do

things that others couldn’t do?

And, how did I surprise you

when I asked for your birthday

if you wanted something blue?


All I ever wanted was you


Why did I have to call you

six or seven times

Just to hear you say, “Get a clue”

that I was just way out of line


But I’m fine

I’m fine


Watch your friends come over

without an invitation

Like they were your four left clover

and I was just another tv station


I changed

I changed


Fought my hardest for alone time

Just to share my thoughts with you

It was best I became a mime

Or something fresh, shiny, and new


You made me pray

Should I stay?


All I ever wanted

was to be in the mix

To get some kicks

And sing along with your crowd

All I ever wanted

Was to weather the storm

And help keep your body warm

Show the world I was proud


Shattered my dreams

You should have seen my screams


All I ever wanted

was you





Rough Hands (on my body)

Rough hands

Want to touch my body

They must think

I am somebody

But I am somebody

They must see my insides


May be they need some lotion

For all this locomotion

Guess I have a potion

Imagine that, What a notion

Play with my emotion

Take me on some fun rides


Rough hands

How can they see

The other side of me

Rough hands

They must be

What I don’t want to be

Rough hands

Rough hands

Just don’t scratch my back

The way I turn away

 May cause a heart attack


 I say

I am somebody

Just watch me touch

My body

It’s all about my body

Rough hands

They have a body

I know they have a body

Because everybody

Wants to be somebody

And I am somebody

With a body

That’s wanted by somebody

With Rough Hands