TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Wassup!?


TTBoy Says:  Is God playing a cruel trick on US?


TTBoy Says:  What American Idiot doesn’t know that to win a Reality TV Show you    have to have the Popular Vote?


TTBoy Says:  There must be a great decline in the sale of White Sheets now.


TTBoy Says:  You know the old saying, “What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander”?  It’s not true.


TTBoy Says:  Is somebody able to explain what “Family Values” is without laughing?


TTBoy Says:  What’s the big deal with all the Republicans not seeking re-election?  Have people forgotten all the Democrats who jumped ship when Obama was elected?


TTBoy Says:  Did Elvis die in Graceland or in a Las Vegas Hotel?


TTBoy Says:  Could Robert Deniro take Michael Cohen?


TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Halle Berry get a Good Movie?


TTBoy Says:  of all the Thug-Like activity going on in the Houses, why is Meek Mill behind bars?


TTBoy Says:  She picked up a Trick, and that was the STD she got.


TTBoy Says:  Was there a fat woman in “Black Panther?”


TTBoy Says:  Has there ever been a fat Super Hero?


TTBoy Says:  Can the new Administration re-convict someone who’s been Pardoned?


TTBoy Says:  Why did I stop getting my Plenti Points?


TTBoy Says:  The Kardashians have more K’s than the KKK.


TTBoy Says:  Can people not identify the potential for Roid Rage?


TTBoy Says:  Is there somebody sitting behind a computer watching us play the Lottery?


TTBoy Says:  Jack White is really white.


TTBoy Says:  Why is Investigation Discovery so addictive?


TTBoy Says:  Isn’t “Precision Strikes” the same as “Shock and Awe?”


TTBoy Says:  It appears Mueller is playing his trump card while quite pence-ive.

Slumber Party


What fills the crack that

 allows one to see inside mystifies

Yet is able to deny entrance

to Heaven and Hell all at once

With spine tingling ecstasy

 Bellowed with a plea up above

 There is no time for dovely patience

Even the Red Sea had to close

 at some point

after the many who broke free of

 the Trojan War

For patience bestills those who are


and rest on the billowy cushions afterwards

 Instead of delivering pound for pound

 Blow for Blow

Without laughter

Without caressing

Without any Trojan interference

Patiently awaiting what’s to come

 of the outcome

from the one on the outside

 whose sword rests while the Army


though on guard

   to battle the elements again