When I let it all go…

When I let it all go,
I feel myself
No adjectives necessary
  I feel how I am supposed
to feel
I release all the baggage
I collected over time
and I had to let it all go
I’m sure I’ll keep a few reminders
and over time,
  it will all be a wiped memory
When I let it all go,
I want to remember what got me
to that place
like being my own life jacket
trying to stay afloat
And I float to stay alive
and keep moving to ease
the discomfort I feel over time

She’s Not Going Away

I’ve got Ms. in my corner
And she’s not going away
The more I do for her
the more she makes me want to separate
The sight of her is foggy
The only way to feel her
is to medicate myself beyond myself
And she’s not going away
My Moses staff precedes me
everywhere I go
as I feel as if I am tipping in high-heeled sandals
When I finally touch the sky,
she comes along like an apocalyptic hurricane
Destroying all that is in her path
She does have a sister
who is more than just a pain in the neck
I am coward by her persistence
as like losing my best-friend all over again
And she’s not going away
Have I rented space to a cause
for a lifetime?
It would take my soul to revoke her lease
though the Judge would have the final say
in my case of free will
Her laughter roars with hands behind her back
She makes me want to love her
To accept her as she is
Yet, her volatility renders me powerless
except to keep reaching
to cease with the standardized tests
and the grade school counseling sessions
The pen often runs from my hand
to acknowledge my future
She’s not going away
No energy left to act on my mood
So, tuck my tail I do
until I hear what I want to hear
And all is well again

Too funny not to Share!


Could Rod Serling truly be onto something?

Just who are those members of our biased society supporting the act of repeating a more hateful past?

Who are those who are pledging support for a candidate because they feel it’s time to show sexual diversity?

Would those who admit that there is a difference between “racism” and “hate” please raise both hands?  The right one justifies latter.

Can those who voted in 2010 to give total power to one particular party please admit to it, again, on national television?  Hopefully, some knowledge has been gained after they realized things only got progressively worse for themselves.

So, repeated business failures can qualify a candidate as a successful business man?  Apparently, the Better Business Bureau has spoken , but only the taken has listened.

The only thing colorful about any candidate, is the mockery they’ve made of themselves and the supposed country they were born in.

Is it true that “The Twilight Zone” can be bought?

Freedom of expression

A child wants to do

what he sees others do

The joy rides have more meaning

than the father knows

Mommy goes to work

He has been schooled on that

Father sits and moves seldom

Each has a different view on


Upon arrival the car is loaded

for another impression of life


He wants to do what others do


Sunrise to another same day

She needs to leave now

Before he can change positions

He is ready to break the circle

to be with him

for a long time to come

It’s not just memories at such a

young age

He just knows that the walking joy-riders

seemed to have more fun

The Created Hungry Machine


 So many number ones

 No one can stay on top

Longer than they need to

How did they get there anyway?


Taking turns trading places

Confusing dollar signs

With pretty and

Vacant pumped faces


Nothing to say

Nothing be said

Just another play day

But you will not play dead


Untuck your shirt

Smear your makeup

How can a review hurt

When you hold the Gold Cup


Chew bubble gum

Then blow it out

Machines make your words hum

Even when you scream and shout


It’s your body and face

That keeps you in the race

As long as you stay cool

You won’t break any rule


Just smile a while

And let the cameras flash

Enjoy your pile

All that green known as cash