Somebody’s Wretched Somebody

What if I

Told you this morning

I was feeling down and out

Just say it sweet enough

So you wouldn’t scream and shout


What if I said

I just couldn’t pull it

All together, today was not the day


What if I wanted

You to just stay with me

 and not go away


What if I needed

To be by your side

‘cause I didn’t want to be alone


What if I

Started saying sweet nothings

To somebody, like you do on the phone


What if I

Pretended to be somebody

that somebody else knew


I wouldn’t mine as long as I was

Somebody’s wretched somebody too


I may not be

What you thought I’d be

I know I’m not brand new

But I did my time

Leaving reason to rhyme

One of the last good few

I may not be anything you see

Except a wretched somebody

What if I

Started to hold my head up high

And smile and say, “Hello”


What if I told somebody

They looked nice and they

made my heart glow


What if I let somebody

Touch my heart like

Somebody they knew


Then I wouldn’t have to be

Somebody’s wretched somebody

Who cared about you